"Huh?" said Naruto as he woke up. "Where am I?"

He looked around, and then he looked down. He was in a tree in Konoha forest.

"Oh yeah, I'm training. YAWN! Must have dozed off. Better finish my training."

He jumped down the tree and landed on his feet. It's been three days since his last mission.

"Man, things have been really dull ever since Sora left the village. Sheesh…huh?"

Naruto saw a black-haired guy about his age nearby. He had a bowl-cut hairstyle and green tights. He was kicking the air with what looked like leg weights. It was Rock Lee, the only Chunin that couldn't use nin or genjutsu.

"Hey, Bushy Brows!"

The boy stopped kicking and turned around. When he saw Naruto, he smiled.

"Naruto!" he yelled happily. "How's it going? Are you enjoying the power of youth?"

"Uh…yeah, sure," said Naruto, a nervous smile on his face. "So, you're training with those leg weights?"

"Yup. That's why I'm so fast. You want to try them?"

"Well…how heavy are they?"

So as to answer Naruto's question, Lee kept his left leg up and undid the weight. It dropped, cracking the ground and sinking halfway into it. This got Naruto's jaw to drop open and his eyes to bulge in amazement.

"Damn! You train with those?"

"To be honest, they're only a little heavier than the ones I keep on most of the time."

Naruto looked up at him, still open-mouthed.

"You're kidding, right?"

"Nope. So, care to train?"

"Uh…no thanks. I'll stick to what I know. I better get going right now."

"Okay, then. Don't forget the power of youth!"

"I won't…"

He walked away.

"…now that you've reminded me. Sheesh."

He walked through the forest for about fifteen minutes, just relaxing as he walked.


He cocked his ears when he heard movement behind him. He looked, but nothing was there except for trees, bushes, and a cave…or so it seemed.


He turned back forward and kept walking. After two minutes, he heard it again. He turned around with his kunai, a little annoyed. No one was there.

"I KNOW THAT YOU'RE THERE!" he yelled out.

He waited…and waited…and waited.


He turned around and jumped into a nearby bush, which lead into the decent of a hill. Once he was out of view, someone looked from within the shadows of a nearby cave to where Naruto was earlier.

"Shit, I missed him!" they silently exclaimed.

Suddenly, a bright light flared from behind the figure. It was Naruto, holding a flare and looking pissed off.

"Gotcha!" he yelled.

Naruto grabbed the person by the shoulder and turned them around so that he could see them. It turned out to be a girl around twelve or so. She had blonde hair with streaks of dark blue that was long enough to reach her chest and back, yet it was the same style as Naruto's on the top and for the bangs. She wore clothes that were exactly like the ones Naruto used to where, except for a white t-shirt under the orange jacket, which was unzipped completely. She had pale skin and whisker marks, just like Naruto. What caught his attention the most, however, were the eyes.

Those eyes...they're just like mine, blue and all. Who is she?

He pushed the girl out of the cave and into the sunlight, disposing of the flare afterwards.

"Alright, I'm gonna ask you only once. Who are you, and why were you following me?"

She hesitated before taking out a kunai. Naruto was already behind her before she had it fully out. He grabbed her arm and held it behind her back. He then pushed forward so that he was sitting on her back, still holding her arm behind her.

"Nice try, but no dice," he said with a bored tone.

She tried to struggle out of it, but Naruto wouldn't let her get out.

"Look, I'll make this easier on you. I'm gonna get off of you and let go, and you're gonna tell me what your name is and what you're doing here. Kapeesh?

The girl tried to struggle, but she finally agreed and nodded. He got off of her, taking her kunai with him. She got up and looked at him.

"My name is Narita," she said to him. "And I'm from the Village hidden in the Mist."

"Why did you attack me?"

"I needed food."

"Food? Why don't you just buy some?"

"Because I'm a runaway."

"So? Why does that stop you?"

"Because I'm a runaway, idiot! Besides, it's not like I can just waltz into another village and buy myself some food. I'd be questioned."

"You can if you're with me."


"Sure! Just follow me and we'll be able to head on over to Konoha. I'll treat you to ramen, too."

At this, the girl looked excited, her eyes glazed over with a dreamy look and her mouth beginning to drool.

"Ramen...THANK YOU!"

She jumped on him and hugged him as hard as she could...which was pretty hard.

"Can't...breathe..." whispered Naruto.

To be continued...