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In July of 1930, aged 34, Rose made what would be her final picture before the second world war broke out in 1939. She played Anna Christie in the film by the same name. She also had her first line of dialogue 'Gimme a Whiskey.' She played an ex-prostitute who returns home to locate her barge captain father. She falls in love with a seaman and must tell him and her father about her past. She received critical acclaim for her performance.

Once Megan turned eighteen in January of 1931, Rose presented her daughter with the necklace which she had saved for her daughter since Christmas 1912 which Jack have given to her whilst she was pregnant with Megan. Rose also told Megan about her grandmother Ruth and gave her the letter which Ruth had wrote to her granddaughter before her death.

Although she could vaguely remember her grandmother, she cherished the letter, reading it sometimes daily. Photographs of her grandmother had revealed to young Megan that her mother Rose had resembled her a large amount and Megan also saw some of her own features resembled her grandmothers.

Megan divided her time between New York where she worked as a stage actress and Santa Monica - the only place she could ever call home.

She starred in various plays throughout the thirties and became a favourite at a large theatre in New York where she was the main star. Rose was Meggie's inspiration for becoming an actress, she knew it was within her blood to perform. Megan remained very close to her mother all of her life.

In 1934, Megan met Peter Ainscough, a magazine seller from New York. In 1935, she moved to New York permanently and announced her engagement to Peter in July of 1935. They married on the 3rd of January 1936 and their first son Chris was born on December the 7th 1937 and their second son, Barry was born on June 24th 1939.

Throughout, the 30's Jack and Rose raised their family. In 1934 aged 38, Rose gave birth to another little boy whom she named Robert Jack after his father. The little boy resembled his father largely and he doted on his father.

In 1939, World War Two broke out in Europe. Jack had feared America would become involved with the war like they had in the first world war. He feared his family would be affected by the war.

After Japan attacked Pearl Harbour on December the 7th 1941, America joined the war and Jack's fears became a reality, his son Charlie was just twenty three and was conscripted into the army to fight.

He left on January the 22nd 1942, leaving his devastated family behind in the USA. He did everything he could to avoid the war but he knew he would have to leave if not he could end up in prison. Charlie remained close to his father all of his young life and looked up to him for everything. He was missed in the Dawson household and Charlie even left behind a young girl Marjorie whom he had dated for a few months and Jack knew he was sweet on her and had expected Charlie to propose to her when he returned from the war. But he never did. He died in action in early 1943.

When the news reached Jack and Rose via telegram they were devastated. For weeks, they could do nothing but wait. In March 1943, Charlie's body was returned to the States and both Jack and Rose did the hardest thing they had ever had to do - they laid their sons body to rest at Woodlawn Cemetery in Santa Monica.

The twins were only fifteen and Robert was just nine.

After the war ended, The Dawson's moved back to New York to be nearer Megan and her children. Megan was pregnant with her third child and in late in 1943, Rose also discovered she was pregnant once again aged forty seven. In early 1944, aged forty seven and thirty one years after she had given birth to her first child, Rose gave birth to her sixth and final child a boy named Luke, not to take the place of Charlie. While many gossips claimed a woman of her age would only give birth to replace her lost son, Rose and Jack had simply just wanted another child.

Just a month after, Megan gave birth to her third son Neil and then her daughter April followed in 1952.

In 1950, Rose and Jack decided to travel the world alone. It was something they had spoke of doing for thirty eight years. They also travelled on an aeroplane for the first times in their lives. They flew to Tuscany, Paris, London, Dublin all over Europe and then back to America. They were gone four months. By the time they had returned, Jo and Jess had decided they would have a double wedding which was pretty much unheard of in them days. Jo was courting a man named Teddy, he was the son of a famous watchmaker and was quite wealthy, and Jess was engaged to Larry a local farmer who was seven years older than her. Jess announced she is already four months pregnant so she has to marry. Once again, Jack proudly gave away his youngest daughters.

In 1963, Robert married his high school sweetheart Jenny. Rose was 67 and Jack was seventy.

In 1965, Rose and Jack gathered their children and families and told them the tale of how they met. They told them about the Titanic, how they survived, the beginning of their lives in New York and everything in between.

Luke married Jean Taylor in the spring of 1966 and they had eight children together although three of which were stillborn.

In 1970, Robert and Jenny's daughter Louise was born.

Together Jack and Rose had eighteen grandchildren. Megan had four children; Chris, Barry, Neil and April. Josephine had four children; Doris, Faye, George and Betty.

Jessica had just one daughter Martha as she could never conceive again so she adopted a little boy she named Martin.

Robert had a daughter Louise and then twin boys named Jack and Charlie, after his father and lost brother.

Luke had five children; Melanie, Richard, Rachel, Joseph and Rhoda.

On April the 15th 1989, aged 97 Jack passed away from heart failure. He was burried alongside his son Charlie at the Woodlawn Cemetery.

Despite losing a part of her, Rose carried on with life. Her spirit had never faltered. She took a world cruise with her children to celebrate her 95th birthday in 1990 but on April the 15th 1992, the eightieth anniversary of the Titanic's sinking and three years after Jack had died. Rose died peacefully in her sleep. Many thought it was old age, but the Dawson children knew she had died of a broken heart and the fact she just couldn't live without their father. They had shared a long and happy life together. In 1982, they had celebrated their seventieth wedding anniversary with a family get together. They'd raised the perfect family with six children even though the loss of Charlie had hit them hard.

Jack and Rose Dawson had never complained, they were never unhappy, they had completed each other for so many years. They had set a perfect example to their children who carried their spirit within them. The spirit which would be passed down through generations.

Josephine Ruth Dawson passed away from breast cancer on 16th November 1994 aged 65. Megan Louise Dawson passed away from a heart attack in 1995 aged 82.

Jessica Leanne Dawson passed away in early 2000 aged 71 from heart failure.

They were all burried with their mother, father and brother at the Woodlawn Cemetery in Santa Monica, the place they had grown up and called home.

In 1996, the youngest of the Dawson children, Luke Patrick was searching through his mother and fathers boxed up belongings.

Among his mothers belongings, he found a diary. A diary which spanned back to 1912, when she was just seventeen. In this diary were very old photographs of the children when they were young, of his mother and father as young parents of Megan and sketches of his mother when she was younger. She was a beautiful woman when she was younger and Luke could see much of himself in her.

Luke turned the page to the last entry from Rose. It was dated April the 14th 1992, the day before his mother had passed away. Luke could smell his mothers perfume and the curved letters of her handwriting had not changed much in the eighty years of her keeping the diary, they just seemed to become more scrawled.

Closing his eyes he took a deep breath and read the final entry into the diary.

Dear Jack,

I am coming now my darling. I've lived my life how I must have lived it. I have seen the things I was meant to see.

I have lived without you my Jack for three years and it has been more than I could take.

Every night I saw you in my dreams, you're smiling face and you looked so young and handsome again. Just like you did when we first met.

I still remember that day like it was yesterday Jack. You took my hand on the stern of the ship and pulled me back over the rail. You pulled me into your life and I haven't left since. I am grateful to you my Jack. For our children, our grandchildren, our lives. I am grateful for everything you taught me, for everything you showed me and everything we did together.

Eight years lie from the day we first met. I loved you then and I love you now and I always will. Some things were meant to be and we're one of them my darling.

I am tired Jack. Tired of living, of struggling day by day without you there to guide me.

I can feel its my time soon, I can feel it. I'm weak now, I feel weaker than before.

I love our children and our family but they can look after themselves now. We guided them into the world and they guided their children, our descendents will carry on into eternity and so will we.

I feel you will come for me soon Jack. Very soon.

Rose Dawson

Luke could feel the tears in his light blue eyes. He knew he had inherited his mothers eyes. He was shocked to know his mother had known she would pass away, she knew what would happen. After that, all the grief he felt seemed to disappear, he knew his mother was alright, she was with daddy and his brother and sisters.

Luke closed the diary. He could smell his mothers familiar scent, he could see her writing in the book, page after page, year after year. He felt it would be too personal to his mother to read through her entries, but he decided against it. He read them all and added his own small entry.

'This is the diary of my mother Rose Dawson. The whole of her life is in this book. The ups and downs and the life she led with my father with whom she was married to for seventy eight years. Their love was strong and unbreakable. They survived everything together, even the sinking of the great Titanic. They set an example to their children of how to love and be loved in return. My mother was an extraordinary woman whose life revolved around her family. She raised six children and I am one. I am forever grateful to her for everything she taught me. To be free, to never let anyone pull me down for I was perfect and finally - to make it count.

Luke Patrick Dawson.'