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Chapter 7 : The Spirit King

Ichigo stood frozen, "Gin….is the Spirit king?"

"Very much true, I can assure you." Rathos assured.

Ichigo couldn't say anything, it was impossible, Gin tried to destroy Soul society, the very thing he ruled! It couldn't be possible that he was the Spirit king! There was just no way!

"That's impossible!" Ichigo cried, "He tried to destroy the Soul Society! And his goal was to kill the Spirit king! He was making the key to invade his own dimension? That makes no sense!"

"As I told you before he can roam free of his will," Rathos began, "And his goal was quite opposite than what you believe, he wished to make the Draco key, the key to my dimension, not the Spirit key."

Ichigo stood back still astonished, absorbing the information, "But then, what was Aizen really after, I mean what would he gain by killing you?"

"As if I know what goals a deranged mortal has in mind, "Rathos stated, "As for Gin, he wanted this…"

A small pillar rose up in front of the Duke, a necklace type figure on top of it, attached to a silver skull.

"This is the Neruz' kala, the skull of the Grim Reaper. I'd slain him and taken his skull, proving nothing can avoid death."Rathos informed, "Gin has a similar idol, an orb of light from when he used his powers to in plant the very essence of life into the womb of a woman, proving anything can be born."

"Why is Gin after it?" Ichigo questioned.

"It's a game of gods; I did not expect you to understand." Rathos said, "Anyhow enough of this, I shall appoint you to your barracks, and you shall begin your training, to get the emotion of recklessness divided from you."

"That's it?" Ichigo asked.

"It is all, I have told you before, you are no different from ones before, anyhow one of my children will be the one who shall train you, and my son here is your barracks head…." Rathos told, "You may come now."

Ichigo looked over to the left wall to see a door open, his eyes had adjusted so it wasn't hard to see who was coming, but when he did, he couldn't believe his eyes.

"Ulquiorra!" Ichigo gasped, astonished.

"It has been a while hasn't it, Shinigami," Ulquiorra paused for a moment, "Now that I think of it, that title is no longer proper is it."

"B-but, you were killed…" Ichigo faded off, out of all the things that have been happening, he shouldn't be surprised.

"I was a spy sent by my father to analyze Aizen," Ulquiorra explained, "my death was basically my escape route."

Ichigo grunted, once again turning to Rathos who began speaking, "Ulquiorra shall be your commander, think of your duty and relation to him as a captain would have to a captain commander. I have also assigned to you a trainer, my first born child and the one who escorted you here."

The women walked in front of the others who were beside her, Ichigo remembered her she was the one he met before coming here. He thought about what Rathos said, she was powerful he knew that, but could she really be his daughter? Her skin was snow white as her father's was dark brown, her body was slim but robust. Her dark hair rounded around her skull, and she was wearing a suit similar to the arrancar except it was black instead of white.

"I am Lilian Nerala Islia, and I shall be the one to train you." She introduced.

Before Ichigo could reply something called to him.

"Oiii! Ichigo-san! Its me!" The blonde said, a smile plastered on his face.

"That is Luther Nevanthos, a childhood friend of mine, and one also helping in your coming here." Rathos declared.

"I see…." Ichigo replied.

"Do not judge him by his attitude; besides I Luther is the most powerful individual I have to offer," Rathos told, "He is my right hand general."

Ichigo looked back at the blonde man, his hair was stroked man and was shaved on the sides, and he had a very light goatee, wearing the same suit as Lilian.

"Anyhow! Enough is told to you today, recover and we shall begin your training tomorrow," Rathos commanded, "As well, for now I am granting you the position of a captain, allowing you to have your fun as you wish for now."

Ichigo smiled as he looked back to the several women in the room, as he wished right?

Maybe this awakened hollow thing isn't as bad as it seems.

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