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"Blixie!" Dusk yelled. Blixie hurried over.


"I want Inuyasha's hair shiny for the next scene. Not Fluffy, Not Soft, SHINY!"

"Yes, ma'm." Blixie said. She saluted Dusk and then marched over to the make up trailer. Many crashing sounds were heard as Blixie turned the entire trailer upside down in order to find a product that was SUPPOSED to turn anime hair extra shiny. She then skipped off to Inuyasha's trailer.

Inuyasha flipped off the TV quickly as she walked in.

"So,what were you watching?" She asked.

"Nothing." Inuyasha answered, wishing she hadn't come in so he could finish watching the teletubbies marathon that was going on. "What are you doing in here anyway?"

"Dusk says she wants your hair extra shiny for the next scene." Blixie said holding up the hair product.

"But… That's the scene where I'm fighting Koga! I don't want to be shiny! Then Koga will make fun of me…" Inuyasha said and pouted.

Then, without warning, he was in a cloud of mist, due to can of shiny hairspray exploding.

"AHHHH!!!! IT BBBBBUUUUURRRNNNNSSSS MY EYES!!!!!" Inuyasha cried while Blixie just laughed insanely.

They ran out of the trailer, in front of everyone. Everyone looked at them oddly.

"Dude… What's wrong with your hair?" Collin, the replacement camera man for Bob, asked. Their hair had turned a disgusting shade of pink, but it was, in fact, shiny.

"BLIXIE! WHAT DID YOU DO?!" Dusk said when she noticed their hair.

"Ummmm… I did nothing…." Blixie said, her eyes darting side to side, then she disappeared in a random puff of smoke, leaving Inuyasha with his shiny pink hair.

"Inuyasha… SIT BOY!" Kagome shouted, making him crash into the ground.

"What was that for?!" Inuyasha cried.

"I felt like it." Kagome replied, and then walked off.

"Go to the make-up trailer and get that fixed." Dusk said and walked off.

AN/ It was completely pointless and short, but hey, we updated!