AcceleRacers: Race Against Time

Dang it! I'm on a roll! I got so many ideas pouring into my brain and this was one of the best! Sorry if I don't have my humor in there. I have comedian's block TT.

Summary: Shirako and everyone else find out that they are animated and they enter the real world. What happens when 2, 13 year old kids see them. The thing is, They forget to close the portal and The Silencerz enter reality too! What will happen? Read it!

Disclaimer: I own nothing and I only use the people here for mine, and others, amusement and I get absolutely nothing from doing so. Now, read!

1. Just a dream huh?

It was 12 midnight and most of the guys were in the living room, drinking soda and alcohol and watching a movie called 'The Ring'.

"Hey, has anyone seen Shirako lately?" Nolo asked in between mouthfuls of crisps.

"I haven't talked to him for a while." Kurt said

"Well, atleast it's quiet without that stinku messing the peace with his music." Pork Chop said.

"Oh no, this is bad..." Nolo muttered. Wow, big deal...He's quiet...

"Yeah...Don't you think Kurt?" Karma asked and when he found out Kurt wasn't there, she started looking everywhere, "Kurt?" Kurt had already walked out of the room and was knocking on Shirako's door.

"Shirako, open up." Kurt said, banging his fist hard against the hard metal door.

"What do you want?" He replied, his tone different than usual.

"I just want to come in." Kurt said, resting his ear against the door so he could here him properly, his left hand resting on the handle bar.

"The door's open..." Shirako muttered. Kurt turned the door handle carefully and entered the room, closing the door behind him.

"So, what are you up to?" Kurt asked, sitting at the edge of the table Shirako was working on and looked at his paperwork.

"I found out that our world isn't real. It's fantasy. In real life, this isn't possible." Shirako explained, resting his pen on the table and faced Kurt.

"Shirako, this is reality. You're just caught up in your dream." Kurt said, holding Shirako's shoulders and shaking him forward and backwards harshly.

"It's not fantasy! Why do you think none of us remember anything from when we were younger! We don't have memories except for ones written down for us! It's not a dream!" Shirako exclaimed.

"All these theories are useless!" Kurt shouted, picking some of his papers up and tearing them in half, "They are just a waste of your time!" Kurt threw them onto the floor and stomp all over them. Shirako bent down and picked them up. It took Kurt a while to find out how much he hurt his friend.

"G-G-Get out..." Shirako muttered, pointing at the door.

"Look Shirako, I'm sorry..." Kurt muttered.

"GET OUT!" Shirako shouted, his eyes filled with tears and anger at the same time. Shirako got up and pushed Kurt out of the door.

"AND STAY OUT!!" Shirako shouted, slamming the door against his face.

"So, how'd it go?" Nolo asked, walking up to him and putting his arm around Kurt's soulders.

"Not so well..." Kurt answered, pushing Nolo's arm off and walked away.

"I see it didn't go so well." Monkey said.

"Yeah...Maybe something is wrong." Nolo muttered.

"Maybe I could talk to him." Taro said.

"I thought he was an emotionless rock." Nolo whispered to Monkey.

"You got me." Monkey whispered back.

"I'm standing right here..." Taro muttered.

"Eh he he he..." They giggled innocently with halos on their heads. Taro jut shrugged and walked to Shirako's room. He pushed the door open and peered around the room. Shirako was already half way finished making a portal thing.

"Who knew someone like you could make that in less than 3 minutes." Taro said, leaning at the side of the door.

"You'll be surprised what I can do." Shirako said, turning his head around so he could see Taro. He walked up to where Shirako was working and looked at his blueprints.

"So, where'd you get the blueprints?" Taro asked, holding the piece of paper.

"I stole them." Shirako answered.

"No, seriously." Taro said, being really skeptical.

"Yes, seriously." Shirako said. Taro rolled the blueprints into a cone and hit Shirako's arm playfully.

"You're kidding me right?" Taro asked, giving out a little chuckle.

"Maybe, Maybe not." Was Shirako's answer. They were quiet for a while and Shirako was still working on his portal thing. After about 10 minutes, Shirako was finally done. He turned it on but nothing happened.

"What the?" Shirako asked himself, lifting his mask so you could see his face. He toggled the on and off switch a few times but couldn't find out what to do.

"What's the problem, Shirako?" Taro asked.

"Nothing Taro-Senpai." Shirako said, walking to where the wire was and plugged it into the electric scoket.

"I haven't been called that in years. Everyone has stopped. You should too. I'm not your teacher anymore. Anyway, there are more things you can teach me than what I can teach you." Taro said.

"But you still are and I still respect you." Shirako said.

"You haven't changed at all since we were in Japan." Taro said.

"Yeah, but you have. I have known you since I was young but I never thought you would become this." Shirako said.

"Yeah. That was because your brother and I used to go to school together and we practically grew up together. Well, that was before..." Taro said, feeling like he was about to cry.

"Don't mention what happened to him. Our family already have enough problems." Shirako said, wiping a tear from his cheek.

"Well, enough chit-chat. I'm going to turn this thing on." Shirako said, flicking the switch on and in between the metal circle, there was a portal. Shirako smirked. He ran out of the door with Taro chasing after him. Shirako told everyone to go to his room and when they did, they stood there motionless.

"It's just a dream huh?" Shirako said.

"W-W-What is this?" Monkey asked.

"I think he's gone crazy." Wylde said to Tork.

"If he went crazy, that would mean we have entered some type of parallel universe." Tork said to Wylde.

"Yeah, but I still think that stinku is annoying like hell." Pork Chop said.

"Shirako, I think you are a few cherries short of a fruit cake." Karma said.

"Oh, really?" Shirako asked. He pushed everyone through the portal and they came out the other side, but not in Shirako's room, it was somewhere else entirely.

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