Feels Like Love

a Trevor & Corrie fanfiction story

After 5 years, could you really feel the same way?


London Tipton was a miracle worker; at least that's what she could conclude from being swung around in Zack Martin's arms for the past three minutes and she really had time to take in her surroundings. Holding up the bitter ends of her golden satin gown, Corrie had a chance to take in London's vision to what she had in mind six months prior when she first received an invitation to the coveted event. Deep blues, berries and silky whites graced the grand ballroom of the S.S. Tipton that was filled with notables and 'anyone who was anyone' in London Tipton's little black book, plus some. Moonlight seeped in through the wall length windows, hitting all the right objects to illuminate the ballroom more. It was magical in her eyes and she didn't want to stop dancing with Zack all so she could watch the ballroom move.

It actually surprised Corrie to this day that she, along with her best friends turned lovebirds, Jeffrey Banks and Maddie Fitzpatrick, as well as Mary-Margaret Holland were even invited to the elaborate shindig. Sometimes it felt good to know she was in London's little black book under the 'anyone who was anyone' list. It would be an understatement to say that she was honored. With one hand on Zack's shoulder and the other doing double duty, her sunset colored eyes still wandered around the room before looking back at the eldest twin dancing with her on the checked black and white floor.

She didn't notice when the song had changed or remembered how long they had been dancing together, but Zack wasn't the one to argue. That only meant two more dances with the Spanish siren more than his twin who was currently back at the table they were all sharing with Maddie & Jeffrey. "You did an amazing job here Zack. It all looks great," she complimented and watched him smile with a slight blush on his cheeks. "Are you blushing Mr. Martin?" she teased.

"Maybe a bit."

"Awww," she cooed, "Seriously, it looks great. I think I was first impressed with London's idea, but then you actually pull it off…" her eyes darted around once more before the song came to a close and she stepped back from Zack's frame. Looping her arm into his, Corrie let herself be led back to the others. Spying Mary-Margaret mingling with an all-male crowd, she smiled and giggled at the sight. She and the girl donning the candy apple red gown had been friends since before high school and if she knew anyone like the back of her hand, it would be her. Seeing her amidst an all-male crowd when she couldn't even talk straight to the hunky UPS guy that delivered to her office everyday was something to be talked about.

Accepting the chair that the elder twin held out for her, Corrie glanced at the nuzzling and nauseating lovers across from her and snorted silently at Cody's study of them. They were another two of Corrie's closest friends that had been dating since Maddie's senior year of high school and of course, if possible, becoming that young-old married couple you always saw in the movies. Their noses touched briefly before Cody groaned at the display.

"Cody, this is nothing. You should see them back home," she laughed as Maddie snapped her head away from Jeffrey's.

"We aren't that bad…"

"Um, yes you are."

The only retort the sophisticated blond had for Corrie was the poke of her tongue as Jeffrey pulled her attention away again, pulling her hand along with her body up from the table for a dance on the not-so-crowded anymore ballroom.

"And I didn't think anything could get more nauseating than Jessica and Zack," Cody commented, excusing himself from the table as London's own beau, Todd St. Marks motioned for the ships' doctor to come and join them up on the upper deck of the ballroom. "I'll be back."

"Speaking of Jessica," she pulled her attention back to the younger man to her right, "I suppose I should go and find her. I kind of owe her a dance," he sheepishly pulled his hand to the back of his neck and rubbed it softly.

"I think you owe your girlfriend at least that."

"You'll be okay here?"

Corrie smiled at his gentlemanly ways. Since when had Zack gone from Droopy Dog Wolf to Prince Charming? Whatever had happened or whenever, she liked it. "As much as I appreciate it, I'll be fine. Plus, the bartender is calling my name. I need a refresher," she pointed towards the less crowded bar down the length of the room. As Zack left to find his girlfriend of a couple years, she started off on her journey to the bar.

Golden heels clicked against the tiled floor that she was sure would make her father dizzy just by the sight of it and as she made sure the gold and sheer fabrics of her dress weren't going to be stepped on, Corrie thought of the next drink on her list to have. Jeffrey had always assumed to bring the girls a fruity drink, but in fact, she was much more keen on the real stuff. No margaritas were on her list, nothing with a 'tini' at the end either. Nodding towards a few people who waved to her on her track, she came waist to countertop with the bar and waited patiently as the bartender tended to the man in front of her. Letting her long locks gather at the middle of her bare back, she had narrowed her drink choice down to two possible poisons, watching the couples dance in glee and smiled as Maddie and Jeffrey slid down the ballroom in style.

Turning back to the bar, she was a little disappointed to see the bartender had taken up with someone else, but it wasn't a big thing. Most times she was always passed over, it came with her job and her life most times. Her job was a high paying one and one that she was born to do. An entertainment publicist and planner in downtown New York City, Corrie had made a name for herself in the world of celebrity and planned to keep it that way. She was normally passed over for the celebrities and clients she represented, so it was nothing different from that, although she had hoped that the color gold trumped a black tuxedo.

And then she recognized it.

His voice.

It was deeper…huskier…sexier, if she dare say.

Her head didn't turn nor her body didn't nudge an inch, but her eyes followed his hands not far from hers. It was him, in the flesh. Six years later. And all of the sudden, she didn't want to be there anymore.

A rush of black curls flooded his vision as he continued to argue and joke with the bartender about having real drinks at the event. Gold flowed and ran away from his side and one look back from the runner only peaked his interest. Was it really her?

The twins stood by the doors, enjoying the view of the party. It was successful and they were already thinking of ways to have another one…for just the guests on the cruises. Everyone was dancing, laughing and having a great time…or so it seemed. Obsidian tresses came into their view and stomped hurriedly past them on a mission to get away from whatever she was running from, out for fresh air, at least.

Corrie wanted to bury herself under the blankets in her suite in bed; better yet, back in New York, in the comfort of her own apartment or at the premiere for Katie Holmes' Broadway premiere. Corrie wasn't paying attention to who was in her way…not until Cody put himself in her path. "Not now guys…"

"What happened?"

"Nothing, just leave it," she got past them, letting herself out into the openness of the deck and let the fresh salty ocean air hit her.

The duo glanced at each other, knowing that something was up, no matter if Corrie wanted them to leave it alone. They were indeed the Martin boys, it was in their nature to be curious and mischievous as they pleased. Walking back into the main event, Zack pointed towards the bar where he knew she had come from, and to say that they were surprised to see Trevor Sterling blankly staring back in their direction, would be a lie. A big fat lie.

"That was…" he barely got out as they both cut him off.

"On the deck," Cody was the first to be heard.

"And don't mess it up this time!" Zack called after him as Trevor's hopes of getting a real drink disappeared.

Author's Notes: So there's not a lot of Trevor & Corrie stuff out there. And this isn't any different. There is a continuation story, but we'll save that for after this two-shot one. K? Enjoy