Title: Rite of Passage - Immortal!Uncle Dean Series
Rated: G
Fandom: Supernatural & Highlander
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester & Richie Ryan; OC's – Katie Collins-Winchester & Jonathan Dean (JD) Winchester

A/N: This is a series of stories written for the Spawn fic challenge on live journal. Each story is about the offspring of Sam Winchester in the Immortal!Dean universe.

Summary: Dean has decided that his nephew, JD, is old enough for his first hunt. To bad he forgot to tell Sam and Katie.

Rite of Passage

Katie shifted the three year-old on her hip as she opened to door to admit the rest of her brood into the house. A chorus of "Hi mom, Hi Robbie," greeted her as they raced by.

"Whoa stop right there," she commanded. "Where's JD?"

The three boys skidded to a halt and slowly turned to face their inquisitor. The twins, Jimmy and Josh, exchanged silent signals that the other should tell her. When the shoving started, she stepped between the seven year-olds. "Boys! Where's your brother?" she demanded.

"Uncle Dean picked him up after school," came the voice of ten year-old Sammy from behind her. "I told him you'd be mad but he went anyway. He never listens to me."

"Sammy!" wailed Josh. "We promised Unc'l Dean not to tell for at least an hour."

"Sam Jr., what are you talking about? Your Uncle Dean and Uncle Richie went on a -" She paused, looking at the smaller children and chose her words carefully. "- a business trip. JD wouldn't be with them."

The older boy gave an exaggerated sigh and shook his head. The color drained from Katie's face. "Josh, Jimmy, take Robbie into the kitchen," she said as she put the toddler down.

"But Mom, we want to know, too," Jimmy insisted.

"Go now!" She shouted a little more forcefully than she'd intended. Katie waited until the three were out of earshot.

Hunting was the family business, but the smallest members of this family were still not in the know. "Sammy, did JD go hunting with his uncles?" she asked quietly while trying to get her growing panic under control.

The skinny boy nodded, his brown hair flopping into his eyes as he shook his head.

Katie stood stock still as the truth of the situation penetrated. "Dean's a dead man."

Richie opened the door to the Impala, unzipped his black leather jacket and slid into the passenger seat, shutting the door behind him. "Hey Dean," he said.

He was barely settled before Dean careened away from the curb and into traffic. "Hey Rich," came the distracted response.

"Dude, what's your hurry?" he laughed and was about to toss his duffle into the backseat, when he realized they had another passenger. "JD?"

"Hey Uncle Richie," the boy said cheerfully, taking the duffle from Richie's hand and setting it on the seat beside him.

Richie turned his shocked expression on his friend. "Dean, why is JD in the backseat?"

Dean just threw Richie a half smile and shrugged.

"Uncle Dean said it was time I went on my first hunt," JD said. "See, I even have the gun he gave me for my thirteenth birthday." The teenager carefully held up the weapon by way of explanation.

"JD, put that away." Richie reached over the seat to push the gun out of his line of sight. "You know better than to wave that thing around," he said sharply.

Crestfallen, the boy replaced the weapon in its holster. "Sorry. I'm just excited, you know."

"It's ok," Richie said as he studied the boy in the back seat. He had to chuckle. JD had an identical hair cut to Dean's and was even wearing an old brown leather jacket, flannel shirt and faded jeans. The boy had a bad case of hero worship for his uncle.

JD favored him with a big smile. "This is going to be great. Right?"

"That depends," Richie began as he turned to face the driver of their little expedition. "Does Sam know JD is coming with us, because I know you got his permission before you kidnapped the boy?"

"I did not kidnap him," Dean protested.

"So Sam knows?"

"Uh, not exactly," Dean said as he rubbed the back of his neck. Richie recognized the nervous gesture.

"Dude, what were you thinking?" he was practically yelling. "No scratch that, you weren't thinking." He stared at his friend. "Man, Katie is gonna kill you, you do know that."

"Us," Dean quipped. "You're an accomplice now."

Dean's phone rang. Richie leaned over and caught sight of the caller ID as Dean stared at it.

"Busted, man. Best to turn the car around now and beg forgiveness," he laughed.

Dean scowled at him and flipped open the phone. "Sam," he said cheerfully. "What's up?"

"Cut the crap Dean and bring my son home!" Sam shouted through the phone.

Richie winced, figuring they could hear the anger in Sam's voice all the way to the county line.

"Sam, come on! The kid's thirteen. Time to step up to the big leagues. Plus he's got two Immortals watching out for him"

"Dean, this is not a negotiation."

"Look. Nothing's gonna happen. He's just gonna help with a little research and stay in the hotel. I swear. We were younger than JD when Dad really involved us in a hunt for the first time."

"Dude. This is not your decision. And using Dad does not strengthen your argument."

"Sammy, he's my godson and I promised when he turned thirteen, he could tag along. It's like a Bar Mitzvah. This weekend he becomes a man."

"Dean, we aren't Jewish," Sam snapped.

"Pfft. Same principle." Dean smirked. He could tell his brother was weakening and could even visualize Sam smiling at the comparison. Sensing victory, Dean went in for the kill. "Don't make me break my promise. Kid's been looking forward to it for weeks. I even made sure this was a routine hunt. I swear nothing bad will happen."

"Dean. Please bring him back."

"We can't turn around now, lives are at stake."

"Don't exaggerate, Dean. I know what you're doing," Sam said. The frustration was clear in his voice, but the anger was gone. "I can't believe this."

"I love that kid. Do you really think I would do anything that would put him in danger?"

"No, I know you wouldn't," Sam agreed. Dean's protective older brother tendencies had carried right on through to the five rugrat Winchesters. "Put Richie on," he sighed.

Dean covered the mouthpiece of the phone. "Sam wants to talk to you. Don't sell me out."

Richie nodded reluctantly as he took the phone. "Hey, Sam."

"Did you know about this?" he demanded.

"No Sam, I swear. Didn't even know the kid was in the car until we crossed the state line." Richie bit his lip, hoping that Sam couldn't sense him lying over the phone.

The resignation was evident in Sam's voice. "Alright. I trust you. JD does not leave the hotel room for the actual hunt."

"No problem Sam. You have my word." Richie gave Dean the thumbs up that indicated that Sam had caved.

"And Richie."


"JD comes back with one hair out of place and I swear to God I will get Duncan to take both your heads. Are we clear?"

"Crystal." And hung up the phone before Sam could change his mind. Small arms wrapped themselves around Richie's neck from the back seat, hugging him tightly.

"Thanks Uncle Richie. Uncle Dean said you were the responsible one and if you went along, then Dad would cave."

"Did he?" Richie laughed as he untangled himself from the stranglehold. "I guess compared to your Uncle Dean I am."

"Thanks man," Dean said sincerely. Looking up into the rearview mirror, Dean caught JD's eye and smiled. At that moment, Richie realized he'd been played too. JD and Dean made a formidable team and he was just along for the ride.

"Katie's gonna kill him, you know," Richie said.

"Better him than us," Dean snickered.