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It had been close to twenty-four hours since Demetri left. We had no way of contacting him. The Volturi didn't like to give out their cell phone numbers. Imagine that.

I took comfort in the fact that Demetri had connected with Nessie's essence or spirit or whatever it was. Had she been dead, he would not have found any sort of link. Should I be grateful to Jake because he kept her alive? No. Never. I knew she was at least physically alive, but what about mentally?

My poor little girl. I was once told that God only gives you as much as you can handle. Nothing is insurmountable unless you yourself say it is. Nessie was wise beyond her years, but still a child. How can a person exist for just a year and have such crosses to bear? How will I explain all of this to her?

Will she think we abandoned her because it took so long to rescue her? Will she be able to trust us? Trust anyone? Will she ever get the chance to be a child? So many questions and we have to put our faith in the Volturi to have a chance to discover the answers.

I wonder how Nessie will view the world from now on. Up until now, she has only seen that beyond one's own family, there is only evil out there. The Cullens and the Swans are the only ones she can trust. She never goes out in Forks so she knows of no others. The wolves have proven to be untrustworthy.

How could I expect a young child to handle so much? It was the first time that I questioned if bringing Nessie into this horrible world had been the right thing to do. When I think back to all of the things she's had to deal with since she came into existence…I'm absolutely speechless. How could I have been so stupid and naïve? How could I have done this to such an innocent little thing who was so defenseless against those who would want to take her?

My love for my daughter is paramount, but maybe I had been just a bit selfish. I wanted it all. The husband. The child. The happy ending. Maybe this was the universe telling me that I got greedy. I had been given my happiness with Edward. And Edward. Look at what I put him through and continued to put him through. I was indeed so very selfish.

We were in Edward's old room- Nessie's playroom. I sat back on the bed, my head resting against the pillows propped up by the headboard. As I sat there, I watched Edward standing in the middle of the room with his hands in his pockets. He was staring at all of Nessie's toys. Finally, he picked one of her dolls up off the shelf.

The doll was one that Carlisle of all people had ordered online. He found a company that designed dolls exactly to your specifications. So Carlisle had ordered an auburn-haired doll with brown eyes that resembled his grand-daughter exactly. Carlisle and Esme had Nessie with them one day while out shopping in Seattle. Inevitably, they stopped at a toy store. Nessie went directly over to the dolls. Carlisle, having never spent much time with children, was absolutely horrified by what passes as suitable for young girls. The dolls all looked like prostitutes. Esme recounted later that Carlisle scooped Nessie up and stormed out of the store muttering something about how society had begun its final descent into hell. He didn't want her to give up her speeding childhood by growing up so fast. Two weeks later, he presented an excited Nessie with a doll in her likeness that was dressed appropriately.

The memory faded as I watched Edward looking at the doll and smoothing her hair. He was my rock. He kept it together so I could fall apart if I needed to. I tried to stay strong, but this was my child missing. I sometimes forget that she's his child too. The cracks were finally starting to show as the strain grew. Edward was most definitely missing his little girl.

We were both roused from our silent thoughts by the sound of cars making their way up the Cullen driveway. Faster than I had ever seen him move, Edward grabbed my hand and flew with me down the stairs. We burst out through the front door and watched as several limos snaked their way to the mansion. The others quickly joined us.

The limos stopped and the front passenger side door of the first one opened. A valet moved with a sense of ceremony to open the doors in the rear of the limo. First Demetri emerged. He was followed by Aro who was cradling my darling daughter in his arms! I grabbed onto Edward's arm so that I could stay upright. It was understood that we were not to approach Aro, but that Aro would come to us. Nessie looked so lifeless in his arms. Her eyes were opened slightly and she seemed quite disoriented. What exactly had Jake put her through? What kind of horrors had she seen? Edward stiffened beside me as Aro approached.

"Edward, Bella…your daughter as promised."

Aro handed Nessie over to Edward's waiting arms. Edward hugged her and me to his chest.

"Mommy? Daddy?" Her voice was barely a whisper. I kissed her face and stroked her hair, but I almost didn't recognize my own daughter. She was dressed in overalls and some sort of sports jersey. Her beautiful bronze curls had been sliced off. It was oddly jet black with auburn roots. But she was still my Nessie. My Renesmee.

"Yes darling, you're home at last!" Edward passed her to me and I held her as tightly as possible. Edward kissed Nessie on the cheek and then proceeded to stroke her hair. Now that our family had been reunited, Edward took on the role of protector with a heart poisoned by vengeance. His face became stoic and determined.

"What happened to her?" He questioned Aro.

"She has been deprived of blood. The wolf has been starving her to teach her a lesson apparently. We gave her some blood on the plane, but the damage has been done and it will take time before she becomes herself again. Believe me when I say she is doing much better than when I found her."

I noticed Demetri's eyes tighten. Edward's head snapped up and I could tell he was reading Aro's mind, mining it for every detail of Nessie's ordeal. Each breath he took became deeper and deeper as if he was trying to hold back torrents of rage.

"Where is he?"

Aro motioned to his guards who moved to unload a groggy werewolf from the trunk of the limo. Edward's eyes fixed upon Jake with laser-like focus. They threw him on the ground where Jake moved to his knees.

"Bella, bring Nessie inside. Emmett, bring Billy out." Edward hissed through gritted teeth.

"No! I want to be here for this." I protested. Alice flitted over to us.

"Here, I'll take her. I'm getting a headache anyway." I gratefully placed my daughter in her aunt's arms.

"Auntie Alice, look what he did to my hair!"

"Oh angel, don't worry! We'll stick a beret on your head and you can be Coco Chanel for Halloween."

Alice disappeared with Nessie into the house just as Emmett was bringing Billy through the door. Billy became animated once he saw his son.


"Shut up!" Jasper didn't need to use his power to instill fear into Billy. Billy now knew exactly what Jasper was capable of.

Aro took this as his cue to leave.

"Well, this has been quite the experience. It is now our time to leave you all to attend to these pressing matters. Don't be strangers. Please bring Renesmee to Italy sometime. She should know the history of her family."

I just nodded while Edward and Carlisle strode over to Aro to shake his hand.

"Thank you again for your assistance. My wife and I are most grateful."

"Indeed." Aro smiled and then turned to Carlisle. All pretenses of renewed friendship fell away. He leaned in and whispered, "We're even now."

An equally serious Carlisle just nodded. Aro and his guard piled into their cars and took off down the driveway.

And so Jake kneeled before us at our mercy. I wasn't sure how Edward wanted to handle things, but my first instinct was to beat him into oblivion. Edward's eyes never left Jake's face as he slowly circled him. Finally, Edward spoke.

"You son of a bitch."

I rarely, if ever, heard Edward swear. Not even when we had our appendages ripped off the night of Nessie's kidnapping. Jake looked at him defiantly.

"What now? Seriously, you're never gonna let me see her again, so what other way do you possibly think you can hurt me? You've already done enough damage!"

"You really don't get it, do you? You really are so thick and so completely delusional that you cannot comprehend the utter scope of your destruction. All in the name of greedy infatuation and entitlement!"

"Listen, bloodsucker, you've won alright? You've won! You have Bella! You have Nessie! You have your money! You win! There's nothing more you could say that will drive that point home more than those facts already have! This is just about you now having to get the last word like always!"

Disbelief rocked Edward's body.

"You think my anger is because of some deep rooted need to have the last word? When have I ever had the last word when it comes to you, Jacob? Over and over again, I've had to stand by to accommodate you!"

"Oh please…"

"You were the one who first broke the treaty! Did we attack you? No! Yet, I stood by when Bella wanted you in her life even though I knew you were dangerous. I had to accept it! We've never broken one rule and yet you and your tribe continually treat us like criminals! It went against everything in me to accept your so-called 'imprinting' but I did! You've been there every step of the way to taint any happiness that Bella and I have! Tell me again how I always have the last word!"

Technically, I knew that Edward was not going to burst any blood vessels, but I had never seen him angry like this before. His long dormant veins were popping out from under his skin.

Jake just laughed.


And with that, Edward backhanded him into a tree on the other side of the driveway. And as Edward had once promised, Jake's jaw was now broken. He was spitting blood everywhere.

"That's enough you bastard!" Billy yelled out as though he had a semblance of control over my husband.

"You!" I seethed. "You could have stopped this! You let an innocent child be stolen from her family because of your spoiled bastard son! You even allowed my father to be terrorized and almost killed! So much for a lifetime of friendship. You act as though my family is the scum of the earth, but you just go about breaking every human law possible to get what you want! If anything, you and your tribe are far more removed from humanity than any of my family here. You're disgusting!"

Emmett and Jasper had to restrain me as I tried to lunge for Billy. Billy smirked at me as I fought to break free. I wanted so desperately to hurt him.

"Oh, Mr. Black, I wouldn't be so sure of your safety just yet." Said Edward ever so quietly. "And I'm not even talking about what is about to happen here, today, right now with us. I'm talking about you having to go back to your reservation and tell the other Quileute families that you sent their children to their deaths."

Billy eyed Edward suspiciously. "What are you talking about, boy?"

"Haven't you noticed? I suppose you wouldn't show your concern for others, only yourself. Your darling son Jacob is the only Quileute who was returned. Aren't you even remotely curious about the rest of them?"

"Jake?" Billy looked past Edward to his son seeking answers.

"I really don't think that your son is able to open his mouth right now so I'll be his interpreter. The rest of Jacob's friends were, in fact, murdered by the vampires who returned my daughter to me. Just like that. Just because you believed that you owned another person. Did you really think that Jacob could take someone's child, my child, and everyone would walk away unscathed?"

"No…"Billy shook his head in denial.

"But yes. Oh yes. Now you will have to go back to La Push and explain how their sons have all been killed. But I'm sure they will comforted by the fact that their children died in vain. Now if you'll excuse me, I must finish my conversation with Jacob."

Billy started to hyperventilate. I'm sure Carlisle could have done something to help him, but he didn't. No doctor's oath could claim Carlisle's benevolence today. He had taken a more important oath to his own family.

Edward walked back over to where Jake was slumped against the tree.

"Now, I was planning on killing you, but I don't think that punishment would fit the crime. Rosalie?"

Rosalie darted to Edward's side.

"It's getting awfully chilly out here. Do you think you could start a fire?"

Rosalie's lips curved into a mischievous smile.

"Absolutely, Edward. The temperature has dropped quite a bit. It shouldn't take me long at all to get a fire going."

"Thank you." And off Rosalie went returning with a metal drum, some lighter fluid and some wood. Soon, a fire raged in the drum. Edward walked closer to Jacob and then kneeled next to him.

"You know, Jacob, I still have not forgotten about the night you took Nessie from us. You ran off into the night with her and left your friends, you know the ones you led to their deaths, behind to rip the limbs off of me and my wife. If there's one thing which is as bad as seeing my daughter suffer, it is seeing my wife suffer. No parent should ever have to go through that torment of having their child torn from them. You're not a parent so you couldn't possibly understand what it's like not to be able to hold your child."

Edward leaned closer to Jacob and whispered, "And now you never will. In the future, should some stupid woman take pity on you and decide to bear your children, you will never have any idea what it is like to feel your child's heart so close to your own. And this is also to prevent you from snatching someone else's child away from them."

Edward jumped back up onto his feet.

"Now since you can't speak and I'm sure are dying to know what fate holds for you, I'll clue you in. I just hope you have good balance. You'll need it because you won't have your arms to steady you. Now I know what you're thinking…werewolves heal right away so it will be easy to re-attach them. Hmmmm, not in your case. See, I think you should be reminded everyday of the crime you committed, of the friends you essentially murdered and of the complete decimation of a whole reservation all for self-serving purposes. So in order to help you to never forget, I thought I would take the liberty of ripping your arms off and torching them so they can never be re-attached. Sounds fair to me. Now since I want to get back to my daughter and do what I can to heal her, let's get this over with shall we?"

Esme turned and made her way into the house unable to watch. I stood my ground wanting to see the jackass suffer for what he did. Hearing the news of the destruction of the reservation of innocent people made me even more disgusted for this creature that superficially resembled a human being.

Edward walked up to Jacob and, one by one, ripped both of his arms off. A second later, both limbs were thrown into the fire causing the most acrid odor imaginable to permeate the air. Jake was screaming, but they were muffled due to his broken jaw and he was sputtering blood. Carlisle walked over to Jacob with his medical bag and inspected Jake's arm sockets. They had already started to heal.

Carlisle motioned for Emmett and Jasper. He quickly instructed them to drop both Jake and Billy at the La Push reservation. Rosalie had already managed to muffle Billy's screams by sticking a piece of fabric in Billy's mouth. Edward and I watched as the two were loaded into Emmett's jeep and driven away.

Edward quickly wrapped his arms around me and nuzzled my ear.

"Love, I'm sorry you had to see that."

"I'm not. I never thought that I would be the type of person to advocate that type of punishment, but I suppose it was because I never had a child before."

"Come on, let's go inside and see Nessie."

He led me inside and we found her, Esme and Alice in the kitchen. Alice had bathed Nessie and dressed her in some new pajamas. She had coaxed Nessie's hair into short pigtails. She was already starting to look like herself again. She was sitting on Esme's lap with a sippy cup of blood in her hands. A plate of cookies was sitting on the table in front of her. She seemed a little more vibrant and was telling her grandmother and aunt a bit about what happened to her.

"And I yelled at him when he cut my hair because I was sad. I told him I took after my Aunt Rose with my curls and he said that she's not really my aunt. But I know she is! She is!"

"Of course she is, darling." Said Esme as she smoothed Nessie's bangs and brushed away the tears that had started to fall. "Look who's here, sweetheart!"

"Mommy!" My baby was sobbing as I took her into my arms.

"By the way guys, I just called Charlie to tell him she's back and he's on his way over." What would we do without Alice?

"Thanks, Alice." Said Edward as he wrapped his arms around us. Nessie moved to go into her father's arms. She threw her own arms around his neck and held on for dear life.

"My angel, we love you so much and we're so sorry that this happened to you. We promise that nothing like this will ever happen again."

"I missed you, Daddy."


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