The Awakening

Chapter 1: The Awakening

It was a another normal day in the soul society. The skies were blue, the grass was green, everything was calm. Finally, there was peace and quiet in the soul society, and there on a hill right above the training grounds lay Kurosaki Ichigo, the captain of the 15th Court Guard Squad, a squad formed for personnel with amazing and outstanding power. It had been 200 years since Aizen was defeated and Orihime had been brought back from Las Noches, everyone Ichigo knew passed on to the Soul Society. Ichigo had everything, a great reputation, authority, and power. But, he was bored out of his mind, NOTHING had happened since Aizen was defeated beside some minor hollow attacks, and Ichigo was constantly thinking of ways to amuse himself.

"Oi, Ichigo!"Called Keigo, who was now the Lieutenant of the 15th division.

Keigo, besides his goofiness and perverseness, was a very powerful and strong lieutenant. He was excellent in his studies at the soul reaper academy and had already achieved bankai, and was made into a I.C.R.U, an instant caption replacement unit, and was the only one in Soul Society.

"That's Captain Ichigo to you" replied Ichigo with his usual care free voice.

"Oh come on, are you trying to copy Toshirou?" asked Keigo, humor rising in his voice.

"Hell no, why would I try to copy that kid?"

"So I'm a kid now am I?" asked Toshirou, who just appeared on the scene.

"Yes you are." answered Ichigo and Keigo in unison.

"And a very cute one too!" Matsumoto added, who was standing beside Hitsugaya.

Hitsugaya exploded, he smashed Keigo's face into the ground and told Matsumoto she was gonna have tons of work to do tonight.

"Hey! Why am I the only one that gets punched?" cried Keigo, covering his bleeding nose.

"Cause your an idiot" Hitsugaya answered, "anyways Ichigo get up, the Caption Commander is calling you for training, and he sounds pretty angry that your late."

"Why do you all insist on calling him Caption Commander?" asked Ichigo, " I'll stick to calling him Byakuya."

"We call him so because we have a little thing called dignity…unlike you," muttered Hitsugaya, "and either way lets head to the traning grounds, like I said before your late."

Ichigo still tired lazily raised his hand and looked at his watch.

"Geez, it's only been like 5 minutes, whatever let's go." groaned Ichigo.

Ichigo, Keigo, Toshirou, and Matsumoto flashed stepped to the training grounds, and surely enough there was an angry Byakuya, along with the usual spectators, Orihime, Rukia, Renji, Ishida, Sado,Tatsuki, and Kon. Orihime, Ishida, Sado , Tatsuki, and even Kon were all shinigami's now, and the only one that refused at first was Ishida but he eventually came through, although refusing to call himself a Shinigami and kept his title as Quincy.

"You sure know how to make people wait Kurosaki." Ishida said.

Ishida became the captain of another new squad , the 14th division, Tatsuki was the lieutenant of the squad and Chad held the 3rd seat. This squad consisted of shinigami's with unique powers unusual to most shingami.

"Ya and you sure know how to be annoying." snapped Ichigo.

"Geez, Ichigo your so dark, why don't you lighten up a bit?" Tatsuki questioned, purposely annoying Ichigo.

"Ya, mind your manners Ichigo." Rukia added.

"Screw you"

"See what I mean." Rukia implied.

"Sure do." Agreed Renji.

"Um g-guys maybe we shouldn't make Byakuya-taicho wait any longer." stuttered Orihime.

Orihime is now the captian of the 4th Court Guard Squad, replacing Unohana who had fallen in the Winter war, she has mastered her abilities and became a full fledged Shinigami.

"That's right Ichigo! Listen to the Goddess!" Declared Kon, obviously trying to please Orihime.

"Nah, we can make him wait, don't worry about it Inoue." replied Ichigo, completely ignoring Kon.

"Ichigo Kurosaki, I request you stop chatting with your friends and start sparring with me." Byakuya said.

Byakuya was now the mighty Captian Commander of the 13 Court Guard Squads, and was amazingly more powerful then any of the captains, having be able to defeat hordes of Vasto Lorde left to his own devices.

"Ya, stop stalling Ichigo." Renji added, siding with his former captain.

Renji is now the captain of the 11th squad, replacing Kenpachi who died in battle against a mighty Vasto Lorde, and has mastered his bankai. Whilst Rukia became the lieutenant of the 13th Squad, mastering her shikai and having developed a bankai.

"Whatever." sighed Ichigo, obviously not excited about the idea of battling Byakuya, "Lets get started."

After the audience moved out of the way, Ichigo and Byakuya got ready to fight.

"Now remember what the Captain Commander told you." reminded Byakuya.

"I know, I shouldn't overexert myself while I have my awakened hollow mask on." Ichigo replied, remembering the words of the former Caption Commander.


"Ah, Ichigo sit down I've been expecting you."said the Captain Commander, Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto

"O, Thanks." Ichigo said, "so what did you want to talk about?"

"It's about the new power you obtained."

"Oh, you mean that half hollow mask, I used to beat Aizen?"

"Yes, the very same one."

"What about it?" Asked Ichigo.

"It...It is extremely dangerous, not only for you both also for the people around you." answered the Captain Commander.

"W-what how?" panicked Ichigo, afraid he might hurt his friends.

The captain commander sighed.

"It's called an awakened mask."

"An awakened mask?"

"Yes, and very few have it both for those who do have it become creatures so powerful that killing hordes of people with power such as Aizen's would be like squatting mosquitoes, but they adapt the nature of a regular hollow, they become ruthless." The Captain Commander explained.

"Wait, then why aren't I like that." Ichigo questioned, becoming quite interested in the topic.

"It because you only have a half mask, so you don't obtain the evil but you do obtain half the power, but beware because if you release mass amounts of reatisu while that mask is in effect you can become a awakened hollow." warned the Captain Commander.

"So as long as I control my reatisu, I won't become a awakened hollow?" Ichigo asked.


"Well that wont be that hard and if it will me from hurting my friends I'll do it!" Ichigo exclaimed.

End of Flashback

"Well enough with the small talk get started already, but im not trying to force you Onii-sama" Rukia said.

"She's still like that" Ichigo thought.

But soon his train of thought ended when Byakuya trusted at him. "On guard Kurosaki Ichigo." he warned. Ichigo took this waring, and released his Shikai which he learned to seal, and shot Gentuga Tenshou at Byakuya. This was child's play for Byakuya as he raised his hand and wiped it aside.

"Please, Kurosaki, we're not here to play, were here to fight, now come at me as if you were going to kill me, as I will do the same." Byakuya stated.

Ichigo grinned as he got ready to release his Bankai, " Well if it's a fight you want it's a fight you'll get!"

Black reatisu covered the area as Ichigo summoned his Bankai, he immediately dashed towards Byakuya, and released Genstuga Tenshou as soon as he found an opening. He flashed stepped back, grinning because he was positive he had hit Byakuya.

"That'll teach him." Ichigo smirked, but that smirk was quickly wiped away when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"What is it that is so interesting that you are staring at down there?" Byakuya questioned, the sarcasm obvious, "I suggest you stop wasting time and and concentrate on battle."

Ichigo hastily flashed stepped away, aware that Byakuya was not the one to kid around with, he had to take this seriously or he was in trouble.

"Scatter, Senbonzakura." Byakuya summoned, thousands of petals taking place on the scene.

"Hmph, well if guess I cant hold back either." Ichigo confessed, summoning his hollow mask.

"That is correct, Kurosaki."

They both clashed at each other, Ichigo stealthily escaped his attacks and waited for an opening before striking, but Byakuya was quick and made his attempts futile.

"Remember my words Kurosaki, come at me as if you are to kill me, as I will do the same," Byakuya warned materializing his blade then dropping it, "Bankai."

The petals filled the training grounds as they scattered, orbiting Byakuya. Ichigo had to take a step further in his powers now, he had to use his awakened mask.

Summoning it, a huge wave of reatisu exploded around the area, temporarily disturbing Byakuya's Bankai. When the smoke cleared Ichigo was standing calmly his awakened mask present.

Byakuya took a good look at Ichigo, he seemed to seeing doubles, that were breaking off Ichigo every few moments and moving erratically. But Bykuya knew the reason for this. When such reatisu is relased such as when Ichigo uses his awakened mask, the dramatic change in reatisu causes spiritual pressure to wave irrationally creating the illusion Byakuya was witnessing.

But Byakuya's thought got the better of him, and before he knew it Ichigo was behind him, blade ready.

"Black Moon Judgment." Ichigo commanded.

A incredible explosion occurred, Byakuya escaped but with holding a cut on his arm. He knew this power, it was Ichigo's most powerful technique to date. It took all of Ichigo's reatisu and used it to surround his enemy in his reatisu, making a shape looking like the moon, whatever was inside was engulfed and broke down into pure reatisu, then released causing a wave of reatisu to erupt. This reatisu also disturbed other reatisu and caused Byakuya to again temporarily lose control of his Bankai.

The only one who was never affected by this was, of course, Ichigo himself. He absorbed whatever reatisu was released his way to restore the reatisu he lost. Byakuya had to admit he had never seen something so powerful. He could not imagine Ichigo losing against Aizen, because when he used this power his blade was already cut through Aizen's chest.

But this was not the time to be recalling the past, Ichigo had taken things seriously and if Byakuya wasn't on guard it would be the end of him.

Ichigo thrusted at him again, Byakuya dodged and saw Ichigo raise his sword pointing it at him.

"Black Moon Wrath."

Byakuya clenched his fist as hundreds of sharp bits of reatisu gathered around him, he waited for the right moment, and avoided their grasp. As soon as he got away, he looked back to see the bits of reatisu gather and explode. Another one of Ichigo's more powerful techniques, this one causing an enemy to be surrounded by little blades of reatisu and then pierced by them, and if that didn't kill them, the explosion would.

Ichigo came at him again, Byakuya summoned a blade and used to block Ichigo's attack. Ichigo's blade cut through but didn't slash through all of it, the two stood there staring at each other, waiting for an opening.

"Guess I should push you a little further." Byakuya decided.

"1st seal…release."

"Dam it!" Ichigo cursed, as he flashed stepped far away to avoid Byakuya's attacks.

Soon after he defeated Aizen he discovered that Byakuya had sealed his powers because they were amazingly powerful, he had placed 7 seals on himself, and even after releasing one he gained an unbelievable amount of strength.

Ichigo was sure he could sense Byakuya's reatisu still at the place where they crossed blades earlier but was wrong. He appeared behind him and stabbed him. Ichigo cussed, and retaliated realizing Byakuya was only going to push him more and more.

"He should stop." Hitsugaya said, concerned Ichigo might not be able to control himself, "he should stop now."

But they didn't they continued to battle and Ichigo continued to become injured. He was letting out blasts of reatisu to try and keep up but was overexerting himself, and soon it was too much. An explosion occurred and covered the area Byakuya and Ichigo were sparring. Byakuya escaped but after what he saw he was better off dead.

Ichigo's awakened mask was complete.