Running away from the airport terminal, Isis cursed the humans that were chasing her and her husband. Though, she supposed those roles were reversed now. This was her first time in a human male's body. Her husband, Osiris, was now in the body of a female. Really, there were too many indignities being forced on him. Ever since waking up from his thousands of years sleep, the world had been far too different from the one he remembered. No one worshiped the goa'uld in this time, it seemed that few even remembered. It would have been easier though, if the people chasing after them had forgotten them as well, as they were hunting them relentlessly.

His mate had been woken from her forced sleep by an archeologist by the name of Sarah. Osiris had wasted no time in taking the foolish woman as host, before finding Isis's own jar and finding a suitable host for her mate. The archeologist's coworker Steven had proved to be a suitable host. The two of them had spent a while trying to find out what had happened to their brethren, and to the Stargate. Their efforts had been frustratingly fruitless, but they had had their hopes raised when they were visited by an archeologist known to both of their hosts. Dr. Daniel Jackson had come for the funeral of their hosts' mentor Dr. Jordan (his tragic accident had been a necessity), and he was the first human who seemed to have any knowledge of the goa'uld. He was infuriatingly tight lipped though, about anything that may have helped them.

It was when the man discovered the third stasis jar that they had decided that it would be prudent to move on. With luck, Osiris still had a small ship waiting for her near her old temple. Unfortunately, they had been followed, and were now going to miss their connecting flight from London to Egypt. They had reached the parking garage now. Isis's host had had a colorful youth, which was fortunate for Isis, as the man knew how to hotwire a car. Looking over his shoulder, the three-person team chasing them was just in sight, coming into the garage. That was when he was hit by the zat'ni'katel blast. It only grazed him, but he was slowed now. Knowing that he would be caught otherwise, he did the only thing he could. There was a boy in front of him, young and light. He grabbed the young, black haired boy and pressed his mouth to the boy's. He heard shouting for a moment, and then nothing at all for a few seconds. He was in the boy now, and he asserted control as quickly as he could. A second later, he grabbed the keys from the large man next to the boy, and started running again after his mate.


Young Harry Potter knew that this wasn't going to be a nice day. Granted, he very rarely had nice days, but he was usually able to find some happiness for himself. Today though, the nine year old was accompanying his large Uncle to the airport to pick up his large Aunt Marge. Really, she wasn't his Aunt, as she was his Aunt's husband's sister, but they made him call her Aunt anyway. He really didn't care what he had to call her; he just wished that she wouldn't come to visit so often. She really was a nasty woman, worse than his relatives even, and she always brought one of her mean dogs with her.

Unfortunately for Harry, who was orphaned and lived with his Aunt and Uncle, his relatives really didn't like him. He knew that the only reason that he had been made to go with his Uncle was that they wanted someone to help carry all of his Aunt's luggage. The car ride over had been quiet, interspersed with warnings from his Uncle to be on his best behavior. Harry knew that if he stepped one toe out of line that he would be locked in his cupboard for a few days without any food, if he was lucky. He still had bruises from the time his teacher's hair had turned blue. Harry still didn't know why they had blamed him for that, though it wasn't as though they had ever really needed a reason to blame him for something.

They were in the large airport garage now, walking to the baggage claim. That's when he noticed the couple running towards them. An electric blue light shot out from the other side of the garage, and some of it seemed to pass over the man. The man stumbled and then grabbed a startled Harry. And then, the man's mouth was on his. Harry tried to push away, to scream, but then he was choking on something, and there was a sharp pain in the back of his throat. A second later Harry felt himself losing control of his body. He heard a voice, 'Mine! This body is mine now.'

Harry fought against the voice, he tried to take back his body, but it was too late. The thing that had entered his mind had taken complete control of his body, and there was nothing that Harry could do. He could still see and feel everything around him; he knew that he was running, following the woman that the man had been with. He could hear his Uncle yelling for him to come back. He could feel the entity inside him fishing through his mind, and if he could have, he would have screamed; that was a very uncomfortable feeling. Suddenly, he was remembering where his Uncle had parked the car, and his body was calling out to the woman ahead of him where to go.

They reached his Uncle's car, and Harry tossed the keys in his hand to the woman, who got into the driver's seat, and then got in next to her. The car sped out of the garage, away from whoever had been chasing the couple. For a while, neither of the pair said anything, both having exerted themselves. Inside though, Harry wasn't quiet, and he raged against the entity inside his head.

'Get out of me! What are you? Who are you? What are you doing with me? You can't do this, this is my body!'

The entity inside of him seemed to laugh at him.

'I am your god, Isis. Your body is mine now; you will make a fine host. You need not know more.'

Harry continued to shout mentally at the entity, Isis, inside of him, but he got the distinct impression that the entity wasn't hearing what he said.

The woman, the name Osiris came to his mind, looked over at him and laughed in an unnaturally deep voice.

"I know that you wanted a younger host, but don't you think that this one is a little too young?"

Isis answered in an equally disturbing voice. "Any port in a storm, as these people now say. He will do nicely though. For the time at least, we do not know what is happening in the Galaxy, perhaps a child will help us to be somewhat less obtrusive until we know how things stand."

Osiris laughed, "Your host is too young to have any idea of what is in store for him."

"Perhaps I should educate him," Isis said with a smirk.

Osiris scoffed. "Let him alone, so that he might fade away into nothing. No good ever came from interacting with a host."

While they spoke, Harry continued to fight against Isis. As he fought, he felt something rising up in him, a part of him that was still his. He recognized it, it was what he had felt when his teacher's hair had turned blue, when his cousin's ugly jumper had shrunk instead of going over his head, and on so many other instances when something weird had happened. He felt it now, trying to rise up against the thing in his mind, trying to reject it, to force it out. But Isis would not go quietly, and suddenly, Harry's world went white as his very being was replaced with nothing but pain.

Harry was no stranger to pain, his Uncle had seen to that, but there was nothing that could have ever prepared him to feel anything like this. It was everywhere, and it was nowhere, and Harry wished that he could die, rather than go on suffering it.

Suddenly though, it was over, and Harry's consciousness slipped down, and for a time, he knew no more.


"What happened?" asked Osiris.

"Something in my host tried to push me out. I have never felt anything like it before." His mate, his wife, looked over at him, surprise in her eyes. "Do not worry, my Lady, I do not think that he will be trying to do so again," he said with a smirk that looked unnatural on the small boy's face.

Osiris shook her head. "That is why you should not interact with your host. The sooner he fades, the better."

He nodded in acquiescence.


When Harry woke up, it was hot; really, really hot. He was in a different car now, and in different clothes. He was still sitting next to Osiris. They were in a desert, completely surrounded by sand. The car was approaching another, parked outside a sunken doorway in the ground. They stopped well short of it.

Osiris turned to him. "You go in first. They likely never got a look at you in the garage. Pretend to be lost, get your face dirty first. Do your best to ensure that they are not facing the door. When I give you a signal, disarm one of them."

Isis got out of the jeep, and dropped to the ground, rolling around for a couple of seconds before standing up again, still rubbing sand into his hair. Suddenly, Harry started to feel very sad and frustrated, and he could feel tears in his eyes, and mucus in his nose. Isis ran to the entrance of the tomb crying. He saw the three that had been chasing him in London, Daniel Jackson and two women. When he got inside, he collapsed to his knees before falling over, still sobbing. Immediately, he was surrounded by three concerned faces. He threw himself into the nearest woman, wrapping his arms around her, sobbing harder for affect. He did his best to keep his face from view, incase they already knew what he looked like. Harry tried as hard as he could to shout to them. 'It's a trap. He's not me!' But his efforts amounted to nothing.

"Well, well. Look who got here before us."

As soon as he heard his wife's voice, Isis leapt up, into the chin of the brown haired woman holding him, his host's body strengthened by his presence. He grabbed the stunned woman's Zat'ni'katel and shot the blond woman, before stepping back and shooting the woman he had grabbed. He looked over to Osiris. She had already rendered Daniel Jackson unconscious without a weapon. He smirked at her, while inside Harry despaired.

Osiris walked across the room and pulled a golden amulet out from a pocket. She fit it into a groove in the wall, prompting a lit compartment to open, from which she pulled two hand devices. She tossed one of them to him. He slipped it onto his right hand, and the device fit itself to his host's small hand, sensing that Isis was in him. Osiris walked back to Daniel, and lifted him with one hand, before slapping him with the other. The man came to, taking a second to become of his surroundings.

"Tell me, human, what do you know of the Stargate and the Goa'uld."

The man ignored her question. "Sarah, listen to me. I know you're still in there, I know you can hear me. You have to fight her, I know you can."

Osiris slammed the man into the wall next to her. "Your Sarah is gone. She cannot help you now. You will tell me what I want to know, or I will kill one of your compatriots. Where is the Stargate?"

"Yeah, I'm really not going to tell you that."

Isis pointed his Zat'ni'katel at the blond. "I trust you know what a second blast will do."

"Fine, you want to know about the Goa'uld?" Daniel shouted. "Our ancestors forced them off of this planet thousands of years ago. They've become less than a memory to our world. We no longer worship false gods; you'll find no welcome here. We go through the Stargate, and we kill your kind. Already, we've killed Ra, Seth, Hathor, and Sokar. The reign of the system lords is coming to an end."

Osiris snarled at him. "You've done me a favor then. But I would rather you tell me where the Stargate is."

Somehow, Harry knew what the woman was going to do before she did it, and he tried to cry out to her to stop. She raised her hand to the man's head, and the device she had put on started to glow with a bright light. The man stared up at her in silent agony. "Where is it?"

The doctor raised up one of his hands, and Isis realized too late that he held something in it. The man shoved his fist into Osiris' side, and left behind a brightly colored tranquilizer dart. Osiris stopped her onslaught and stumbled back. Isis raised his Zat'ni'katel and shot at him, but the disoriented man managed to evade the blast grabbing Sam's tranquilizer gun as he did. He fired a poorly aimed shot at Isis before stumbling back down to the ground. Isis didn't waste any more time on him, and instead joined his wife on the hidden ring transport before it whisked them both away to their waiting ship. It would be a while before Daniel ever saw Harry Potter again.

A/N I am going to refer to Isis as he, and Osiris as she. Goa'uld tend to take on the sex of their host. Also, move the Harry Potter universe forward eleven years, to match the SG-1 universe.