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*Part 4- Start*

His heart pounded wildly in his chest, his muscles twitched with anticipation; soul burning with hatred. The doors swung open, spilling light out into the hallway inch by inch; leading him into the final fight.

He was ready.

The doors ground open slowly, leading into the brightly lit room. Sasuke pushed against their weight until he could walk into the room unobstructed, shoulders tensed for anything that might come at him. Nothing came though. The sight of Orochimaru sitting casually open his stolen throne was all that greeted him, something that he had not expected. The advisor sneered down at the raven, chewing noisily on a handful of grapes. Beside him stood Naruto, the jinn holding the bowl of fruit that Orochimaru was eating from.

"You're late... Sasuke...," the man said. His voice echoed across the empty space of the dining room, making Sasuke scowl further. Oh how he wanted to hurt this person.

Because the raven would not say anything to his first jibe, Orochimaru continued, biting hard on his grapes. "I've waited so long that I've missed my dinner... and now I suffer with hunger," the advisor bemoaned. "So, tell me Sasuke, what's become of your travels?"

The Uchiha came to a stop in the middle of the room, cautiously glancing around himself. He would not underestimate Orochimaru. Hearing the advisor's question, Sasuke turned his attention once more to the older man. "...return him to me, Orochimaru," was his only reply as he unsheathed his sword.

Orochimaru raised an eyebrow, lips curling in amusement at the teen's actions. "Return him, you say?," he said snidely. "You're not one for idle chatter, I presume. And I was so looking forward to your tales... But what is to be expected of a weepy, forsaken street rat. Barging in, sword drawn..."

Sasuke raised his blade, pointing it directly at the advisor. His lips twisted with rage, trying to keep himself calm enough so that he wouldn't foolishly leap at the other dark-haired man, proving all his shallow taunts. Still, this movement brought a laugh out of Orochimaru.

"What a foolish display!," chortled the man. "Are you going to fight me for the genie? Perhaps you should ask for the jinn's permission before you let your impudence control your actions." At these words, Orochimaru turned to Naruto. He reached up, letting one finger caress the jinn's cheek tenderly. Naruto did nothing at this motion, and Sasuke could feel hatred bubble hot and thick in his gut at the sight.

Still, Orochimaru's attention was on the genie and no one else. "So tell me genie...," he cooed at the blonde. "Would you like to be rescued?"

Naruto bowed his head to the advisor, his blue eyes as grey as the rock of Konoha's walls. "Such things are pointless as I live only to serve you, my Lord," the jinn answered monotonously. Orochimaru glanced over in Sasuke's direction, the sneer back on his face.

"Wonderful answer...," he purred, relaxing back into his seat. He stared at Sasuke wholly this time. "Now, genie, I wish for you... to kill him."

Life sparked in Naruto at this command. He gasped, turning around and facing Orochimaru. "B-but Master, i-!"

The advisor scowled at the objection, cutting into the blonde with a lethal glare. "I gave you an order jinn. Do you dare disobey?"

Naruto lowered his head meekly at the reprimand. "... n-no, master...," he mumbled.

"Good." Orochimaru was smiling once again. "Kill the Uchiha."

When Naruto raised his head, Sasuke could see that his eyes had become dark like before and his muscles went rigid in anticipation. The jinn dropped the fruit bowl in his hands, walking over the porcelain shards and down the dais steps to the raven below. As he approached, the air around the blonde began to shimmer; red smoke streaming between his legs and arms. The Uchiha could feel a choking aura grip him, making his knees weak and his hands clammy. The sensation became all the worse as he noticed Naruto's nails begin to lengthen into claws; the whisker-like scars on his cheeks deepening into thick lines, staring at the raven with blood-thirsty red eyes.

This was a side of the jinn that he had never seen before. And when the blonde spoke, it was with a gruff, unearthly "As you command."

Before Sasuke even had time to contemplate the words, Naruto was leaping for him, claws outstretched. The raven fell back on instincts, dodging the lethal attack fairly unscathed, quickly turning back front for the rebuttal. The two teenagers' eyes connected for that moment, and Sasuke could only stare in surprise. Above the crimson orbs, two blonde brows were furrowed in pain. This was hurting Naruto...?

The blonde jumped for the raven again, causing the Uchiha to doubt his theory. But even if the jinn was intent on hurting him, Sasuke was unfortunate to say that he was loathe to do the same. He gripped his sword tight by his side, making sure the blade was well out of the way, once again dodging the genie's attack. When Naruto dove for him a second time, Sasuke jumped into the air, using the blonde's momentum against him and shoving him to the floor as he leaped over his shoulders. As to be expected, the jinn managed to correct himself, avoiding a crash into the floor. With quick thinking, he flattened his palms out in front of him, flipping around front just as Sasuke landed on his own feet. Barely pausing to catch his breath, Naruto was rushing at the Uchiha again. He jumped the last of the distance between them, clawing viciously at the air where the raven's head was at.

Sasuke ducked beneath the blow, feeling the air ruffle at his spikes, cutting away a few of the black strands. That had been too close... But his third dodge proved less reliable than its predecessors, for the raven was trapped, squatting on the floor with a powerful genie looming over him still. Naruto was smart and used their positions to his advantage, bringing his fists down on the Uchiha. Sasuke did the only thing he could: he raised his sword in defense, using it to take the brunt of the blow. The sharp blade was not enough to deter Naruto.

The blonde applied pressure on the flat of the blade, forcing Sasuke closer to the ground. Both males grit their teeth, pushing at the opposing forces to the point that their muscles began to tremble and the sword started to curve unnaturally. Sasuke took note of this and could not fight the scowl that formed on his lips.

"What are you doing, Naruto?," he hissed. "I though you said that killing was against the rules."

Naruto flinched, glancing up at the Uchiha's face only to be met with red eyes. This moment of distraction was enough to let Sasuke counter. He threw all his weight behind his blade, cutting up toward the petrified jinn. The blonde jumped away from the assault, landing again a few paces away. He held his hands out, fingers splayed away from the deep gashes cut into his palms as he hissed at the pain. It meant nothing to Sasuke. The raven stood to his feet, wiping the genie's blood from his blade onto his sleeve.

"Are you really disobeying jinn law for him?," he asked coldly. Naruto glanced away from his hands, turning his face up to Sasuke. "Or did you lie that time before?"

Naruto did not need the Uchiha to clarify. He remembered the last night they spent together. The rules of the lamp; his confession; Sasuke's acceptance... Those memories would forever remain in his mind. No matter how much he wished to erase them. Confronted, the blonde felt suddenly confused. He couldn't for the life of him recall why he was doing this, or why he still stood by Orochimaru's side. He looked at the raven imploringly, feeling guilt build in his stomach.

"Sasuke... I..."

"Genie." Orochimaru's voice echoed across the dining room, cutting off the jinn's words. Sasuke scowled, turning his eyes to the advisor. He didn't want the man to be speaking; didn't care for the words that would come out of his mouth. He had almost reclaimed Naruto's attention, when suddenly this bastard had to intervene.

Sasuke's only consolation at this moment was that Orochimaru did not look pleased. In fact, he was downright pissed. He glared at both teenagers from afar, left hand clenched tightly around Naruto's lamp. His fingers tapped against the bronze surface impatiently.

"I gave you an order, jinn. If this is your idea of a show, I am not amused," the advisor growled. "Finish the rat off now!"

There was the unnatural calmness coming over Naruto again. He avoided looking at Sasuke, bowing his head in resignation. With a dejected, "Yes, master..." he walked toward the tense raven. He balled his hands into two tight fists, and when he was close again, he charged.

No more games. Sasuke brought his sword up, using it to deflect the genie's blows. He was tired of simple avoiding the other's attacks... it proved to be doing nothing, because the blonde was adamant to continue down this path. A stray fist flew for his face and the Uchiha quickly shielded himself with his arm, just turning the blow aside.

"You're still doing as he asks?," he bit out, "Though it goes against your rules?"

Sasuke pushed away Naruto's fists, knocking the blonde off balance. The jinn regained his composure quickly, lashing out for the Uchiha. His arm slipped past the raven's guard, grabbing Sasuke's arm and clamping down tightly. In his other palm wind was beginning to gather, whirring together into a compressed ball, shrieking as it continued to grow. Sasuke's eyes widened in alarm. He tried to tug free of the genie's hold, but Naruto was like stone. He did not budge.

"You don't understand...," the blonde whispered. His words were almost lost over the howling of the sphere of air in his hand. "You couldn't possibly understand. Even if it goes against my code, I have to attempt to obey. Because... Because my whole life is defined by the lamp and the chains that follow it."

Naruto thrust the arm with the ball further behind him, preparing for his final strike. "I do only as the one who holds the lamp commands."

That was it! That was the secret. "I see how it is..."

Quickly, Sasuke grabbed Naruto's wrist -the one clenching his arm- just as the jinn's other fist headed for his chest. He twisted his foot around the blonde's leg, tripping him and using the motion to twirl around the other. His action pushed Naruto to the floor, the dangerous ball of air striking the wall and floor instead of its intended target.

"Shit!," Naruto cursed, smoke exploding from the stone as his attack met with it. The room rocked with the force of the jinn's mysterious blow, thick dust settling throughout the room. Hacking, Naruto tried to navigate out of the haze. He had lost his grip on Sasuke during his fall and he looked around himself cautiously now; wondering where the Uchiha had disappeared to. In this smoke, he was open to any attack.

As if answer to his own thoughts, the smoke flew apart behind him; an arm shooting forward and wrapping itself around his neck. The jinn didn't even have time to react, before he was trapped within Sasuke's grasp. He wriggled as much as he could in the raven's hold, fingers digging into the other's forearm.

"S-Sasuke!," Naruto choked, the Uchiha's grip tightening to the point that he was starting to strangle the genie. The blonde struggled more to free himself from the raven. But nothing he could do would shake Sasuke off.

The thief pressed himself closer to the blonde, keeping himself focused despite the warm body against him. He had a mission to complete, after all. "If whoever possesses the lamp controls your actions...," he said softly into the genie's ear, "Then it's apparent that I need to steal back the lamp. Now all I need..."

Sasuke trailed off for a moment, not that Naruto noticed. His body temperature had started to skyrocket, his cheeks heating up. He was pressed so close to the Uchiha that he could easily detail the contours in the raven's body; and the feel of Sasuke's hot breath on his ear was bringing a haze to his mind. It was terrible he knew, but Naruto wanted nothing more than to crumble to his knees. He did not want to fight... His vambraces pained him greatly; punishing him for following on an order that was evil, yet also hurting him because he dared to entertain the thought of disobeying his master. It was unfair, and the jinn was trapped between both tortures with no escape left.

When Sasuke had spoken though, and mentioned stealing the lamp... it made hope bloom in the blonde's chest. Could Sasuke really do such a thing? But no, he chastised himself, the Uchiha could not fight Orochimaru alone and expect to win. He did not know that-

"... is for you to stay out of my way," the raven finished his earlier sentence. Naruto gasped in shock at the sentence but could say no more. For at that moment, Sasuke lifted his sword, using the blunt of his hilt and slamming it into genie's skull. It made a deft crack sound, and soon after Naruto's eyes were rolling back in his head; body going limp in Sasuke's arms. The Uchiha caught the blonde before he could sink to the floor anymore, lifting him up into his arms.

The smoke was beginning to thin more now. Sasuke needed to hurry and put Naruto somewhere safe so he could face Orochimaru without any interference or worry that suddenly the blonde would attack him again. There was a crater in the ground, made from the jinn's destructive assault. In this wide open room, it was the only relatively safe place. Sasuke jumped into the hole, and gently laid Naruto out on the floor. He brushed back the blonde bangs silently, fingers tracing down the same cheek that Orochimaru had dared to touch. Anger flooded the Uchiha again, and he got to his feet, knowing he had to finish this battle quickly.

The fake-Sultan was waiting for him.

"Hmmm... a pity," Orochimaru sighed, rising to his feet. He slipped the lamp into the sash around his waist, never tearing his eyes away from the raven. "I'd been hoping that the jinn could be useful one last time. But apparently, I must do the dirty work and finish you off myself."

Sasuke fixed his grip on his sword, stalking toward the advisor. Orochimaru leered at his approach, arms held loosely at his sides. He raised a hand, cockily gesturing for the Uchiha to come closer.

"Well, then... Come and get me, Sasuke!"

The thief charged for the advisor. He ran fully at the man, sword drawn; ready for the moment when he would thrust the tip through the black heart of Orochimaru.

The advisor seemed unconcerned though. He stood before his throne still, arms crossed over his chest. With each step, his smile became more twisted and unnatural, watching as the raven got closer with a mad glee in his yellow eyes.

Sasuke never thought twice about this; his anger doubling, tripling. He would kill this man, not to save the village or because he was evil, only because the thief needed his own revenge. There were things he did not tolerate, and the advisor had done nearly all of them so far. He brought his sword forward, racing up the dais steps.

Skin tore as the blade sunk into flesh deeply, blood pouring from the fatal wound; splattering on his cheek.

And in his own chest, Sasuke felt his heart stop beating.


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