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Prince Charming

Remember that little girl, who every day would dream,

Of her darling prince charming, upon a white steed?

Kagome sighed as she watched her parents embrace. For a six-year-old girl, she was quite mature for her age. She knew she wasn't like the others; she was special, as her father always assured her.

That was why the other kids stayed away from her. She was just special and they weren't used to it, that was all. But Kagome knew better than that. They hated her, all of them. But she never lost hope. One day…one day her prince charming would sweep her off her feet.

He would be like her father, strong and kind. He was always hugging her mother of kissing her, much to her younger brother's distaste. But whenever they would kiss, Kagome would smile wistfully and wish she had that some day. Some day…

Well, she began to grow up, as time went by.

Her expectations low, but her hopes still up high.

Kagome laughed as her best friend Sango hooked arms with her, then turned to grin at her boyfriend over her shoulder. Miroku and Sango had finally admitted their feelings toward each other and it seemed they couldn't keep their eyes or hands off each other lately. Kagome would snicker behind her hand with the rest of her friends, but secretly she sighed dreamily over the obvious love they shared.

She was ashamed to feel the jealousy that often jabbed at her when they were caught gazing at each other. She was happy for her friend to finally have someone, but a small, bitter part of her heart screamed in outrage. Why couldn't someone love her like that? What was so disgusting about her? Was it that fact that she had powers? That she could heal?

The boys would often shy away from her, and though she had gotten used to it, their biting words often tore her heart to pieces.

As they arrived in class, Sango sat to Kagome's right, while Miroku sat to her left. In the middle of the teacher's lecture, she felt someone tap her on her shoulder. She turned to see Miroku throw a note her way, then gesture for her to pass it on to Sango. She grinned and couldn't help but peak until Sango snatched it out of her hand. When she had finished reading the note, a deep blush was coating Sango's pretty face. She looked over at Miroku, who winked, only making her blush deepen.

Kagome sighed as she flopped down onto her plush bed. Tears wanted to fill her soulful brown eyes, but she willed them away.

Why couldn't anyone love her? Why?

Determination seemed to fill her being. She sat up on her bed. Her prince charming would come one day. He had to…

Though one fateful day, luck was in her favor,

As if it was destined, they were finally brought together

Setting off at a brisk walk, Kagome clutched her school books in her arms tightly as the cold wind whipped back her hair and made her shiver. She cursed herself. She should have brought her jacket, but the weatherman had promised one more day of warmth.

She shook her head and picked up her pace. She was meeting Sango and Miroku for lunch and she was already late. Not that they would notice, she thought wryly. They hadn't taken their eyes off each other since they'd found out Sango was pregnant. At twenty! Kagome shook her head. Some girls got all the luck, she thought dryly.

She squinted her eyes against the gust of wind and ducked her head, watching as her feet made quick work of the sidewalk. She looked up briefly, in time to see him just before she collided with him. She squeaked in protest as her feet slipped on the slush on the sidewalk and her bottom landed on the hard ground.

She blinked owlishly up at the man looming over her, before blushed crimson and scrambling to her feet.

"I-I'm so sorry. I wasn't looking where I was going." She bent to grab her scattered books and saw a masculine hand reach out to grab one of her books. She followed the strong arm to broad shoulders and finally to the face of the man helping her.

His bright blue eyes twinkled at her and her blush deepened. His devastatingly handsome face broke out in a grin that would have stopped female hearts miles away. His long brown hair was pulled back into a high ponytail, much like the one Kagome often wore. His tan finger wrapped around her delicate wrist as he helped her to her feet and handed her the book. She stared at their hands before looking once more into his face.

"I really am sorry," she murmured, looking down. He tipped up her face with the tip of his finger and grinned once more.

"Nothing to apologize for. Things happen. Seems fates on my side though, to have run into such a beautiful woman." Her eyes widened slightly.

Beautiful? Her, Kagome, beautiful? She smiled at him, her eyes sad.

"You must be blinded by the wind. The last thing I am is beautiful. But thank you for trying."

He looked her in her deep brown eyes and saw she truly believed it. He shook his head. How could she not know how she was affecting him? Her raven locks swirled around her shoulder, kissing her flushed cheeks before retreating behind her. Her rosy mouth was curled up in the corners, setting her face to a certain glow that seemed to warm his very fingertips where they touched her skin.

"My name's Kouga."

"Kagome. Well, thank you, Kouga, for helping me with my books. I guess I'll see you around."

With that, she walked around him, but not before shooting one last look over her shoulder at him. She smiled and waved, her smiled widening as she saw him wave back.

Wow, what a way to start a day, she thought and laughed, turning her face into the sunshine.

And year after year, they let not their love die,

For that prince charming was you, and that girl was I

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