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What happens when you're getting married to the love of your life, but you're in love with someone else? What happens if that person's your wedding planner?

Inuyasha and Kikyo are on another date (Eww!) and Inuyasha is getting ready to ask one of the most important questions of his life!

"Hey, Kikyo?" says Inuyasha.

"Hmm?" she replies.

"Will you… will you m-m-m…" he shudders, "m-m-m-make me a present!"

"What?" she says with the most confused expression.

He sighs. "Okay what I really meant to say was…" he says as he gets on one knee and getting a small black box out of his pocket, "Will you marry me, Kikyo Wabasha?"

She gasps, falls to her knees, hugs him and screams, "Of course, of course, yes, yes, yes!"

He hugs her back and says, "I'm taking that's a yes?" She nods into his shoulder. "Thank you and I love you."

"I love you too!"

Next month…

Miroku called Inuyasha earlier in the morning telling him to come to their favorite restaurant to talk about stuff.

"Yo, Inuyasha!" Miroku calls from a table off in the side.

"Hey, what up bro?" Inuyasha says as he walks over and sits at the table.

"Nothing, much…" Miroku said.

"What do you want?"

"I was just wondering, since you're getting married, who's your best man?" Miroku asks with puppy dog eyes.

"Oh well I thought about it for a while, and…" Inuyasha said leaving his sentence hanging.


"I chose Hojo," Inuyasha said while trying to hold back his laughter.

"What! THAT PUSSY?!?" Miroku exploded.

Inuyasha couldn't hold it any more, he burst into laughter. Every one in the whole restaurant was looking at them. "Ha, ha, ha you idiot!"

"I see nothing humorous about this crap!" Miroku said still fuming.

"I do! Why would I ever choose him, I chose you!" Inuyasha said wiping tears.

"Oh, well-," Miroku started to say, but was interrupted.

"Are you two freaking finished? Damn, we're trying to eat in peace here!" said a girl in the next table.

"Sango!" said another girl at the table, "I'm sorry about her."

'Hmm… that girl's cute… what's her name?' Inuyasha thought.

"No Kagome, they need to shut the hell up!" said Sango.

"Well can you just ask them politely?" said Kagome.

"No," Sango muttered.

Kagome sighed and turned to the guys. "I'm sorry about her."

"That's fine, we'll forgive you if you ladies will allow us to join you for lunch," Miroku said.

"Er… I don't know-," Kagome started.

"We'd love you to!" Sango said, interrupting Kagome.

"What are you doing?" Kagome whispered to Sango.

"Hey free food!" Sango whispered back, grinning.

"Why am I friends with you again?"

"… Because I beat up everyone who was mean to you in grade school," Sango grinned.

Kagome smiled.

"So what are you ladies talking about?" Miroku said as him and Inuyasha sat down at Kagome and Sango's table.

"Oh, just girl stuff!" Kagome lied.

"Oh, so your names are Sango and Kagome?" he asked.

"Yup!" they both said.

"So, how are you doing today, Sango?" he asked.

"Oh, fine what about you?" she said.

While Sango and Miroku had a conversation, Kagome and Inuyasha started one of their own.

"Kagome… that name sounds familiar, what's your last name?" Inuyasha asked.

"Higurashi," she said, taking a sip of her drink.

"Oh! I remember you, but you probably don't remember me, do you?

"Er… I don't know, what's your name?"

"Inuyasha Takahashi."

"Omigosh! (That's really how you spell OMG!) Inuyasha!" she said as she got up and hugged him. "I haven't seen you since like middle school!" Then she let go and punched him.

"Oww! What was that for?" Inuyasha said, bewildered.

"That's for leaving and not saying goodbye!" she said.

"Yes I did!" he said.

"No you didn't, and this is what happened:" Kagome started.


2 weeks before Inuyasha had to move:

"Kagome, I'm moving in two weeks," a kid version of Inuyasha said.

"What?! No! I'm going to handcuff you to your house if I have to! You're not going!" says a kid version of Kagome.

"I'm sorry I have to go…" he says hugging her.

"Then I'm coming with you," she says teary-eyed in his chest.

"You can't."

"But you're my best friend and I love you," she says as she starts to cry. (Friend love nothing more)

"I know and I love you too, but we have to go," he said still holding her in his chest.

"Okay," she said, wiping her eyes in his chest.

"C'mon don't cry over me…"

"I'm not crying," she said, but her voice cracked.

He chuckled. "That's one of the things I'll miss about you."

2 weeks later –Kagome's going to say bye to Inuyasha.

'I can't believe he's leaving…' Kagome thought on her way to Inuyasha's house.

She gets to his house and knocks on the door… but no one answers. She knocks louder… but no response.

"No! Inuyasha you couldn't have left yet! Inuyasha! Please!" she says as she starts banging on the door. "Why'd you leave without saying bye to me?! Inuyasha, please… just at least let me get my last goodbye!" she says as she breaks down and cries on his doorstep.

End of Flashback.

"… and that's what happened," Kagome finished.

"Before we left my family gave me ten minutes at your house before we left for good, but you weren't there. I asked your grandpa to say bye for me," Inuyasha countered.

"Well that was your first mistake, you know my gramps is senile!" she laughed.

"True…" he laughed with her.

"Hello my name is Stacie, can I take your order?" said a small woman, who was about in her twenties, who just walked up.

"Yes, I'll have the pasta marinara," said Sango handing her menu to Stacie.

"I'll have the Grilled Chicken, Chef Salad," said Kagome, also handing her menu to Stacie.

"I'll have the steak, well done with mashed potatoes and broccoli," said Miroku, giving his menu also.

"I'll have the beef ramen," said Inuyasha handing his menu too. (His sounds the best out of all! LOL!)

"Okay your orders will be right back in a moment," said Stacie, winking at Inuyasha and Miroku.

Kagome rolled her eyes, while Sango made gagging noises. "Hey Kags, did you know that this is Miroku the perv, Miroku," Sango said pointing to Miroku.

"Ohmigosh, well this is little dog eared, puppy-dog face, best friend Inuyasha," said Kagome tweaking one of his dog ears.

"Aw, look how got all grown up!" Sango cooed.

"And look how non-perverted Miroku got!" Kagome cooed.

"Okay, this is annoying," Inuyasha stated.

"But you guys just turned out so much better and cuter!" Kagome said as she pinched his cheeks.

"Okay that's enough," he said as he removed her hands.

"Fine," she said as she pouted.

"Tell me why you guys never went out," Miroku said.

Both of them blushed and said, "It's not like that, we're only friends!"

"Plus I'm getting married so it doesn't matter," Inuyasha added.

"What? Since when and why wasn't I invited?" Sango and Kagome both said.

"Since when I asked Kikyo to marry me, and I kinda forgot about you guys," Inuyasha admitted.

"Well thanks, and, Kikyo?" they both said again.

"Yeah I met her in America."

"Oh… well are we invited?" Kagome asked.

"Yeah, can you guys make it August the 13th?"

"No, the wedding I'm is that day, sorry."

"It's okay," he said a tad bit disappointed.

"Inuyasha!" called a tall, black-haired, girl in a pink shirt and a skirt that came right above her knees.

"Hey Kikyo," he said as he hugged the girl and kissed her.

"Oh hello Kagome, what are you doing here?" said Kikyo.

"Well just taking a break from planning the wedding," Kagome said.

"Wait she's planning the wedding?" Inuyasha asked in disbelief.

"Er, hello… I'm Kagome Higurashi, your wedding planner."

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