Author's Notes:

I pondered my way across this idea when I was beating my head against my desk in Art History 1110. Don't get me wrong, I do love art…I just don't appreciate it enough to pay attention through an hour and a half lecture on the Mona Lisa.

Warning: This entire story is from two people's points of view (Yagami Hikari and Motomiya Jun). This story will in fact contain the following on some level or another….

Cursing, shounen ai, and sarcasm are all likely and even more so, AU (Alternate Universe). I do not have a complete knowledge of the average life of a Japanese high school student so please bare with me.

This is in fact a Taisuke fan fiction. Don't like it? Don't read it.

Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon.

Without further a due…I present my latest venture into the imagination!





Diary of a Mad Japanese Woman


Dear Diary,

No…that doesn't sound like me….


No…that still doesn't sound like me….ugh…maybe…

Dear Journal,

Close enough.

Today I decided to indulge myself in the stereotypical view most men have about girls my age and start keeping a diary…or…journal. Doesn't matter really…because today…I noticed something I don't think anyone else has noticed.

My older brother…captain of Tokyo University's Soccer team, previous leader of the chosen, full time college student and captain oblivious, Yagami Taichi is in….love. The problem Journal…I don't think he knows. I love my brother…but he isn't the brightest bulb in the box.

If you were an actual person you'd probably be wondering how I'd even come to a conclusion that he could ever not know he was in love? Well…that's a long story. Luckily I've the entire summer to write it!

I first began to suspect things about a week before we came to visit my grandmother near the northern coast…I'm not quite sure which village we're in…there are no stop lights, street signs, or even traffic. It's both unnerving and yet…settling.

As I was saying…erm…writing…

It all began one week ago…


Well I hope you enjoyed the Prologue.

I'll have the first chapter up by tomorrow…

Stay tuned folks!