Title Summer School
Rated: PG
Characters OC's JD and Mule Winchester

Summary: JD and Mule in the morning. Yep, that about sums it up.

Summer School

JD was in the middle of a great dream when the sound of someone open and closing drawers pulled him awake. He cracked one bleary eye open to see Mule half dressed and pawing through the dresser.

He raised himself up on one elbow to stare at the clock, confirming that it was 7:40 AM before flopping back down on his pillow. "Mule!" he snapped. "What the hell are you doing up this early? And why are you doing it so loud?"

"Go back to sleep, JD," Mule replied with out turning around. "I'm late already."

"It's summer. What could you possibly have to do at," he glanced again at the clock, "7:42?"

JD really wanted to get his own place now that he'd finished high school; he was too old to be sharing a room with his brother, but apartments cost money and he was just a little cash poor at the moment.

"I've got summer school," Mule snapped as he pulled a clean T-shirt over his head.

That got JD's attention as he propped himself up to grin at his brother. "Summer school! You! The brainiac of the Winchester clan failed 9th grade?" JD couldn't stop laughing. "Oh that's hilarious."

Mule, hands on skinny hips, glared at his brother. "I didn't fail anything! I got 4.0. You know that."

JD swallowed his laughter as confusion creased his brow. "Then why do you have summer school?" He was missing something; maybe he was still asleep except that he knew would never have a dream this lame. He sat up suddenly. "The school year really is over, right? I didn't dream graduation?" This was making his head hurt.

Mule rolled his eyes as he sat down on the opposite bed. "Go back to sleep, JD. You're more fun that way." He began putting on his shoes when a pillow hit him in the head. "Cut that out. I told you I'm already late."

JD had swung his feet off the bed to get a better look at his brother. "Yeah, I got that, but I still don't understand where you're going."

Mule leaned forward and spoke very slowly. "I," he pointed to himself, "have sum-mer schoooool."

JD reached over and smacked his brother on the back of the head. "Why, idiot, do you have summer school?"

Mule glared at him. "If you must know- "

"Yes, for fuck's sake, I must know."

"I'm taking a two week gym session so I can get a head on my classes."

JD still didn't understand and shook his head indicating he need more, "And?"

"And this way I'll have room in my schedule senior year to take some advanced placement classes." Mule spoke very quickly and attempted to leave the room as he finished his explanation.

"Whoa there, little brother." JD reached out, grabbing him by the arm and spinning him around. "Let me get this straight. You are voluntarily getting up at 7am in the summer to take a class you don't have to take until next year so that you can make way for even harder classes in the future."

"Some of us want to go to college, JD," Mule snapped. "Now let me go, I'm la – "

"I know you're late and you're a moron for wasting your summer this way."

Mule just waved a hand dismissively at him. "Just drop it, JD. I knew you wouldn't get it," he said as he left the room.

"You're still an idiot," JD yelled after his brother.

JD chuckled as a faint reply of "And you're a jerk" drifted back to him.