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Muggle Methods

Just outside Stonehenge.

Hermione Granger stepped out of the tent she shared with her best friend Harry Potter with two mugs of hot tea. She instantly spotted him sitting on a log they used as a bench. He was once again staring at his special map of the school they had attended previous to this year. The map was special because it revealed the position of every one in the school.

"Are you thinking of Ginny again Harry?" she asked as she sat beside him on the log and placing a mug into his hand.

Hermione's question caught the seventeen year old unprepared as he had been in deep thought, his answer came out absentmindedly, unrealised by him that he was actually voicing his thoughts. "No not really… I was thinking of you…" he stopped talking for a moment suddenly realising she had heard the thought that had just passed through his mind, and then after the short pause he decided he might as well just get it all out in the open.… "Do you really want to know what I was thinking, or is it just idle curiosity?"

Hermione frowned a little at his unexpected reply. Was her question just idle curiosity? 'No' she decided, she actually was interested in what he was thinking. "No, not just curiosity for the sake of it Harry, I actually would like to know where your thoughts take you when you stare at that map." She replied seriously.

"Well I was thinking, how great it would be if we were really married and not just pretending to be married today. I was wondering what it would be like to have at least one dream come true, to be really married to you, to be able to put a baby inside you, knowing you would be happy about it. How it would feel so good to spend my time doing lots of practice at getting you pregnant… but that's not news really, I've wanted to do that since I saw you at the ball…

I mean, I know it won't happen because you fancy Ron, and that's something that I just don't understand. I can't get my head around it. It makes no sense at all. How can you fancy some one who has always treated you bad, as if he hates you? We both know from what he keeps saying that he at least hates that you are a muggleborn, it's just not right for you to even like him. And yet you love him, you must or you would not have spent a bloody year throwing your self at him. Showing all that jealousy, like the time you set those birds on him. Then you spent more than a week crying for the greedy selfish git when he left… you do know he intended to try to kill me that night, I saw it in his eyes, if you had not put up that shield I think he would have tried."

Hermione had not expected such an answer from the young man and had no reply to what he had said. She simply watched open mouthed as he folded the map and put it away in his pocket. She was really caught off guard when she heard him very quietly mutter to himself as he stood to go into the tent. "I wish you loved me like that."

Before Hermione could gather herself together from what she had heard, Harry entered the tent and went to lie on his bed. As he closed the tent flap behind him she realised that he had not even realised he had spoken those last few words out loud. He had been changing back to the person he was before they had found that evil filled locket that contained a part of their enemies soul in it. Its depressing affects on them no longer existed since they had found a small box that was made to isolate magical items at his parents destroyed house. With the locket now in the box, and the box deep in the bottom of her magical bag, they had no need to carry it on their person. Its influence was gone and they both felt far happier than they had.

Slowly his parting words as she took over the watch from him started her thinking about their relationships and how they had developed over the past seven years. Why would Harry say such a thing? Did he really wish they were married, that she loved him? And then it came to her exactly what those words meant. Harry wanted her to love him back; his revealed thoughts must mean that Harry James Potter was in love with her.

It was four days after returning to their tent from their run in with Voldemort at Godrics Hollow, during which time they hardly spoken to each other; she was to busy working her feelings out and trying to read, while Harry was trying to discover a way to find what they were searching the land for. Harry's muttered words had been on her mind constantly since he had revealed his feelings, and though she had tried she could find no other possible meaning to his words. That evening once they were slightly comfortable, or at least as comfortable as the penetrating cold and dampness would allow, she decided it was time she spoke to Harry about what he had let slip.

"Harry… er… we need to talk," she said quietly.

Harry's head picked up from his slightly hunched position, his hand clutching at his bruised chest, received wrestling the snake Nagini. "So you finally made your mind up to leave then, where is it you plan to meet the git… that's one of the things I must have missed while you and he were having your private little whispered chats."

Hermione's face went ashen as she looked at him, "You actually heard?" she said tears forming in her eyes as she remembered the many whispered conversations she and Ron had had.

"Most of the things you were saying. I must admit I was surprised at you really, I mean how stupid can you be when you hide behind the tent to do your whispering, calling me useless and all the other things. It's a bloody canvas tent Hermione, you might as well have been sitting on my bed and whispering over me." Harry replied his deep hurt very visible.

"Oh Harry I'm sorry, I'm so very sorry. I don't know what happened to me, or why I was listening to him, I blame Ron and that awful locket… at the time… I… Oh Harry please I was so wrong doing what I did over the past year or so, can you forgive me? And you should know I am not leaving you, I don't intend to ever intentionally let you down again." Hermione pleaded tears running down her face.

Harry had not mentioned immediately if he was willing to forgive her which made her feel far worse than she had felt over anything during the hunt so far. "So if you aren't leaving what do you want to talk about? I don't want to talk about what happened at Godrics Hollow."

"I think we should take a few days rest, go muggle. Its getting far to cold to be living in this tent now and with the little amount of rest and food we are getting we will not be able to keep going. I mean look at us Harry we're both skin and bone." She told him her tears still falling.

Harry looked thoughtful for a few long minutes as he thought about how she had stayed with him, he would not have blamed her if she had left. He had been such a moody miserable git toward her. "You are probably right about taking a break, but how can we go muggle. I have hardly any muggle money left, definitely not enough for a couple of rooms some where. Oh and while we are about it, I want to apologize for being a moody git and failing to support you when Ron treated you badly. I hope you can forgive me for that. As for me forgiving you, I know now that I think about it, there is no need, I know I've been just as bad as Ron at times so there really is nothing to forgive for your reactions toward me, now you can leave with a clear conscience, if you want you can go and join lover boy."

Hermione was rather surprised at her reaction to him being so open and even blaming himself for the way she had treated him. Without warning she leaned over and quickly kissed him. The surprise showed on both their faces for a few seconds after the quick kiss, before Harry returned the kiss though far more passionately.

Hermione spent the rest of the day in silence, mostly caused by the shock, not of Harry kissing her but of her own accepting reaction to that kiss. She decided that she should not be too surprised by his reaction, it was her own fault that Harry had reacted the way he had, she knew he was in love with her and she had kissed him first, even if it was only a quick peck on the lips. She felt confused by her changed feelings and being slightly uncomfortable being alone with him while she tried to sort every thing out, and she knew he could sense it. Which in turn made it worse as she could tell that Harry was beginning to regret their rather rash moves. She did not want him to feel any regrets. She went to bed that night having made her mind up to talk to him when things had settled down again in a day or two.

The following morning she awoke to find Harry very quietly removing his possessions from her bag. On questioning him she could not help noticing the deep sadness he was revealing in his stance and body language. His every glance at her direction was showing her how he was feeling.

"Harry? What are you doing?" she asked a little sleepily.

Harry turned and looked in her direction but he did not look her in the eye. "I'm sorry about… well you know kissing you. Anyway I thought as we have decided to take a break and you so obviously don't want to be around me. You could go to the Burrow and be with Ron where you really want to be, and I'll go somewhere like Manchester or Birmingham and find a small hostel or something. I left you a note on the table."

Hermione's feelings were in turmoil at the thought of their being separated, but by far the strongest emotion was one of fear, fear of not seeing him again, of not being with him. "Harry you can't… I mean… I mean it's not you, it's me."

Harry gave a little snort as he began placing things into his back pack. "Hermione, that's a bit cliché even for you don't you think?"

"No Harry you've got it all wrong… when you… oh damn this is so embarrassing… Harry when you kissed me I… well I mean… gods give me strength… when you kissed me, if it wasn't for being on my period, I would have ripped your clothes off and dragged you into my bed… there I said it. I wanted you; I wanted you so much it confused me. All my thoughts and plans about Ron suddenly seemed so stupid. Even now I know I don't want to be with Ron, the entire idea was a daft one. I'm no longer willing to accept second best. I'm not going to step aside and let Ginny take you away from me. I just need to be certain you want me that way for more than just sex."

Harry's surprised look slowly changed to a grin and then to a rather cheeky smile before he spoke "So how long would I need to wait to get my timing right?" he asked, his cheeky smile turning into a small chuckle.

"Harry!" she said sounding slightly indignant before she also chuckled "about two more days should have been about right."

Trying to keep the nervousness out of his voice at her answer he took a breath and gave her a large grin, "So what do we do for the next two days? Oh and you should know that I do most definitely want you that way for more than sex, but the sex has to come into it, how else do we get to make our children, and be a family?"

It took several seconds after what he had said registered in her head, before she was able to speak, "You… you… you want children with me?"

"Actually as I already told you, I want children with my wife." He said quietly while giving her a huge smile. "So what do you say?"

Hermione simply stared at him, her mouth hanging slightly open. Harry waited several minutes before Hermione finally spoke "Harry did you just ask me to marry you?"

Harry still smiling at her simply said "Well will you?"

As she looked at the young man in front of her she knew that Harry was not joking, he was truly nervous and trying hard not to show it. She recognised that he was showing the side of him that had fought Voldemort several times, the side of him that had faced a basilisk and a dragon. She found the idea of being married to him filled her with a happiness she had not known before, the idea of having his children thrilled her in a strange way, filling her with the desire to become a mother. Taking a leaf out of his book she set her shoulders and took a deep breath and then gave him his answer. "Ok Harry, yes, I'll be the mother of your children. Now it's time we packed up."

"No… no packing. Just take what you need for a few days like I have here, oh and anything you don't want to lose if someone should find the tent. We're going to go muggle so we don't need all the Wizarding stuff." Harry told her

Hermione nodded then glanced around and realised that there was nothing in the tent they would need as muggles though she could not see why Harry wanted to leave everything behind. Trusting that he had his reasons she simply picked up her little bag and joined him at the exit flap.

Once she had joined him outside the tent Harry asked the simple question "Where shall we go? I mean I never went anywhere as a kid, the only place I know apart from number four, is the small park just off Wisteria drive.

Hermione stepped right in front of him and wrapped her arms around him tightly, "Hang on future husband of mine," she laughed as she disapparated them both.

Harry looked around as his feet hit the ground, he found himself in a fairly dark room that was obviously a small living room. "Hermione, where exactly are we?" he asked seeing everything covered in dust sheets.

"This Harry is my bungalow, its only small; it was my grammas' last home. She left it too me in her will. None of us have been here since she died during October of our first year. That was one of the things that had me so sad that Halloween." She answered a little sadly.

The little bungalow that Hermione had been left was as she had said. It was rather small; it seemed to have been built for just one person though it did have two bedrooms. The main bedroom was around fifteen feet by twelve feet, the living room was slightly larger and the kitchen was about the same size as the bedroom. The second bedroom was even smaller than the room he had had at his relatives' house. It was ten feet long but only about seven foot wide, the bathroom being the same size. The house still contained all the furniture her grandmother had owned. And there was only one bed, a small double in the main bedroom.

Harry had offered to sleep on the couch in the living room but Hermione would have none of it. "Harry you asked me to marry you and I said yes, so that means we are engaged, so we will be sleeping together in the bed. Besides it has to be so much warmer than being alone. Now you get the fire going, coal should be out back, and I'll nip off to the corner shop and get us some dinner.

Hermione was quite surprised after they had eaten and were settled in front of the fire watching the old TV for the night. Harry looked at her as if trying to work out something in his mind before he spoke. "That taboo thing we heard talk about. I think we could use it to our benefit, the thing is, we are going to have to kill those snatcher people and I don't know if I am ready to actually kill someone yet."

She herself was not sure about killing anyone but she knew that they were in a war and the more enemy that were taken out of the fight the fewer of them were left to spread their murder and mayhem. "Harry… I don't think we really have a choice, if they catch us they are going to kill us, probably after raping me, as apparently that's what they do to the muggleborn they find. You heard what they are doing just as I did."

"Yeah you are right, you always are. What I thought was, well I have about a hundred galleons with me. We could sell some off, maybe ten or so for their gold value, and if we were to then find some way to buy some guns and ammunition." Harry went on to reveal what he had been thinking as he watched the flickering flames of the fire.

It took them a few days to find a gold buyer and three weeks of talking to the more seedy looking characters in the town to find and buy the weapons they wanted. Together they worked out and practiced their strategy for killing off the snatchers that were murdering or taking muggle born witches and wizards during their rapid raids.

They had their first opportunity to help someone just two weeks after they purchased their weapons. It was late evening and they were walking past a small park on the far side of town, both of them carrying the weekly shopping bought at the local ASDA store. They heard the word Voldemort spoken by someone nearby and just second's later six wizards in black robes appeared with loud cracks.

As the six men surrounded two young women, all talking quite loudly about what they were going to do to the mudblood filth, Harry and Hermione placed their shopping down and with a look at each other they separated to ten feet apart. Harry was the first to open fire. The nine mill automatic pistol he carried gave four cracks and four of the wizards pitched forward, all dead before they hit the ground.

Hermione had only hesitated for a few seconds before she too fired off four shots, and the remaining two snatchers were sent to meet their maker with bullet holes in their heads. The two unknown young women they had rescued thanked them profusely and then hurriedly left knowing to not use Tom Riddle's made up name again. it took the two teens several days to recover from their first attack on the snatchers, but despite both of them being sick about taking lives they pressed on with their plan.

Visiting various places together Harry and Hermione worked out their strategy, calling out the name Voldemort and then rushing to take up their positions several feet apart and await the arrival of the snatcher team. Between them they wiped out sixteen of the snatcher teams, even returning some of their bodies using the portkeys that all death eaters wore.

It was just a month later when they had spent the day travelling to different locations and saying the hated name without getting a single response to it that they realised that the death eaters at the ministry had finally caught on to what they were doing. They had not seen a death eater or a single Voldemort supporter all day and they began to feel they were really having an impact on Voldemort's forces. They continued their efforts for another week, going out and about and calling out the name at least twice a day without any results.

Seven times Ron Weasley heard his two friend's voices coming from the deluminator that Dumbledore had left for him, and with just a click he was transported to where the voices had come from. He had simply appeared out of thin air and took a look around, each time he found just dead snatchers or death eaters, he had no idea how the snatchers had died or who had killed them and a quick search of the area would reveal no indication that Hermione or Harry had ever been near the place. Not once could he find a magical signature. Twice he had appeared in the same place but he was quite sure that neither Harry or Hermione were crazy enough to hide the tent in some Muggle's garden, he decided that those two visits had been errors in the charm work on the deluminator. He would never know that he had appeared just outside Hermione's bungalow, and just a few feet away, inside the house the two he was searching for were sitting talking or planning their next move.

Hermione had written a letter that Harry sent to the Goblin nation asking for their help in locating the vile things that kept Voldemort alive. Their letter was answered by the Goblin leader telling them that as their help was needed in the fight against a dark lord who had sworn to eradicate all none purebloods, which included Goblins, he had organised eight search teams who were out searching for the items they had written to him about. Two weeks later they received another letter from Gringotts telling them that the items they were interested in were all now destroyed.

With their forays out and about Britain in search of snatchers no longer getting results, Harry and Hermione revised their plans. Armed to the teeth with muggle weapons, which it seemed the magicals had no defence against, the two teens travelled to London and entered the Leaky Cauldron. Before they exited the rear of the pub there were four dead death eaters lying on the floor of the ancient pub. They left the pub with more confidence than they had previously had, knowing that wizards still had no way to counter their weapons as their bullets simply travelled straight through any shield spell or charm.

Walking along Diagon Alley they very quickly had the death eaters panicking as they simply shot them as soon as they saw them, their bullets travelling a far greater distance than a wizard could cast a spell. Thirty minutes after they arrived in the Alley there was not a living death eater or true Voldemort supporter to be found.

Their next stop was the ministry of magic building where after a short lived battle that left twenty dead wizards and witches lying around, Harry was hit from behind by a killing curse. Hermione due to the shock and not wanting to believe that Harry could be dead grabbed his arm and apparated them both back to their home. She did not have time to even think of panicking before Harry sat up from his prone position groaning about the Knight bus hitting him.

"Harry, thank god you are alive. I was so scared when you were hit with the killing curse I… how… How…?" she mumbled at him as she pulled him into a very firm hug in her relief that he was alive, and her confusion was forgotten.

"I'm not sure what happened, I felt a small pain then there was nothing for a minute before I found myself on a platform like the one at Kings Cross, except it was all white. Dumbledore turned up at first but before he could say anything my mum and dad turned up. Dad spent some time beating the hell out of the old man. Seems that Dumbledore forgot to tell us that the scar on my forehead was a horcrux, or that he has known since that Halloween how to remove it with a simple ritual.

Mum said he has been using me and my friends all this time, he was the one who set up the Longbottom's so they could not spoil his plans for me. He was going to lure both me and Voldemort into a confrontation once he had got rid of the horcruxes, then he was going to kill both of us and claim his victory and becoming once again the great dark lord slayer. The Longbottom's would have been my guardians. I would have lived with Nev all this time. Anyway the curse I was hit with killed the horcrux as it was the weaker of the two souls in me. Mine being a complete soul was far more powerful than the bit that was Voldemort. So mum said that you were waiting for me and it was time to wake up, and here I am."

Hermione was getting angrier the more she heard as Harry told his tale, by the time he had reached the end she was planning on finding some curse or something that would cause Dumbledore to pay for what he had done even in his death, she also swore she would ruin the old mans reputation if it took the rest of her life.

Two weeks later Harry and Hermione were leaving Gringotts under Harry's cloak when ten death eaters and Voldemort arrived at the steps of the bank. The goblins had refused to allow the vile creature that Voldemort had become to enter the bank, telling his accompanying death eaters that they only did business with humans, and the thing they were with was not a human.

Voldemort was furious and had killed two of the goblin guard before anyone even knew he had pulled his wand. Several loud cracks were heard when the death eaters had drawn their wands and several seconds later all the death eaters were dead. Voldemort looked around at his fallen minions and for reasons not understood by those who were in the alley to witness things, he started to swear and curse at his dead minions.

There was a loud gasp of surprise from the crowd when Harry and Hermione appeared from nowhere standing next to the remaining Goblins. A huge cheer went up as the people saw Harry had survived yet another killing curse. Voldemort was dead before he could get over the shock of seeing the boy he had killed twice appear before him, and raise his wand at the two teens. His body fell onto one of his dead minions and then slowly rolled down the three steps to the street. There was dead silence for several seconds as the crowd stared at the fallen body of the most evil creature for several centuries.

The silence was broken as several death eaters apparated in to the Alley with their wands drawn. Several of the braver members of the crowd looked at the dead dark lord and then at the newly arrived death eaters. Harry and Hermione apparated away to the sound of the wizards of Diagon Alley getting their revenge on the death eaters that had made the past twenty years hell for all law abiding wizards.

By the time the day ended there was not a living death eater left in Britain, the rebellion started by the shop keepers of Diagon Alley sped as fast as fiend fire. By the end of the week anyone with Voldemort or pureblood sympathies had found that retribution from an angry population was as pain filled as it was deadly. Everyone even remotely connected to the murders of so many muggleborn who had been shipped off to Azkaban or to the camps set up by the death eaters were dragged out and hung in the town square.

Harry and Hermione had returned to their bungalow once the evil they had fought was finally defeated. It never entered their minds to visit the Burrow, or to take time to look for Ron. Thoughts of Ron or other the Weasleys were few and far between, all that was in the past and it no longer seemed relevant to their lives. After a visit to Gringotts where Harry collected a rather large amount of money they made their plans to take a trip to Australia to visit Hermione's parents, to make sure they were both still healthy and to restore their memories to them. Thoughts of getting married while they were there were discussed but no decision was made.

Three months after the battle of Diagon Alley as it was known, the two acclaimed hero's of the magical world were sitting in a hospital just east of Darwin Australia, listening to a heart beat coming from a loudspeaker. "That Mr and Mrs Potter is the sound of your child." A healer told them with a smile.

Hermione's parents looked on and smiled. Their daughter was pregnant and carrying their future grandchild. Harry and Hermione were over the moon, even though the pregnancy had not been planned. Hermione wore a huge smile. She had just married the man she had been with for the past seven years, her best friend Harry, she had her parents back and she was going to become a mother in a few months. As far as she was concerned life could get no better.

For the first time in his life, Harry was free, there were no evil wizards trying to get rid of him. He had everything he had ever really wanted in life. Freedom, love, and a family with the love of his life, a family that would grow in just a few short months, there was no way he could have been any happier.

Richard Granger voiced all their thoughts when he said he wanted to remain in Australia. None of them would ever return to the land of their birth and Australia became the Potters new home and would remain so for many generations.