Sasuke sighed as he brushed his dark hair out of his eyes and rubbed his temples. Naruto had been a pain for the past few days, and even now he was in the other room moaning about cramps and how men are such pigs. The dark haired ninja had left the room, growing tired of listening to a gay man diss his own gender.

The throbbing in his temples grew stronger, which Sasuke took as the cue for Tylenol. He dragged himself over to the medicine cabinet, and his jaw dropped as he opened it.

It was stuffed with Midol.

Too shocked to say anything, Sasuke grabbed a box and went back to his and Naruto's room. The light ninja still lay there, curled into a ball with a hot pad on his stomach. Weakly, his complete opposite held up the box in his hand when Naruto gazed inquiringly at him.

Konoha's number one hyperactive knucklehead ninja raised his eyebrows. "Sasuke. I'm the female here. I'm entitled to some PMS."

A/N: Yeah, I know that was kind of bad. But its more something I had to get out. I have better ideas though, and hopefully they'll be posted before I go to bed this morning.