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It was Sunday at the Burrow again, Hermione stood in Ginny's room and glanced at the dresser under the window, the tiny cheap diamond engagement ring sat there looking lost in the brightness of the sun shining through the pane, it reminded her she had been hurt by Ron yet again when he had once again insisted she not take the latest offer of work. He had belittled her once again in front of his family saying she was not qualified, and as usual he had shown his anger with her desire to have a career by yelling at her, he had shouted that all she was good for was being his wife, the words had stung her more than he would ever know, but they had also made her realise she did not and maybe never did love the bad tempered git, she had already given up more than he ever deserved from her, but now she would take no more, she would try to get back all she had lost.

Hermione's mind drifted back over the past six very long lonely weeks…

It was Sunday afternoon, she was staying at the Burrow with Ron and the rest of the Weasleys, Harry couldn't be there because he had not been to welcome in the Burrow since the war ended and he had not gone back to Ginny, so he was spending the entire weekend helping Hagrid to rebuild his home at Hogwarts. She had popped back to the flat the three of them shared to collect a dress for the evening, Ron had proposed that morning and having said yes she wanted to look nice for the little party that was being held at the Burrow. She knew as soon as she walked in through the front door that there was something wrong, it took a few moments before she realised what it was, all Harry's things were missing, his photo's, his clothes, even his favourite chair, it looked as though he had never lived there.

She heard the noise from his bed room as he slammed his trunk shut, frozen to the spot she watched as his bedroom door opened; the thought that Harry might leave the flat somehow froze her blood.

She jumped when something flew out of the bedroom and sped toward the fireplace where it landed with a smash of broken glass, it was quickly followed by another and another. Hermione stared at all the photo's that filled the fire place in a pile of broken glass and torn paper, they were all Harry's photo's of the three of them together, the last photo that smashed into the fire was the only one Harry had possessed with just her on and she thought he had treasured it.

She could not believe her eyes when the photo smashed causing it to tear, looking back at the door way she saw him walking out his trunk floating behind him.

"Hi," she mumbled but Harry ignored her.

"Spring cleaning?" she quipped knowing he liked her sense of humour.

Harry looked at her with a dark look she had never seen before and it worried her, "Don't worry I'll be out of your way in a minute."

"Harry what do you mean, out of my way?" she asked, he was really beginning to scare her now, he was going to leave her, them.

"Exactly what I say Miss Granger, I just have to get my coat and broom," he said with an odd voice that croaked slightly.

"Harry, have I offended you, Harry did I do something wrong?" she asked stepping toward him.

"Just stay away from me ok, I'll just get my stuff and be gone." Harry said as he backed away from her approach.

"Harry I thought we were friends, best friends, can't you just tell me what this is all about?" she pleaded.

Harry paused as he put his coat on, "Yes we were friends, that's the right word for it, 'were'." He pulled his jacket in place and began to fasten the buttons.

His last words were like a knife through her heart, she whispered "Harry we still are best friends we always will be."

"Maybe once but no more," Harry said grabbing his broom.

"Harry what did I do that was so wrong?" she pleaded tears running down her cheeks.

Harry stared at her as though she had just grown another head,

"Where should I start, what did you do that was so wrong, how about choosing the wrong best friend to marry, Oh yes I know all about that, tell Seamus you got engaged but don't tell Harry.

How about choosing the guy who always hurts you instead of the one who tries to comfort you and take care of you, choose the one who deserted when he was needed the most, instead of the one you spent weeks holding hands with, the one who you held tenderly when he wept for his dead parents, the one you made fall in love with you, did you do anything wrong, yes you broke my bloody heart, and now you disappoint me, you with all the intelligence and cleverness marrying a thick git who is just going to be jealous of you being better than he is, did you do something wrong, yes you chose the wrong friend," with his speech ringing in her ear he vanished with a small pop.

Hermione finished packing her things in her trunk grabbed the ring from the dresser and made her way down the stairs.

Ron was sitting by the fire in the kitchen drinking a butter beer, the rest of the Weasleys sitting around the table. She walked up and stood in front of him. Ron lifted his eyes and declared once again he was sorry.

"Not this time Ron, you killed any feelings I ever thought I had for you, I am sick of you shouting at me, I am sick of you trying to make me look small in front of your family, today was one time to many, how I ever thought I could be happy with you I just don't know, the only thing you ever did well was make me miserable, here take your useless little ring and shove it where the sun never shines." She dropped the ring in the ashes at his feet as his mouth opened and closed with out a word coming out. Turning around she said a tight lipped goodbye to the rest of the staring family and with her trunk floating behind her she walked out of the door.

She heard the door open and heard running feet that stopped with a loud thud, turning around she saw Ron lying in the grass, behind him stood George still pointing his wand. She raised her eyebrow as George stepped up to Ron and took the full body bind off him as he began to yell at him, George ignored him. It was the first time since the end of the war when Fred had died that she heard him speak.

"It's about time you realised the only thing that prick can ever bring you is pain, and heart ache, go find a real man who can love you, and respect you, one you can love back, and respect in return, some one with more than just anger, jealousy, an empty pocket and insecurities," George said turning to thump Ron in the face for yelling at Hermione yet again.

"Thanks George, you really are sweet," she said as she walked the last few steps to be out side the Weasley wards "Bye George," she said as she vanished.

Hermione sat on the steps of a large mobile home in Godrics Hollow, she had arrived an hour ago straight from Hagrid's cabin.

She watched as the summer rain fell heavy even though the sun was still shining, she lifted her head as she heard the rusty old gate creak open and she watched as Harry approached. Harry stopped and looked at her trunk then at her sitting on the steps to his temporary home; he nodded then stepped around her.

"Is it to late to tell you I made a mistake?" she asked quietly.

"I- I don't know," Harry answered just as quiet.

"Can we talk, please?" she asked still speaking quietly.

Harry opened the door and walked in placing his shopping on a counter, "Tea or juice?" he asked as she followed him in.

"Tea please," she said looking around at the tidy rooms, the only thing missing were photographs.

Harry made two cups of tea then sat down at the kitchen table.

Hermione took a seat opposite him; she took a sip of her tea before she cleared her throat.

"I've been in love with you for years," she began "the loneliness of the last six weeks made me realise just how much I do love you, is there anyway you can forgive me for being stupid, for making bad choices?" she asked taking another sip of tea.

"Hermione I love you more than life, I have for a long time, then you built up all my hopes just to dash them again, you kissed him as I went out to fight Voldemort," Harry whispered not looking at her.

"Do you know I tried to think what I loved about Ron this morning, the only thing I could come up with was the fact that he got me close to you, that was when I realised that I cant live in a world without you as its centre, I love you Harry and I've been a fool for denying it and for suppressing it, is there anyway you could let me try to put things right?" she asked a tear dripping from her chin into her tea.

"I love you too, I'm in love with you, head over heels, but I don't think I could ever make a go of it," Harry said his head held in his hands.

"Harry if you love me, we can make it work, we love each other why can't you give us a chance?" she asked the tears falling faster.

"I love you, and I want to marry you, but I would never be able to make love with you, not knowing you would be comparing me to him." Harry sounded defeated as though he had come across an insurmountable problem.

"There was another reason I knew I was never in love with him," she said a small smile forming on her lips.

Harry looked at her for a moment but said nothing.

"I could never let him touch me the way I want you to touch me right now, I could never let his hands wander to the parts of my body that want your hands on them, I could never compare you to him because I don't know him, I never did, I've only ever wanted to share my body with you," she said the smile growing.

"So I take it you won't be getting married to him then?" Harry asked a grin breaking out on his face.

"Well not in this or the next life time," Hermione replied as Harry leant forward to kiss her "or any other." She managed to say before his kiss swept all thought from her head.

Six short months later…

"Harry love," Hermione said as she walked into the living room of the cottage.

"Hmm," he answered as he studied the two colours she had chosen to paint the newly plastered walls.

"Do you think we could get married and move in soon?" Hermione asked knowing his reply.

"Hmm, no great rush to move in is there?" came his usual answer.

"Well actually I think I would like our first born to have a home to live in," Hermione said a huge grin on her face.

"First what love?" Harry asked absently

"Born Harry, first born," she said chuckling.

"First born what?" Harry said before the words she had said sank in.

With wide eyes Harry spun around and stared at Hermione "You're going to be a dad Harry," she chuckled again as Harry sat back with a thud on the empty living room floor.

Harry took several deep breaths "Seems there are a lot of firsts between us."

Hermione looked at him slightly puzzled.

"Well not counting Hagrid because he was an adult, you were my first true loyal friend, you were my first girl friend, my first love, my first fiancé, my first lover, and now you get to be having my first born," he said laughing "and you will be my first and only wife."

Hermione smiled at him, "I can beat that, you were my very first friend, my very first boy friend, my first hero, my first protector, my first comforter who was not my mum, my first true love, my first lover, and first in everything I ever did, and now you are going to be the father of my first baby, and my first husband, now is there any chance we can get this place to be our first home before our first child arrives," she chuckled waving her arm around the empty house.

Three weeks later Harry carried Mrs Hermione Jane Potter over the thresh hold of their cottage.

Seven and a half months later David George Potter came home with his mum to a completed and well furnished Potter cottage in Godrics Hollow.