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Jasper watched in satisfaction as the last of the houses burned to the ground making a pile of wet ashes at his feet. He swiveled around facing his brother, a smirk playing on the edge of his lips. "Good work," He whispered to his brother patting him softly on the back.

Edward flinched at the contact. He hated this job; it made him feel even more like a monster than he already was. He looked down at his feet, the smell of singed flesh burning his nose. Jasper turned on his heel leaving his brother alone in the darkness.

Edward's POV

My lips trembled as I buried my face in my hands, rubbing my tear-streaked face against the Nazi jacket. I lifted my head, hearing a soft whimpering. Cautiously, I walked over to the noise, fingers curling around my gun.

She was curled up in a ball when I found her. She couldn't be a day past thirteen, although her face was hardened with wisdom and understanding. She peered up from her matted brown hair watching in horror as I walked closer. "Please don't be afraid," I begged getting down on one knee. "I'm here to help."

She made a face and attempted to back away. I leaned in closer running my fingers along the long red scar streaked across her arm. I wrapped my arms around her pulling her close to my chest. She felt unnaturally limp in my arms. I buried my face in her shoulder. "I'm sorry," I whispered.

"Edward," She murmured. My head snapped up. "Your dog tag says Edward," She repeated, her voice still hoarse with fear.

I smiled – something I hadn't done in years – and nodded. She grinned at her accomplish looking a little giddy. "I'm Bella." She curled her fingers around my shirt tightly, her knuckles turning white. "Why did you kill all my friends?" She asked, her innocent eyes searching for answers.

I bit my lip. How was I going to explain without poisoning her sweet little mind? I tried to search her mind to see what she already knew but nothing came. Maybe she was still scared, and that's why her mind was blank. I shook my head. No she looked calm enough. This was a little weird. "Bella, my boss thinks that your friends are bad people," I hesitated measuring her expression.

She jutted out her chin in disbelief, "But we didn't do anything wrong. Only monsters would attack their own kind for no reason."

I turned my head working on making sure my tears wouldn't show. I knew she was right. What was I going to do with her? She knew too much, the Führer would send her off to

Auswizch. I shuddered at the thought cradling her closer. "I'm sorry, Bella," I whispered softly.

"Put me down," She ordered. I laughed at how commanding her tone was, especially to a Nazi officer.

"Bella, if I put you down someone else will come back and hurt you," I told her making my voice a little sterner.

She folder her arms across her chest, "Your going to kill me too. So in the end it doesn't matter who kills me. I should just commit suicide. That would make you happy wouldn't it?" She asked, her eyes taking on an angry shade of brown.

I frowned. "Why do you think I'd kill you?" I tried to stop myself from talking because she was right. Either way she would die.

"Because that's your job." Her eyes were beginning to tear up as she noticed the truth of her own words. "Your going to take me away to a concentration camp just like you did to my brother and father."

I looked down at my feet again in disgust. I knew they were probably dead by now and it was highly possible I was the one who had killed them. "What's your brother's name?" I asked.

She didn't look very happy I was digging into her mind but she answered anyway. "Emmett."

That name sounded familiar. I closed my eyes trying to picture a face. "I think I've met your brother," I smiled at her, accidentally showing off my rows of teeth.

She didn't flinch away and she laughed. "By met do you mean killed?" She asked darkly.

I grimaced, a little frustrated she was so quick to accuse, "No, I helped him board a train," I informed her. It didn't help much.

"You helped my brother board a train to his death. It's the same thing." She wriggled her body trying to get out of my arms. "Put me down," She ordered again.

My grip around her tightened as I pursed my lips, "I'm taking you to the doctor." She was about to comment, her lips began to part but I cut her off. "He's my father. He won't vivisect you, I promise." Somehow I didn't think my promises meant much right now, but she stayed quiet the rest of the way back to camp.

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