A/N: Woohoo. Here's the first of my SasuNaru one-shot collection. It's a miracle that I even came up with one, but I'm planning on going all the way to 100. It'll help me with my writing anyway. So, enjoy.

The Overdone Sasuke's iPod Fic

Sasuke is such a bitch about his music.

He's even more emo when he has his iPod. I wouldn't have believed it before he got that thing. Every day when he shows up he's listening to whatever he feels like, and its turned up all the way so he can't hear anything, but we can all hear the whole annoying melody. It gets on everyone's nerves, but I'm the only one who will actually admit that we've switched roles. Sakura just yells at me for criticizing Sasuke and Kakashi says he needs a way to relieve his tension other than training, so that he won't kill us.

Then whenever I try to get him to turn it down, he ignores me in that brooding, sexy way of his. (Wait. I didn't call him sexy. I swear.) I know he can read lips and at least halfway comprehend my sign language, but then all he does is start mouthing the lyrics of whatever he's listening to at me that I can only get a few words out of (I can't read lips as well as Sasuke…). And whenever anyone interrupts his song for any reason, and I mean any reason, he gets all pissy and attacks.

So right now we're waiting for Kakashi on the bridge. Again. And Sasuke is brooding and listening to some song. Again. The only thing different about today is Sakura isn't here yet.

"Turn it down, Sasuke," I say, without any real force. It's kind of a habit now. Without the daily fight about the music, it's not a training day. He ignores me, like always. Or maybe he really can't hear me yet. I can't tell. I never learned how to read the expression on that perfect face…wait that came out wrong. Anyway…

"HEY, EMO KID, TURN THAT CRAP DOWN!" I yell. He just looks at me with his eyes wide, and when I point down, he just starts mouthing some weird lyrics again.

Blah blah evidence…something about thoughts…and drill a hole into my skull…blah blah brains, blah blah rug, blah blah drug…

I just turn away after that. I can't help it if the teme has mental problems.

After a few moments of trying to block out the screaming and electric guitars, I get an idea. If I cut the cord on his ear buds, neither one of us will be stuck listening to that crap. I just need to be stealthy. But as soon as I grab my kunai, he sighs, and actually stops his music. Wait, what? Well he does look pissed…so he must have seen me. Damn.

"Dobe, would you calm down if I let you listen too?"

Wait. What? Oh what the heck. "Only if I can pick the song."

Oh. He's serious. Wow. Smiling, I take the ear bud and the iPod from Sasuke and look through all his songs. Trying to ignore my left arm now brushing against his right, I look through all his songs and finally find one I recognize.

I chuckle as he realizes what song I picked, and he rolls his eyes and smirks. When did that look become so sexy?

Wait. I didn't say that. But I can't keep my eyes off him.

Apparently he notices, because he starts looking at me and singing (well, mouthing) along with the music.

"Dirty babe
You see these shackles? Baby, I'm your slave
I'll let you whip me if I misbehave
It's just that no one makes me feel this way."

Great, now he's smirking. And why am I blushing? Damn, but he looks so sexy…

Wait. I don't think that thing with the duck butt hair was even remotely attractive…do I?

Still blushing. And he sees. Shit. I look away.

Now he's taking the iPod away from me. I just let him do it. I'm mortified right now, and kind of doubting my sexuality. Wait. No I'm not.

Okay, I'm seriously confused. Now the song is all slow and pretty. Why? Is he going to sing again?

Holding my hand…now he's singing.

"Here I go
Scream my lungs out and try to get to you
You are my only one
I let go
But there's just no one that gets me like you
You are my only, my only one"

I have to look at him now. What the hell is he thinking? Wait, why is he blushing too? Is he getting closer?


A/N: So that's my first one-shot thing. I think it's a bit confusing, but I didn't know how else to get where I wanted to go with this and still make Naruto's thoughts slightly incoherent. I might rewrite it later. Sasuke might be a bit OOC since I based his actions on me. No, seriously, I act exactly like that when I'm listening to my music. The first song is Falling Down by Atreyu, and the lyric Sasuke's lip synching is

"I'd never find the evidence so horrible
(so horrible)
To clear my thoughts
I drill a hole into my skull
clean up my brains
sweep them underneath the rug
I needed them more than I needed
any other drug"

And the second song is Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake, and the third is Only One by Yellowcard. (Origionally I had Getting Into You by Relient K, but I decided to change it because Relient K is kind of a christian band and I didnt want to offend anyone or give the impression that Sasuke has religious views.) Am I disturbed or what?