This is a challenge I got from QueenGatomon (I seem to be doing quite a few challenges lately, huh?) and it's probably the shortest one I've written so far. I have another challenge on the way (and another after that XD) but I have an idea for an original one, and I want to do another multi-chaptered fic (original, again) soon, because that was fun, doing that... now I just have to come up with an actual plotline for it...

This is now going to be multi-chaptered. And I have changed the name of the fic, so as to not confuse it with other entries for this General Challenge (almost had a heart attack when I saw the other entry :P)

Title: A Twisted Love Story
Pairings: Takari, DaiTaKari(friendship)
Summary: Davis is taken by the Dark Ocean but his friends don't know. Will he be saved?
Quotes to include: "I can't tell the others they'll think I'm weak"

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Davis fidgeted, impatient for the boring history lecture to end. He had promised himself he wouldn't skip class today again, but it looked like that self-made promise was about to be broken. His selfish addiction was getting the better of him once more, and he wished it wasn't like this. He wanted to tell the others - he really did, but what would they think of him after that? The words almost bubbled up from his throat to expose him (in the middle of the classroom no less), but he kept repeating as a mantra in his head, I can't tell the others, they'll think I'm weak.

Davis snapped out of it as someone shoved into him roughly, causing the load of papers and notebooks in his arms to tumble to the floor of the hallway. How'd I get here? He asked himself. This had been occurring more and more lately – spacing out and ending up someplace completely different than where he remembered being. It was infuriating, as Ken would say. Ken… Davis huffed, annoyed with his best friend. This was partially his fault. If he hadn't gone on for hours and hours about his new girlfriend, then Davis wouldn't be so confused and upset.

It had started with the looks that they'd throw at each other from time to time. Longing and lust would take over, and their heads would automatically turn to the other in wanting. Eventually, the tension snapped, and Ken asked her out. Yolei and Ken were from then on, an official item.

And he wouldn't shut up about it.

Day after day, Davis had to hear about how much in love they were, and how much Ken wished he could marry her.

He sounded like a fangirl.

Davis had grown tired and exasperated with all this talk of love. And then it happened. TK and Kari got together, completing the circle of life, or some bullshit like that. Now Davis was getting it from all angles – at home, with his crazy love-stuck sister (not to mention his parents, seeing as how they had just gotten back from their second honeymoon), at school with all his friends making googly-eyes at each other, and whenever he went out. At the mall there were couples holding hands and shopping; at the theatre… well, Davis had a hard time paying attention to the movie when there were people making out two seats ahead of him.

It was infuriating beyond belief. Didn't anyone care about his feelings anymore? Apparently not, was the answer. Nowadays, Davis only had one place to go to escape his thoughts and feelings. It was a place he had heard about, but never gone to before. It had taken him by surprise when he had gotten sucked into it a few weeks ago, but since then he had been going there, day after day, skipping out on school, shirking responsibilities, and avoiding those who cared about him just to venture into his sacred place. He went there to think – that was all. He didn't run around, screaming at invisible people in rage, or sulk quietly in depression. He stared at the ocean's waves, which never ceased, and occasionally threw smooth rocks at it, just to see the ripples break the continuous, repetitive cycle of water crashing down on the beach.

He went to the Dark Ocean, and he liked it there.

The black and white scenery did not hurt his eyes. There was no one else there to pester him with their lovey-dovey ways. And most importantly, it was a refuge calm enough to let him ponder.

Davis pondered many things during his time spent sitting on the gravelly sand of the beach, but it all came back to one thing: What was love?

For this, Davis feared he'd never find an answer. He did not believe love was what he saw with his eyes, or what he heard verbally from his friends. It wasn't invisible – it was all around him, every single day. So, then – what exactly was it? Davis had even managed to yank out a dictionary from the confines of his closet. That hadn't been very helpful at all. He held affection for many people, but he knew he didn't love them; he just didn't want to see them get hurt or anything. It was so frustrating and bewildering, not knowing the solution to a perplexing problem. This wasn't math – Davis didn't have the option of looking in the back of the textbook to take a peek at the answers, or glance over at someone else's paper to cheat off of them. This was the real deal, and he had to figure it out for himself.

He just didn't know how, and he so desperately wanted to.

A sigh escaped his lips as he collapsed onto the familiar sand of the Dark Ocean's beach. His backpack hit the ground beside him, and he kicked off his shoes to join it. Another relaxing day at the beach, he said, amused. The gentle waves lapped at his toes, making them cold and blue. But Davis didn't mind. It was nice having a part of him totally numb and unfeeling. It was the opposite of what his mind was being.

His thoughts consumed him like a spreading wildfire – it was the only thing he was able to think of, understand and react to. The exact same question that had plagues his thoughts for so long continued to roam about, leaving a trail of half-ass theories in its wake.

Was love something given to you? Or did it just appear? Did you have to earn it for yourself, or could it be bestowed upon someone without knowing? Did it last forever, or was it a temporary kind of deal?

Davis's D-Terminal alerted him to a new message from Ken.

Davis, you wouldn't believe how incredible Yolei looks in a dress!! I swear she looks like a goddess!

He smiled half-heartedly at Ken's lack of manliness. Despite the fact that Ken was being a whipped version of his former self, Davis couldn't help but admire Yolei's strength. It took guts to reduce a guy to this intense level of suck-up-ness. Davis could only hope being in love didn't always require being trained like a poodle (AKA Ken, former Digimon Emprorer) to obey their master's every whim (AKA Yolei's mood swings). If so, Davis didn't want ANY part of it. Ever.

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