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"Please report to courtroom nine at 10:45 am," the computer voice droned on. Shit. Today was the last day that I had to call, too. "Fuck me……dammit…" I couldn't think of anymore words to express how badly I did not want to be in court the next day.

My firm had just hired a new lawyer and tomorrow was to be her first introduction to the team. Not that she hadn't already met some of the partners. Newton had been going on about her beauty for a week. Mind you, he was easy to impress, but a week later…There had to be something to this. I wondered if I could just go check out the new girl and then make my way to jury duty. Even thinking the words jury duty was hard.

Enough about the new girl, how was I going to get out of being on a jury? I was not about to sit around with a bunch of morons, discussing the morality and intentions of another person. With my luck, the defendant would be a mob boss's son. If I found him guilty, I wouldn't make it to my 30th birthday. Okay. There had to be a way out of this. As a lawyer, surely I must have a trick or two up my sleeve, but what?

I dialed the office. "Hey Steph, it's Edward."

"Yes, Edward," she sounded much too excited to be sitting behind a desk answering phones. "Your dad, I mean, Mr. Cullen has been looking for you." My dad, the most brilliant attorney this side of the Mississippi. He was the person who garnered the most respect from me and he deserved it. Not many men could pull off being a kick ass dad and having a successful career, but he did.

"Is he available now?" I knew he wasn't , but he would make himself available for me.

"Let me put you through. Talk to you later, Edward." Was she flirting with me? That wouldn't lead to anything good. This pen won't be dipping into any company ink. That would be disrespectful to Carlisle. Of course that didn't mean I couldn't check out the varied colors of ink available. Okay, Edward, enough with the ink analogy.

"This is Carlisle, may I help you?" his voice was kind, yet carried a great deal of authority.

"How do I get out of jury duty?" If anyone could come up with a plan, it would be my dad.

"You don't, son." His voice chimed in with a stern note. "It is our responsibility and privilege. One which we honor with our very career. You will serve with honor because that is the type of man you are."

"Right, sorry, sir." He certainly set me straight. "I will be serving during your big announcement tomorrow."

"I have reason to postpone that anyway, son.."

"Is she not coming?" He had been planning this new arrival for months. She had had many offers and her track record was amazing. She had never lost a case. I found that impressive and intimidating at the same time.

"She's been delayed. I'll keep you apprised. Enjoy the other side of justice, son, and remember I am proud of you."

"Thanks Dad." I hung up feeling better about jury duty. Maybe I could enjoy it. Anyway tomorrow was a new day. Better make the most of it. 10:30, still plenty of time to find a parking spot and sail into the courtroom. I spotted the perfect parking spot right next to the disabled spaces. Sweet! I drove around the parking lot just in time to see the ugliest truck on the planet pull into the spot. That fucker didn't know what he was doing. I looked to see another spot just two cars over. I parked, then stormed over to confront the idiot who stole my spot. I approached that truck quickly. When I got to the passenger side, it was just in time to catch a beautiful woman falling out of the driver's side.

"Damn heels, I hate having to wear them." She wasn't talking to me. Actually, as she smoothed out the fabric of the tailored suit she wore, she didn't even acknowledge me.

"You're welcome," I raised my eyebrows at her.

"For what?" As she turned to look at me, a huge smile spread across her face. "Excuse me, thanks for catching me. I seem to be a danger magnet."

"And for the spot you stole from me."

"Stole? No, if I stole it then you would have had to have been in possession of it. And it was clearly empty when I pulled into it. Sorry, buddy, that was an inaccurate assessment." The smile had never left her face.

"Oh, really," I leaned in toward her. "So my blinker didn't mean anything to you.?"

"No, for all I know you forgot to turn it off when you pulled into the parking lot." Bitch! So she thought she could do no wrong, eh? We'll see about that. She would be easy prey to seduce. Flattery would work wonders and I would have her eating out of the palm of my hand in no time. I smiled to myself as my thoughts drifted to what had been in my palm just before my trip here.