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Summary: 'Gaara.' Shikamaru warned. 'She is one of the Fell. Regulation dictates her off limits.' The shadow shifter's gaze flickered to the figure lying broken on the stone steps before returning to his lords apathetic facade. Gaara turned to him, his sea-foam eyes flashing dangerously with the veins of lightening overhead. 'Fuck regulation. She's coming with us.'

Note: I would just like to say that, though I am a History major I do not claim any ground when it comes to religion, I simply like to play with it. There will be some of mixing of world religion, myth, and original concept in this chapter. So if I happen to offend anyone I am sorry, but this is labeled fiction for a reason. Lyrics below, as always, are written by Within Temptation. (I'm afraid I'm going to run out of their songs. I might have to move onto some After Forever or even Evanescence later...) Oh and whoever can find the quote from Monty Python's Holy Grail, they get a super deluxe chocolate chip cookie for the day!

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Mother Earth:

Birds and butterflies

Rivers and mountains she creates

But you'll never know

The next move she'll make

You can try

But it is useless to ask why

Cannot control her

She goes her own way

She rules until the end of time

She gives and she takes

She rules until the end of time

She goes her own way

With every breath

All all the choices that we make

We are only passing through on her way

I find my strength

Believing that your soul lives on

Until the end of time

I'll carry it with me

Once you will know my dear

You don't have to fear

A new beginning always starts at the end

Until the end of time

She goes her own way

She rules until the end of time

She gives and she takes

She rules until the end of time

She goes her own way

Chapter Six:

Before the Human realm, there were only two; Heaven and Hell. Elohe (1), Supreme Deity and ruler of the plane of Heaven, drew up an accordance with the ruler of Hell, Shukaku. He allowed Her his half of the space in-between realms to build a third, but for a price he would come to collect after She had finished the construction. So, with promise of-

"Wait, wait, wait," Kiba interrupted with a smirk. "Are you telling me God's a chick, Bug Freak?"

Everyone in the procession stopped and turned towards the back of the line to shoot the Hell Hound a pestiferous glance. Kiba, completely oblivious, stretched his neck to catch the pointed glare of the Angel ahead of him, leaning heavily on the Bug User's shoulder.

"Is she hot?"

Haku's veneer molded into one of loathing as he let out a sharp hiss of anger.

"She is all things, demon. She gave you the ground you walk upon. So, you would do well not to tarnish Her image with childish antics."



"So, that's a 'Yes'..."

Shino was forced to tighten his hold on the Ice wielder to prevent him from lunging at the Hell Hound.

"You must reason that Elohe is as old as time itself. A calendrical age cannot possibly be calculated." The Bug User murmured.

"That's cool." Kiba nodded, "I dig Cougars." (2)

Haku snarled, successfully breaking Shino's hold. He moved to pounce, ignoring the scorching pain that flowed through his entire being, only to be find himself frozen to the muddy ground. Brown eyes drew downward to the shadow that had snaked it's way across the bridge his feet, fixing his lower half firmly in place. The Ice wielder's gaze followed the line of umbra to it's source, Shikamaru.

"Troublesome..."The Shadow Shifter grumbled turning his back on the small scuttle, subsequently letting go his hold on the male Angel. He rearranged the girl in his arms, pulling Hinata's head up to lie on his shoulder as to prevent her long curtain of indigo hair from snagging on the waist-high grass that they trudged through.

At least she was light. He had to grant her that much. If she had been any heavier, Shikamaru would have gladly pushed her off onto Kiba to carry to their current destination.

"I said shut up!" Haku hissed from behind. Shikamaru heard Kiba's teasing chuckle.

"Oh? And what are you going to do about it? Bleed on me?"

Gaara's advisor shook his head. The night had certainly taken an interesting turn, that he was sure of.


"Who did she kill?" Haku's eyes followed Gaara's, glazing over in pity for his Lady.

"Her Uncle."

All eyes turned to the petite Angel sprawled upon the church steps not but five feet away. Shikamaru gave her an interested once-over.

That tiny thing? Murdered someone?

Apparently the saying 'More than what he/she seems' applied here in aces. Gaara allowed a few moment's to elapse before asking his next question.

"Where were you running too? It was discovered long ago that Demon's may enter a place of sanctuary. You would have found no protection in those walls." He nodded to the faded double doors at the top of the stairs. Haku let his eyes slide away from Gaara's unnerving stare of cold aquamarine. The Demon Lord sighed at the annoyingly persistent uncooperativeness. He ran a pale hand of long, spidery fingers, through his blood red scalp as he stood and stepped towards the girl. Haku, seeing the Sand Demon's objective began struggling to sit up.

Gaara kneeled next to the unconscious Angel, picking up multiple strands of night-blue hair and rubbing them between his fingers. He then narrowed his eyes at the helpless Ice wielder.

"You have three seconds to tell me what you were doing. For every second after, without an answer, I will rip off a limb, starting with her arm." His voice was dead, frozen over with promise. Gaara let drop the lock of Hinata's hair and gripped her upper right arm, never taking his eyes from Haku's face.


Haku whimpered, the rules imprinted in his mind since birth battling against the unfathomable fealty and love for his Lady that lie in his heart.


Betray his Race or his Heiress.


"The Pool." Haku whispered, his eyes cast down. The Demon Lord growled.

"I asked you your destination, not for a child's bedtime story." He lifted Hinata's arm higher off the ground and began to contort it into an unnatural position. Haku's brown eye's widened with desperation as they shifted back and forth between Gaara's apathetic countenance and his Lady's arm.

"They are not stories!" The Angel pled. "The Pools are not born of fiction, but of fact!"

Gaara continued to twist slowly.

Shikamaru felt the temperature slowly begin to drop around him. He looked away from Gaara and down to his jacket where ice had begun to crust over the still damp patches of rain that spotted his clothes. He could hear the chatter of Kiba's teeth and Akamaru's whine of dismay from somewhere behind him. The raw murderous intent eminating from the shaking Angel caused the atmosphere to crackle with tangible lividity.

"Stop." Haku spat venomously.

Gaara lifted a brow in amusement not at all deterred.

"I'll show you!" The Angel bellowed into the frigid night, his labored breath now coming out in visible puffs of steam. The Demon Lord dropped Hinata's arm letting it fall lifelessly across her chest. He stood as the centigrade gradually stabilized to what would be considered normal of a Fall evening in Konoha.

"Shino, you will help the Cherubim." Gaara motioned the Bug User forward. Shino grabbed Haku's 'good' arm and pulled him to his feet, minding the seemingly destroyed wings that lay limp against his back. The Ice wielder let out a small groan of protest before leaning heavily on Shino's offered shoulder. "Kib-"

"No." Haku hissed, pain still evident in his eyes. "I will not allow Hinata to be carried by that bumbling idiot." Kiba and Akamaru growled dangerously at the stricture. Gaara on the other hand smirked, mildly impressed with the Angel's fortitude.

"Shikamaru then."

The Shadow shifter sighed heavily in irritation before stepping up onto the stairs and lifting the unconscious girl into his arms. Gaara paused in front of Shino and Haku.

"Point the way."

--End of FlashBack--

Though he would never allow himself to show it, the Shadow Shifter was slightly piqued at the chance to lay eyes on one of the fabled Healing Pools.

Black orbs flickered to the right just in time to catch a fleeting smirk twisting the corners of Gaara's mouth. They continued to walk along the back wall of the church until Haku motioned them to stop beside a certain section comprised of older, more decrepit looking stones as compared to the rest that made up the expanse of brick. Gaara threw a glance over his shoulder, sea foam eyes checking the surrounding area for any of those unfortunate to stumble across their doings.

The Ice wielder extended his working arm and placed an open palm against the center stone. He took a deep breathe, closed his eyes, and focused a small amount of power into his hand,

"Avaudu sillä etsin varjoista lohtua."(3)The words passed his lips in a whispered exhale as if trying to breath life into the stone. Sweat beaded upon his brow, glistening in the small aura of light produced by his chakra.

Haku broke the connection and retracted his arm, nearly collapsing on Shino from sheer exhaustion. There was a pregnant pause of silent anticipation before the bricks began to fold back within themselves revealing a long passage leading below the church foundation. Gaara stepped through the threshold, a torch hanging from the corridor wall immediately burst into flame showering the path with a splash of light. He was soon followed by Shino and Haku, followed by Shikamaru, followed by Kiba.

"Alright boy," Kiba turned to a whimpering Akamaru placing a hand on the dog's head and giving the fur a quick pat, "You stay out here and guard the entrance, okay?" Akamaru barked in acquiesce before taking a defensive stance.

With every step further into the recesses of the underground, another torch flickered to life.

"What is this place?" Kiba's voice, laced with trepidation bounced off the walls, echoing further into the dark. He could feel the repel of spiritual energy pushing against his chest, making it slightly more difficult to breath. His chocolate eyes perceived the petrous walls that surrounded them, giving the tunnel an abandoned, sinister tone. Trails of water dripped down the walls, reflecting brightly in the firelight as their shadows danced across the stone work in pulsating specters.

"I was in the process of explaining earlier, but was rudely interrupted." Shino stated flatly glimpsing behind him at the tattooed demon. Kiba rolled his eyes, his ears twitching at the reverberation of multiple pairs of feet connecting with concrete floors in rhythmic intervals.

"When my Goddess, Elohe, was designing the world, she did so with the hope of bringing the Human and Heaven realms together as one." Haku started, his eyes gazing passed the darkness. "Knowing that this idea could possibly start of a series of events leading to a war with the Demon realm, she included in her blueprint, places for her children to find sanctuary from battle. Upon actual construction, these specific points manifested into what she called Valon Altaat. They are small bodies of water hidden beneath. The waters that filled these reservoir's are blessed by the Goddess herself, making them the purest forms of celestial presence She left upon this Realm. They serve two specific purposes. Because they act as the center of ecclesiastical power, human and Angel alike are both drawn to them. So to insure their purity, the Goddess built places of worship on top of the underground caverns, knowing that Humans who wish to seek spiritual alleviation would be drawn to them like moth's to the flame."

"Rather ingenious." Shikamaru commented from behind Haku, drawing him from his memories. The Angel smiled sadly.


"And the second reason?" Kiba asked, finding himself rather interested in the story.

"Is why we are down here." Haku stated. "For Humans, the only type of healing they can gain from being near the Valon Altaat is metaphysical. Angel's however, because our physical beings are bound directly to Goddess' light, are allowed both healing of the body and soul."

Gaara, hardly listening to the Angel's tale, drifted farther ahead of the retinue. The weight of repealing energy ramming against his body was becoming nearly unbearable; if the other's were feeling it, they too refused to let it show. He knew that they were almost at their journey's end. Secretly, he rather hoped they reached the cavern before he and the other Hell originated beings were forced to stop due to the pressure being exerted upon their demonic forms.

The light of the torches dissipated behind him minutes ago, leaving the eerily beautiful grey glow from the approaching cavern mouth as the only light source. He could hear it's call, half of his mind begging to pass the final threshold and embrace the light. But the other of side of him, the side he accepted years ago to dominate his will, his darker side; cowered from the comforting warmth. Every pace closer set his nerve endings a flame with contradicting affectivity and he hated it.

End of Chapter Six: Mother Earth:

(1): Okay, remember when I said I like to play with religion. This is one of those times. According to John Michael Greer's New Encyclopedia of the Occult, Elohe is Hebrew for the feminine noun meaning 'Goddess.' Now the actual term found in the Book of Genesis is 'Elohim.' That is Elohe with the added masculine plural ending -im. But I wanted God to be a girl in this story so I just cut it down to the feminine noun! (Oh that rhymes!) Think of Elohe as a melting pot of Gaia, Amaterasu, Isis, Minerva, ect. ect. All those kick ass Goddess' we all know and love.

(2): Cougar, as defined by , is a 35+ year old female who is on the 'hunt' for a much younger, energetic, willing-to-do-anything male.

(3):This is a translation of Finnish for 'Open for I seek solace from the shadows.'

a. Valon Altaat is Finnish for 'Pools of Light'

b. I would like to thank Gilraen88 for correcting my translations! YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER!!

c.I originally wanted to write this in Enochian, the Angelic Language as revealed to John Dee, but my bookstore is severely lacking in New Age selections so I had to order the Enochian Dictionary online, via money order. Lord knows that I love my boyfriend dearly, but I swear if you ask him to do anything outside of eating and watching a Cowboy's game, it goes in one ear and out the other. Needless to say my money order was just sent out yesterday (not five days ago, when I asked it to be), therefore making it next Monday when it comes in.

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