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Chapter 1: Dalang

"If Only She Knew" by 98º

Well, that had gone exceedingly well, he thought as he watched her friends help her walk away. If he'd known she couldn't hold her alcohol, he might not have used some rice wine to sauté those vegetables in…

Dalang sighed and shook his head, getting back into the kitchen. She was much prettier than the paintings made her look—much, much prettier. Beautiful, even gorgeous!

Someone should fire those artists, he thought. Tigress deserved better…


He stopped himself, setting up for another dish. No, thinking like that and waxing poetic so early were sure signs he was setting himself up for another downfall. ZhuZhu did it to him, and it happened with Gao, Hsien, and Xiao-Ling. Besides, Master Tigress was way out of his league. Way, WAY out of his league.

She was an amazing, talented, drop-dead gorgeous master of kung fu. He was just a dim sum chef…with one hell of a nasty past.

No, he told himself. If we ever start dating, however improbable, I'll never tell her that part of my life.

"The Hardest Thing" by 98º

"You're breaking up with me?!" the female stared at him in shock.

Cripes, this was tough. First he murdered his own uncle in the kitchen of Auntie's restaurant, and now they all had to run for their lives…right after he broke up with his girlfriend. Thanks, Karma, you are one serious bitch. "Look, Hsien, I'm sorry…"

"I don't understand!" she said, now hysterical. "I thought you loved me!"

"I did—do—I…" Dalang sighed raggedly. "Look, this isn't easy, okay? Aunt, Su Lin and I…we're leaving. Tonight."

"Leaving?" the white tigress asked, tears pouring down her cheeks.

He nodded, "We can't stay here, not any longer…I don't care if I stay or not, I'll weather any storm. But Aunt and Su…I have to protect them. They're in danger because of me. If I stay, that puts them—and you—in danger. I need to leave."

"And they're going with you? Why can't I come too?"

"Hsien, listen…" he caressed her cheek, wiping away her tears. "This is the hardest thing I've ever done. You deserve much better than me. And some day, one way or another," here he smiled consolingly. "You'll find the one for you."

He sighed and turned to leave. "Good bye."

"Key to My Heart" by Craig David

Dalang sighed as he looked out into the bare and dried-out garden before him. They had only been in the Valley, in this building, for a week, and Auntie and Su Lin had planted seeds there after he'd turned over the soil. At least there was an apple tree already in the corner. Ah well.

He looked up to the Jade Mountain and crossed his arms. He'd come a long way from Manchuria. And ZhuZhu. And Anhui. And Gao-xi. And Sichuan. And Hsien…

Why did his family have to ruin every perfectly good relationship he started? Maybe he should just give up. The only tigress in the entire damn valley was at the top of that mountain, and, he was willing to bet money, she was not his type.

He'd heard the rumors about Master Tigress, and wrote most of them off. Why bother thinking about it, he wondered. Don't even think about it. She's not your type. It's not like she's your soul mate or anything. Get over it.

"Ocean Avenue" by Yellowcard

Okay, he had to admit, this was kind of fun. Shang had decided they needed a day off—so twenty-six-year-old Shang and sixteen-year-old Dalang shed their armor and hid any necessary weapons and went into the nearest village to find…

"Girls?" the teenager asked, his voice cracking from nerves.

Shang just grinned at his beloved brother. "You're sixteen and haven't even been kissed—we're going to change that. Today."

"You're not taking me to the Red Light district, are you?" Dalang groaned, though he was slightly worried—and intimidated.

"No!" he vehemently denied.

Dalang gave his older brother a look.

"Okay, fine, not until sundown."


"If anything, you're at least going to get a kiss—shouldn't be tough, seeing all these girls looking at you…"

Dalang looked over his shoulder and saw that a gaggle of young females of every species were following behind the handsome tigers. He smiled at them, and a few actually swooned.

"A kiss?" he asked hopefully.

"Oh, you're getting a kiss tonight, though if I have my way, you're gonna get a lot more," Shang winked.

"For The Girl Who Has Everything" by N'Sync

He had a chance! He had a chance with her! He could have died a happy tiger!

But wait.

He sat up in bed. Wait. Why did he have a chance? Seriously, what did she see in him? He ran a hand over his chest, remembering how she stared earlier that evening when he'd taken off his shirt... Well, okay, maybe that has something to do with it…

But Tigress had everything going for her. She could have her choice of any man she ever wanted—hell, she could have a harem full of men if she so desired. Dalang was certain he wasn't the only man to lust—love! Love her, it was love—or was it 'like'? Like, love, or lust? Or all three?

Agh, migraine.

But seriously, what could he offer her? Damn good food, sure. But other than that? He had little money, little to no prospects…then he got it.


It seemed too simple.

He could give her love. She had everything, and no fancy gifts or expensive presents would turn her heart. No.

All she wanted—what anyone ever wanted—was love.

"Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours" by Stevie Wonder

Tigress laughed—she couldn't help it. Dalang was singing and dancing around the Jade Palace's kitchen, belting out the song without a care in the world. It was terrible of her to want to laugh, but she couldn't help it.

He's a good dancer, she thought, giggling with a hand over her mouth. Even if he is tone-deaf.

"I've done a lot of foolish things, that I really didn't mean…Yaaayy-hey!" he sang.

Tigress laughed aloud this time and grabbed his hand, and to his shock—and hers—she began to dance with him, singing along, "Oooh, baby, here I am, signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours!"

He grinned, twirling her around the Long and Feng's kitchen, dipping her back into backbends and stealing kisses here and there, until they both grew tired of the swift kisses and quickly became more passionate.

A plate crashed to the floor. They looked at the doorway and saw Po. The panda just waved, grinning sheepishly from catching them like that.

"I'll uh, come back later…"

"Hold On" by Korn

Dalang stared into the crackling flames of the torch and back at Shen. He couldn't believe what he was being asked to do. He couldn't believe his next action either.

He threw the torch at his father and bolted. "You do it! And burn with them!"

He ran—he was no coward, but he wasn't an idiot either. Discretion was the better part of valor anyway.

The seventeen year old tiger drew out his twin short-swords and slashed at two assassins that came right at him. He stabbed another in the middle, kicking out the heels of another. He shed his cloak, throwing it into a bear's face and he ran right for the forest. He heard the call for archers—he could make it. He could make it to the trees and be covered.

He had to make it, he needed to…

With one last final burst of energy he propelled himself forward and made it behind the tree line.

He was free.

"We Belong Together" by Mariah Carey

It was over. Had he ended it, or had she? The still-bleeding claw marks on his cheek told him she had definitely ended it. He didn't get it. If keeping his past from her was going to have this result, he would have told her that first night at Ping's noodle shop.

He was crying, but he didn't care. If any of his family members could see him now, they'd call him a woman. He didn't care. They could all rot. He felt like someone had torn his heart right out of his chest and tenderized it before frying it, extra crispy.

You just had your heart broken and you're using food analogies? he chastised himself.

He looked out his window at the Jade Mountain. He could have sworn he heard a sob leave her throat as she ran out. How could that be? He loved her—he knew that, but had never told her. But…and he realized this, and the sudden awareness hit him hard.

She had never said whether or not she loved him either.

"Clothes Off!!" by Gym Class Heroes

Oh, he was laying down the charm tonight. Injury or no injury, humiliating cane or no cane, he was going to act like The Man tonight. Everyone was leaving the Palace for the evening to go to a weekly meal at Ping's Noodle Shop, and he was alone…with her.

Tigress had opted to stay behind, since "he can't be alone, and can't possibly make the whole trip both ways, not with his injury. He'd strain himself."

Well, considering they would be alone tonight, he was hoping to strain himself from an entirely different form of exercise.

He smirked as he dried off from his bath. The door to the room he shared with her—he'd be eternally grateful to Aunt Wu for convincing Shifu it was a good idea—and he smiled to see Tigress standing there…and dressed in one of his shirts.


The look she was giving him was giving him goosebumps.

"Tigress?" he asked, the towel the only thing preserving his modesty.

"Yes?" she purred, striking a subtly seductive pose against the doorframe before walking in and locking the door behind her.


"May I ask…?"

"You may," she answered, nuzzling him.

"Are you wearing anything under that?"

"Nope," she grinned naughtily.

"That's what I thought," he grinned, grabbing hold of her as they fell onto the mattress together.

"Look After You" by The Fray

A year.

It had been a year of marriage already. And in two more months…

Dalang lay awake on his side, Tigress pulled against him. His hand rested over hers on top of her ever-growing stomach, gently caressing it. Seven months along… Gods in heaven, he smiled to himself.

He remembered the day she'd told him. He'd been talking about the construction for an addition to the restaurant and home, and she had coyly said, "Well, I think it's a good idea. Since, you know, in a few months, we might need the extra room…"

His head had snapped up and looked at her. She was smiling, like she had a little secret she was carrying. Oh Sweet Guan Yin…

"Really?" he asked breathlessly.

"Yes," she smiled, looking a little nervous. "…Are you happy?"

He grinned and let out an excited laugh, "YES!" He caught her up in a tight hug and kissed her until their lips were sore (well, okay fine, they kissed until Tai Lung interrupted them, that damn spotted cat…).

Dalang had made a promise to her on their wedding day. He would protect her all his days, until his final breath. And now that there was one more to be added to their family…

"I'll look after you," he whispered, kissing her cheek. "I'll look after both of you…" he grasped her hand in his.

A few things on Dalang: (At the end of each chapter, I'm going to reveal some little tidbits about how these characters came to be. I draw a lot from my personal experiences when creating characters, and each character is based off of someone I know or have known.) Dalang is based off of a friend I have known literally since we were both in diapers. This friend is an excellent cook, but he's very humble about it and he's also loves a good joke. He's also got a beautiful soul and fun-loving personality that I hope I expressed well enough in Dalang's character. Fortunately, this friend has never killed anyone outside of a good game of HALO (his family's also much nicer than the Jiao). I have a special place in my heart for Dalang, as he is essentially one of my closest friends. He's also had some trouble with the ladies, until very recently of course. ;) One last thing: Don't ask me what Dalang's name means. I borrowed it from a Lisa See novel; hopefully she won't mind.

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