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Diary of a Mad Japanese Woman

Chapter 7 Tuesday (Motomiya)


Dear Diary,

I don't think I've ever run so fast in my entire life. Nor did I ever think I'd have to hide from my own brother in a stage house. But life throws things at you when you least expect it right? We'd barely made it out of the stage house when....

Motomiya Jun and Yagami Hikari bolted from the doors of the Japanese stage or rather, Opera house only to bump into the one person they'd never expect to see there. Ishida Yamato.



The girls let out a small squeal of surprise as the blond rose a thin eyebrow in amusement. It was only when his lips began to twitch into a smile did they know he knew what they were up to.

"Listen, it's not what you think - "

"Really, we just got out of a really bad double date an - "

"So what did you find out?"

The blond interjected, apparently not buying any of their lie. With a deep sigh the two glanced towards one another before shaking their heads.

"Dai-kun apparently like Onii-chan."

"But Taichi's too stupid to notice it."

Hikari's eyes widened a bit at Yamato's choice of words. Sure her brother wasn't all quite there...but stupid? She didn't think...well he did have his moments....

"I don't approve of him molesting my little brother in his sleep either."

Jun interjected causing Hikari to blush and Yamato to grunt dejectedly.

"I don't know about the molesting but - "

"His face was buried in his lap! His lap Ishida-kun! Not that the squirt looked like he minded..."

"So now you know the predicament then eh?"


"You knew, Yamato-kun?

Yamato merely gave a grin then glanced towards the doors of the stage house only to grin wider.

"Of course I knew, and here they come now."

"Wha- oh no!"

With that the two ladies vanished faster then they had before. Yamato watching as their figures disappeared into the crowds of Japan. With a small smile he glanced back towards the glass doors where Taichi and Daisuke came walking out, Taichi yawning and stretching while Daisuke chattered on about the Opera. With a faint smile he waved towards them, a faint frown shining in his blue eyes.

After about a block of running the two sisters stopped to catch their breathes. Hikari sitting upon a near by bench while Jun leaned against a sign.

"Y-you don't think - "

"No, I don't think they saw us."

"Oh that's good..."

Silence took the young women as they tried to process what they'd just learned. Were their brothers really gay? Were they in love? So many questions danced about their minds that it seemed impossible to sort them all in just a day.

"I think we need to regroup Hikari-chan."

"I agree, we should meet up this weekend. Can't have them knowing we've been talking..."

"Right, I'll text you to make plans."

"Sounds good to me. Take care."

"You too."

The walk home for me, diary, was a cold one. The thought never crossed my mind...he'd chased after Hikari for a long while...but was he after Taichi this whole time? It just....didn't add up. How could I have been so blind...there are still too many questions that have to be answered and I don't like the way the squirt he glaring at me from the door.

"Where were you today?"

"Out, what's it to you anyway squirt?"

"I'm not a squirt! I just wanna know, where were you?"

"Well if you have to know, I went shopping for some new bra - "

"Ok, ok! I just thought I saw you at the stage house today....that's all. I didn't wanna know about your...girly adventures."

"Hey! You did want to know, now get out of here before I make you try them on!"

"Ack! Not again!"

Maybe this is my fault diary....did I make him this way? What am I going to do? I love my brother...but how can I protect him from the whole world?


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