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It was the Odaiba Allstars' biggest game of the season. Winning this game would get them into the national championship that would be held in a few months' time. It had been a tough game. The teams were evenly matched. Throughout the game there had been a heavy tension on the field. An even heavier tension had lain in the crowds. Both sides wanted their team to win. Both sides wanted their team in the national championships. Both sides wanted their team to hold the fame and glory.

The score was currently 2-2. The game was over for but one penalty kick. The kick would determine which team would win and which team would lose. The whole stadium's reaction depended on this kick. The players' futures depended on this kick.

The penalty was for the Odaiba Allstars. It had been decided that Ichijouji Ken would be the one to deliver the kick. Ichijouji Ken would be the one to hold everyone's destinies.

Silence fell as Ken walked onto the field. Everyone's faces were still, showing no emotion. Even the opposing team's goal keeper did not try to distract Ken with a smirk. As Ken walked across the field towards the ball, he tried to clear his head of any distracting thoughts. He failed though : Yolei. Yolei was in the crowd. Yolei was watching him right now. Yolei would see him kick that ball. Yolei.

He shook his head and breathed deeply. He was only metres away from the ball. He needed to focus, now.

He took a few more steps and stopped. He was now within the right distance from the ball. A few steps, a kick and it would all be over. Ken inhaled. Ken exhaled. He lay his left foot in front of the other. He closed his eyes, trying to ignore the fact that he was in a huge stadium, that he was surrounded by TV cameras and crowds of people, that everyone was watching him. With a final deep breath he sprang forward. His right foot hit the grass, his left hit the grass. His right foot was raised ready to kick the ball. His right leg was descending upon the ball, he was seconds away from contact. When suddenly :


"And that's how Mummy and Daddy decided they wanted little bundles of sunshine just like you two," a twenty-eight year old Ichijouji Miyako explained to her children.

After telling her mother about her schoolteacher who was expecting a child, Miyako's young daughter had asked how her parents had decided to have her.

"Did Daddy score the goal?" asked Miyako's five-year-old son.

"Of course he did!" replied Miyako, ruffling the little boy's hair. "Your Daddy always scores his goals."

"Is that why you married him?" Her daughter wanted to know. Miyako laughed.

"There are many reasons why I married your Daddy, but those are stories for another time." she stared off dreamily with a sigh. Miyako suddenly snapped back to reality when her daughter giggled.

"Right! It's time to get dinner ready, we wouldn't want your goal-scoring Daddy to come home to no dinner, now would we?"