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Warnings: Um, a lil' bit of sexual stuff. And there's some light cursing.


Shishido Ryou had never really considered himself gay. Strictly speaking, he was into girls. There was something about soft skin and curves and full lips that was just more attractive than hard muscles. He wouldn't say he'd never thought guys, but that was normal. Everybody wondered.

There was only one time he could remember having seriously questioned his sexuality.

He and Choutaro had been getting ice cream at the time, and Choutaro's favorite flavor happened to be vanilla. He was relatively fine until a drop of it managed to find its way out of his partner's mouth and dripped down his chin, and suddenly Shishido was so hard he didn't think he could even walk, let alone act normally enough to get to the bathroom without Choutarou noticing something was wrong. Damn synchronicity.

While desperately picturing every disgusting image he could think of (Atobe showering, Oshitari and Mukahi doing it, Hiyoshi playing tennis naked…--all of which he'd witnessed with his poor, poor eyes), his subconscious reminded him that he'd just been turned on more than any other time in his life that he could think of-- and it had been by a guy.

He brushed this one time off as a fluke. That was the only time, and it could've just been random.

But when, a month later, right after tennis practice, Choutaro pushed Shishido up against the lockers and shoved his tongue down his throat, Shishido reconsidered.

Choutaro pulled away hastily, blushing cutely. "I-I'm sorry, Shishido-san! I don't know what came over me, don't be mad, I'm really sorry--"

"Shut up. And stop saying you're sorry. It's annoying. You wanted to do it, didn't you?"

The taller boy gave a small, hesitant nod, averting his eyes.

"Then there's no reason to apologize. Idiot." Shishido jerked his kohai down to his level by the collar and kissed him.

Vaguely wondering where Choutaro had learned to be such an awesome kisser and whose ass he had to kick for putting their hands on his partner, Shishido decided that no, he wasn't gay--he was Choutaro-sexual.