Walking from Death

Just a small one-shot I planed long ago. Enjoy.

No pairings, no warnings, nothing. Just a drabble.


I was convinced you would never open your eyes again for me. I was convinced you were dead once and for all; that you would never walk by my side again.

When you did open your eyes, drowsy and slowly, I felt like all agony and despair I had felt during those two long weeks leave me in a heartbeat. I was so happy; I wanted to run up and hug the life out of you but I knew you would not appreciate it. Not until you were aware of everything. You hate being weak and vulnerable.

You looked so small in the hospital bed, your skin pale and you curled up underneath the sheets with tired eyes. I was careful when I lay down behind you but you still grimaced of pain. I never wanted to hurt you, and seeing you like that made my heart break. But you accepted my arms around your frame, and my face against your neck. You accepted my embrace, even leaned into it and it made me so happy. I snuggled down into the bed, drawing you closer and you did not protest. You let me hold you as long as I wanted, as long as I needed. Your steady heartbeat against my chest was comforting, your exhales of breaths sweet music. I will never again say anything bad about you, never again.

It did not take you long to get back up on your feet. You are strong and brave, so brave, and you never give up. Once you have decided, you will do it. I never doubted your decisions in the past, never doubted in your strength, and I am not about to start now. I watched you get up from the bed, curse the whole way with a stubborn cigarette dangling from your lip. I have no idea who smuggled them in for you, but looking at Natsumi-chan's guilty expression I guess it was her. Just as long as you have the window open I will not complain.

When we left the hospital, you were dressed in your normal clothes again, hands in your pockets and your beloved glasses on your nose. I looked at your back, your strong back that I have seen far more times than I want to admit when fighting, and my heart swelled of happiness. You had been only inches from death but I knew you will always be able to do it.

You will always be able to walk away from death, Ban-chan.


Drabble I've written down that I was going to write. Only got inspiration a few months later though. Hope you liked it.

Until another time,