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For once, the entire Tracy family was together, on Tracy Island. It was only for that day, then Alan would go to do his turn of duty. Right now, Thunderbird Five had been left on automatic. Any emergency call would be patched straight through to Jeff's small photo album, which he carried with him at all times.

They were in the lounge, looking onto the balcony. The French windows had been opened wide to allow light to stream inside. John stood there awkwardly beside Scott, perspiring a little in his shirt. After a lot of heated discussion, he'd persuaded Grandma not to make him wear a suit and tie, arguing that he'd be stressed enough as it was without over-heating. Finally, after a grumpy exclamation that he'd probably pass out from the heat and dehydration, Grandma had relented, and allowed him to wear smart trousers and a pale blue shirt instead.

Virgil sat at the piano, and Gordon and Alan stood beside their father. Grandma was already sniffling happily into a lace handkerchief, as was- rather disconcertingly- Parker. He and Penelope had flown over the day before. Kyrano looked like he was itching to straighten the slightly wilted flowers in the nearest vase. Brains and Catrìona stood, side by side, smiling at him encouragingly. Behind them were a number of Spanish men, women and children.

The minister looked particularly hot in his robes. He smiled at John's unspoken concern, then looked up expectantly as Virgil started playing. Maria appeared from inside, her white dress glowing in the sunlight against her dark skin. One arm clutched that of her father's. Lucille Tracy's garnets glinted on her ears, wrist and neck. Tin-Tin walked behind them, holding up the train of Maria's dress, looking just as pretty in her pale blue gown.

Maria's father gave her away to John and joined his wife. Tin-Tin went to stand beside Alan. Maria smiled at John nervously.

As the minister spoke the time honoured words of marriage, John reflected on what this would mean for both of them. Definitely, he and Alan would be a lot fairer when it came to their times on the space station. But John didn't care about that. Being with Maria was enough for him. He knew there would be times where she would worry; he would have to continue going to rescues. However, he wasn't prepared to sacrifice having her as his wife for the sake of her not worrying. She had made it clear when he proposed to her that it was her choice.

Besides, mused John, as they kissed to the sound of cheering from their families, it'd be nice to have someone else to fuss over him when he got injured on a rescue.


John had never been to a party like it. To tell the truth, he'd never been much of a party-goer, unlike his brothers. Gordon and Alan in particular had clearly been involved in the preparations, judging by the number of balloons littering the place. Virgil kept them amused with his many party tricks involving the piano, and Parker had surprised them all with his special version of the rumba. He didn't see, however, Alan take his father aside for a moment. If he had, he might have mused that someone else would soon be getting some of Lucille Tracy's jewellery.

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