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Chapter Three

"Who's that slut?"

I looked up from my work to see what had gotten Alice peeved this time. Mrs. Big Blond and Beautiful strutted into the camp making all the boys stop and stare as she landed a big one on Blondie a.k.a the donkey of a jerk soldier Jasper. Although come to think of it most soldiers were jerks. Except maybe Edward…

Yes, I took the time to learn their names. What else was I supposed to do? Other than the grueling jobs they made us do, of course.

Oh yeah, was I supposed to answer Alice? "Oh, her? I think she's some sort of royalty like a duke of Scotland's daughter or something. She's Rosalie."

Alice muttered something under her breath. "Bet those aren't even real."

I giggled and turned back to the weeds I was pulling out of the ground. I was sad since they were the only vegetation for miles but if I didn't do a good job who knows what will happen.

Alice was still throwing out a rage of complaints when two gypsy boys walked over to sit next to us. If it wasn't for their striped uniforms and soulless eyes I would have mistook them for Aryan shoulders. Blond with blue eyes. They were frightened of me too. Me! An innocent girl going through the same crap they were.

"Bella?" One asked keeping a terrified eye glued to Jasper. I nodded urging them to go on. "Your wanted in the Office."

I raised an eyebrow expecting them to go on. "What for?" I asked making Alice seem a little hesitant.

"Just go, Bella. I'm sure everything will be fine." Alice said and forced a smile.

Oh no. I didn't like it when Alice did that. Had she seen something bad? Obviously or she wouldn't seem so on edge. I stood up roughly and followed them both over to the big shabby building. They didn't follow me any further than the perimeter and ran off once my hand rested on the door knob.

Edward smiled from behind the desk looking just like he did the day I first met him. Normally I would question why he still looked seventeen but then again, I'm not leading a normal life. "Bella," he greeted with a grin. He motioned towards the chair. "You can take a seat."

Cautiously I moved forward half-expecting the chair to blow up. "Um, hey Edward?" It wasn't supposed to come out as a question but that seems to happen to me when I'm frightened.

He leaned forward, gold eyes glinting, and whispered softly. "I can get you out of here."

I shifted in my seat uneasily. "I don't know… what about everyone else?" I asked warily.

Edward shrugged biting his lip. "Well, I guess we could figure that out together?" He suggested tensing up.

"And how long would that take? People die here every day and you want me to run off to save myself? Without Emmett or Alice, or the other three people who share my bed? No thanks. Pass." I told him firmly avoiding the look in his eye.

Edward turned away disappointed. "You would rather die here then take up my offer for freedom?"

I set my jaw and nodded. "That's what I said." I stood up and pushed the chair away. "When you can propose everyone will get out of here alive I'll think about it."

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