Author: AngelFace23147

Story: Lady Luck

Chapter: 1

Pairing: Uchiha Itachi & Haruno Sakura

Sides: Uzumaki Naruto & Hyuuga Hinata, Hyuuga Neji & Tenten, Nara Shikamaru & Yamanaka Ino, Jiraiya & Tsunade, Gemna & Shizune

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Notes: This is a non-massacre story. Which means, for all who are knew to this type of story where Itachi did not go off and kill off the rest of the clan. Nor did the Uchiha clan want to cause an uproar in Konoha for all those who read far into the manga.

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Earlier That Week:

"Itachi," Fugaku looked at his elder son from the head of the table. "It has come to the concil's attention that you have not shown any interest in the courting of a female to take the role of Lady Uchiha when I step down."

"Aa," Itachi said placing a small piece of food in his mouth. He did not want to have another discussion on this topic. He was neither interested in finding a wife or did he really care.

"Fugaku," Mikoto said softly from the other side of the family table. "Really, Itachi still has plenty of time to find a nice girl to settle down with."

Fugaku grunted as he swallowed the last bit of chicken on his plate. "He's of age. the."

"Please Fugaku," Mikoto waved it off. "What does it really matter."

"Mikoto, you and I were married by the time I turned twenty five. Itachi is twenty five."


Fugaku pounded his fist on the table as he raised his voice. "What difference does it make if he are still passed the suggested age."

Sasuke merely rolled his eyes. His father always fussed over Itachi's every little move. It all seemed rather repetitive. Thank god he ate out with his team more than he actually ate at home. It was always Itachi this or Itachi that.

"If that is the case then you should be worrying about your younger son as well." Mikoto stated. "He at least has female friends."

Sasuke immediately began distraught. He disliked the idea of being tied down to a needy woman. And with the way his own love life was going he'd end up marrying Sakura. Both of them would be sooo happy if that happened to be the case.

"Leave Sakura out of this." Sasuke said gruffly. This statement caused Itachi to look up at his younger brother. His eyes slightly squited; like Sasuke himself was the enemy. Sasuke made eye contact with his older brother whose black eyes faded away from the dinner table.

Haruno Sakura, she most well known for her apprenticeship under the Hokage and for being the fourth member of his younger brother's team. Many could debate that she was the most powerful active kunoichi in Konoha. Or at least she would be in due time. She had made a name for herself having coming from a civilian family, was the most background the elder brother could gather from overhearing conversations between random people.

Mikoto would not leave it alone. "Come on Sasuke-kun, she's a good girl. Smart, graceful, and oh how pretty she's become." Mikoto adored Sakura like a second daughter. "Sasuke, you and her are so close."

"No," Sasuke stated firmly. He could never think of Sakura in that way. Not after all they've been through.

"Mikoto we are all well aware of your appreciation for Haruno-san." Fugaku grumbled returning back to his food.

"Think about how many medical bills she has saved us."

This was also true, she was a very skilled medical ninja. Itachi had been watching her grow along with his brother and Naruto. Many times he had requested the girl on more than one of his ANBU missions having to keep a close eye on her safety knowing his brother and his brother's fox friend Naruto would pitch a fit; a very large fit if their beloved female teammate came back with a scratch on her body. But never before had he thought that she would indeed make a rather intersting woman to have around.

A single woman at that. She was always his little brother's friend. A little girl. But the little girl had done just has her name suggests. Sakura had bloomed into a woman right under his eyes. He knew her well enough to know she was a caring girl with enough patience to deal with his brother. She could do the same with him if she needed to. She could be too forgiving for her own good sometimes.

"Like we dont' have the moeny to pay for them." Fugaku pointed out.

"That's not the point." Mikoto defended herself.

"No," Fukagku said firmly, "No, it is not. The focus is on our eldest son. And his lack of effort in finding a suitable wife."

Mikoto held her husband's gaze before turning her head down. Itachi shook his head. He'd marry a woman who did have the courage to stand up to him. The way his father treated his mother was not right. But then again, she all but let him do it.

"I would suggest looking within the clan first before looking at the kunoichi outside." He suggested. "I have already made arrangements for you to meet with some very credible girls during the family gathering next week.

Itachi did not want to marry inside of the family. Incest was not for him. So that left only one choice. "That will not be needed father."

"Apparently it is." Fugaku countered.

"Then maybe if the clan elders removed themselves from the compound every once in a blue moon then they would know I have already taken interest in a girl. She would not be too happy it others are being pressed upon me when my attention would be better served with her." Itachi explained point blank. "That would be rather improper of me."

Mikoto's chopsticks dropped on the table while Sasuke and Fugaku turned to Itachi like he had gone crazy. "Excuse me?"

"Itachi," Mikoto spoke in an airy voice. "Who is this girl?" She wanted to meet any girl who had so captured his attention enough for him to want to court her.

Itachi turned to his mother, "Thank you for the meal mother." He bowed his head to her before raising from the table and leaving them. "You will meet her at the gathering."

"Sasuke?" Mikoto asked her younger son. Unfortunately her younger son was just as confused as she was. Itachi was not seeing any girl. Which only meant that whatever girl he was picturing in his head was going to end up being his sister-in-law whether or not she like it.

Poor Itachi would never hear the end of it.


Sakura Haruno knew that it wasn't going to be a good day. She knew it from the moment she woke up, that today was not going to be her day. When Sakura had a bad day, the whole day just went for a long and never ending down hill ride. And today just happened to be one of those days that just got worse.

Her lucky day started when she woke up twenty minutes before her alarm was supposed to go off. Twenty minutes she could have spent sleeping, but noooo! Her body just had to go and kick into drive right then and there. No matter how hard she worked she could never get enough sleep.

Sakura didn't mind though. She could not have asked for a better job.

Therefore with the extra time she decided to take a nice long, relaxing shower. Which started off fine; she had her fuzzy bath robe, and the water was nice and hot. But the moment she went to reach for her body wash her hand made contact with an empty bottle. She was completely out of her vanilla scented body wash that she normally used.

Taking a calming breath she stepped out of her warm shower and into the cold bathroom. For fifteen minutes she searched for something, but the only thing she was able to find was Naruto's body wash.

In an extra manly man scent; it pleases the ladies.

Yet it was the only thing she could find. By the time she returned to the bathroom her shower was no longer warm. Bad things only come in threes Sakura, she kept telling herself.

But who was she kidding. She knew the day was going to go down in history if it was starting out to be bad this earily in the morning. All that she was able to do was make the best of it.

Sakura showered as quickly as she was able, not enjoying the cold chills the water was sending into her bones. After using Naruto's body wash, she defiantly smelled like male. She stepped out of the shower clutching her shivering body while frantically looking around for her robe. Spinning around twice Sakura knew she had wasted too much time already so she sprinted to her room to dress herself.

She knew she was running late and did not need to look at the clock. Sakura tossed on her medic uniform as quickly as she could and dashed out the door. Completely disregarding her breakfast. Good thing I had a big dinner She thought.

The moment she walked out the door she came face to chest with a green pair of spandex. "MY YOUTHFUL CHERRY BLOSSOM!" Konoha's green beast proclaimed rather loudly for being so early in the morning. "I have come here this early in the morning to once again proclaim my youthful love for you my beautiful Sakura-chan!"

Sakura's brain rebooted after his monologue. "Actually Lee," she started out trying to think on the stop as she made her way around. "It is too early in the morning for anyone to be proclaiming love for anyone." Sakura quickly made her way towards the hospital.

"But Sakura-chan!!" Lee easily caught up with her and tried to keep

"Lee everyone knows that one must not proclaim their love for another so early in the course of the morning." Sakura tried to put him down softly. He had come below her window three times during the day. Twice in the morning, this being the earliest. Four times in the course of the afternoon and once during the day.

"Shameful!!" Lee cried. "I have once again failed my beautiful cherry blossom. I will run 6,000 laps around Konoha for my lack of intellect so that I may redeem myself to be once again worthy for my sweet Sakura-chan's affections.

By the end of his statement Sakura was out of sight. Thank god I'm away from him. As much as she admired Lee's inner strength, he was getting on her nerves with his always proclaiming his love for her.

Shizune was just arriving as well when Sakura slowed down from her full out sprint. "Ah Sakura, running a little behind are we?"

"Please Shizune-san, today has not been my day." Sakura placed to fingers to either side of her temples, pushing her healing chakra into her brain to ease away the Lee induced headache. No matter when or where Lee always seemed to have that effect on her.

"You ran into Rock Lee didn't you?" Shizune asked with as small chiding smile.

Sakura gave her a small glare as they entered the building together. Almost immediately Sakura took notice to the number of males in the hospital this early in the morning. Now, she was normally a cheerful person to see so many people who needed her help so early in the morning. She had noticed how increasingly more her number of male shinobi have been requesting her to do their check-ups.

Taking another breath Sakura walked over to the receptionist who smiled so politely at her. "Good morning Haruno-san."

Sakura merely nodded. "Do you have my schedule for this morning?" She asked matching the happiness easily in the receptionist's tone. She had to try and act like ths day wasn't heading down hill already.

"As always Haruno-san." she answered back cheerfully. "You and Shizune-san both have a number of shinobi routine check-ups to do. I have the first five waiting in the first floor examination rooms when you are ready for them."

Sakura nodded, but as she turned away from the cheery girl, she caught all the males in the waiting area smirking while glancing in her direction. Many gave her nods and larger smiles that made her feel a slight bit uncomfortable as she walked by.

"Shizune-san?" Sakura whispered to the woman she considered her older sister. "Why are they all staring at me?"

"Sakura-chan," Shizune almost laughed out loud. "Men love to flirt with nurses." Shizune followed up with a knowing look. "Don't let them get too frisky now Sakura."

"Shizune!" Sakura exclaimed loudly as Shizune disappeared into the first room. Sakura took the second.

Her shift went extremely slow.

Each shinobi telling her about his hopes and dreams and accomplishments as she went through her routine. She listened intently as they talked making small conversations with them before they began to get clingy to her. Asking her questions to prevent her from leaving the room. Three actually had asked her to dinner that even but she had to decline saying she had other plans which was not far from the truth. She had dinner plans with her team later that day.

Just as she was about to take her lunch break, having finished up with the last of her checkups, another nurse came running full speed down the hallway. "Haruno-san, your needed in operating room three immediately!" the nursed stopped and shifted wait as Sakura processed said information. Both women took off down the hallway from which the nurse came.

"Who?" Sakura asked looking straight ahead.

"A member from Team Eight was ambushed by rock ninja on their way back from their mission to Wave Country. Not their captain, but the other male … Inuzuka; he blocked a boulder from Lady Hyuuga-san."

They rounded another corner. Almost there, "Damage."

The nurse relayed, "Crushed rip cage, punctured lung, crushed liver and kidneys."

"And his heart?"

"Barely beating. Lady Hyuuga-san managed to keep it beating enough to get him here."


"I'm here Sakura. Take a solider pill, you haven't eaten all day. I'll begin the preparations while you do so. Be ready, we're going to be in there a while." Shizune came around another corner with another nurse next to her.

"Understood," Sakura nodded her head. This is where her real battle field was. This is where Sakura knew she preformed her best. Where no other could touch her level of skill and knowlegde.

Shizune was technically the head doctor in the hospital which was a fact heavily debated by many because of Sakura's officially having passed the Hokage not but six months ago. Sakura had settled the dispute by say that Shizune will know who to hand the hospital to when she believes a successor ready. Who everyone knew would be Sakura.

It took three hours and thirty nine minutes to stabilize Kiba's body once again. And another hour before Sakura could actually write up the report. Some of the bones and shattered and it had been a time consuming process to search for the pieces in his body. Ribs had puntured both his lungs, and Sakura wondered how his heart managed to keep beating.

But they had done it and Kiba would be released in about a week's time. If he didn't act up around other nurses.

Kiba had always been a flirtatious boy, but never had he been so forward with Sakura. The only reason she did not send him flying through the nearest wall was because it would be enough torture for him to be confined to his room by her orders for the next week or more depending on her mood and his attitude.

After finishing the report, Sakura made her way over to the Hokage tower during her only break to hand it into Tsunade.

Her body was tired and did not move to fast as she climbed the never ending sets of stairs. Not really think about where her feet were taking her Sakura made her way to her shisue's office. Sakura stood before the door and knocked twice, paused, then knocked once more.

A loud grunt was heard from inside the room as was Tsunade's usually response to anyone's knocking on the door; so Sakura turned the handle and entered the room. Which clearly was not the best idea considering the way her day was going. Upon entering she froze mid stride as she was staring as the one scene she never wanted to witness in her entire life.

"Harder you fucking Baka!" Tsunade scolded.

But the problem wasn't that she was scolding. The problem was the person she was scolding.

A person who just happened to be a very naked Jiraiya who had an equally nude Tsunade bent over her desk while he continually thrusted into her from behind. Grunting with all his might as he was doing so, causing the desk to rock violently back and forth so much that Sakura feared they would break it. The smell of discharge and semen was very prominent; suggesting this was not their first round. Her legs spreed wide enough for him to sheath himself entirely inside her core. While Jiraiya's hands freely attacked Tsunade's enlarged breast that were hanging freely mid air. His fingers squeezing tight enough for Sakura to see the indents he made on her skin.

"Harder Jiraiya," She moaned again. "Fuck me harder!"

"Ha! Like I'm going to do anything else while I have you here." Jiraiya exclaimed with another thrust and grunt causing his partner to cry out in pleasure. "When's the last chance I got to fuck you on your desk?"

Sakura's brain shut down for the third time that day not wanting to absorb any more information of the sight before her. No doubt that she would be mentally scared for the rest of her life. However, that might not be long if her day continues to get worse.

Tsunade's head roll back enjoying ever minute of Jiraiya's labours which made Sakura suddenly remembered why shinobi actually had a harder time finding their significant other than civilians. The brain blocks out everything else during intercourse which puts a great deal of trust in your partner. Especially since a shinobi is taught never to drop their guard and taking part in intercourse is the single most distracting activity. Not really knowing if that was a good thing that her mentor had not noticed her most embarrassing intrusion.

Especially since she was Hokage. At least she hoped Tsunade had not noticed or Sakura would have hell to pay.

Sakura dropped the paper and was out the door before it hit the floor. That was one sight that she never wished to know about or hear about, see or even smell everagain. Her mind still had not recovered from the shock of seeing Jiraiya fucking the senses out of her mentor.

So once again she walked blindly through the streets of Konoha making her way back to the hospital. Those who recognized her on the streets waved and tried to make some kind of conversation with the young medic. Sakura used these times to get the dirty memory out of her head.

Trying to get the thought of Tsunade and her new lover out her mind Sakura made her way over to the hospital's nurse's lounge. Where she knew her big pot of coffee would be sitting there just waiting for her. She always had her coffee at this time of day. Slowly, weighed down by the stresses of her day, Sakura made her way to the second floor and slipped into the lounge without disturbing a soul.

For once that day things seemed to be going her way when she saw another nurse had just finished making another pot of coffee. A flood of relief spread through the young woman like wildfire. Finally something in her day was going right. And here there would be no love sick suitors, no mentors fucking like little bunnies. Or any last minute emergencies coming up.

Just her and her coffee, relaxing with the other nurses. As if in a dream, Sakura approached the coffee pot, carefully taking it by the handle, and with the preciseness only a medic shinobi could have, poured out the brown liquid into a readied cup. Knowing the coffee was still hot Sakura let the sleeves down from her medic uniform so the sleeves fell down over her hands. Quickly backing into the small corner while focusing her entire being on her small cup of relaxation for that day. Ever so slowly she raised the cup to her lips. The vapor from the steam moisturizing her lips as she went to lift the back end of the cup to change the equilibrium of the precious liquid.

The same second as Sakura makes her move to drink her coffee, a relatively young nurse enters the lounge with excitement written on her face. "Itachi-san is here and heading this way!" she squealed out like she was a six year old once again.

This statement alone caused the other nurses to squeal with delight as well. Uchiha Itachi was a top piece of candy on any woman's food chain. The sudden change from silence to loud squealing startled the pink haired medic so causing her to jump at the noise. Due to the sudden movement of her own body, the coffee she held in her hands also jumped, spilling her coffee all over her medic uniform.

Sakura froze, along with every other body in the room. Sakura closed her eyes. She was trying very hard not to lose her very last nerve so much that she'd punch every single squealing nurse in that room. Like clockwork she made her way over to the coffee pots to grab some towels to clean herself up.

She heard footsteps walking around the room, very quiet ones, so faint that she knew they had to be a shinobi's. All the nurses in the rooms began to mumble quietly to themselves. "Haruno-san?"

"I'm fine," Sakura snapped not really paying any attention to the neither tone nor tenor of her voice.

"Considering the level of aggravation in your voice, I would be inclined to hint towards the opposite, Haruno-san." A deep male tenor voice spoke with a small tone of humor in his voice.

Sakura's head immediately snapped up and turned around to find the object of the squealing nurse's attention.

Uchiha Itachi.

This had not been her first encounter with the Uchiha heir. Being one of Sasuke's closest friends while being on the same as him for so long she had spent many dinners in the Uchiha main house. Itachi has also viewed many of Sasuke's training sessions on his father's behalf. They had made small conversation outside the Hokage's office while Tsunade dealt with Naruto's protégé's most recent antics.

Once she had been personally entrusted with his checkups after he came back poisoned from an ANBU mission to the Snow Country. Afterwards he requested her as his team's medic only to be beat out by three different complaints from her team members. But given Itachi's status and record as a shinobi Tsunade could not always keep Sakura solely to team Kakashi. Even then he seemed so formal and distant, but watched her every move. She was instructed never to leave his side unless she had to.

She could have really cared less if she was positioned under him. Being the number one ANBU ranked captain he was usually assigned with more deathly missions. But which were a better pay. He took good care of those under him as long as they knew what they were doing.

But they're conversations have normally only consisted with a nod of the head and a greeting of their last names followed by –san at the end. As their sporadic meetings became more frequent, she inquired to his family's heath to which he gave the shortest responses possible then they parted.

Then to say that Sakura was surprised to see the sharingan user standing before her after seeking her out was an understatement. She was flabbergasted.

Taking a deep breath she put her best fake smile on her face and greeting the stoic man. "Uchiha-san," she bowed her head in respect to the older man.

"Walk with me." Itachi said as he strode out of the room. Sakura hesitated for a moment until she saw Itachi check over his shoulder for the younger woman. Tentatively Sakura took a few steps towards the Uchiha heir. Uchiha Itachi want her to walk with him? Her day had just went from bad to strange.

He stood aside to let her pass, before joining her in the hallway on her right side. Both did not leave without noticing the group of nurses watching their every move.

She saw Itachi raise an eyebrow at her appearance before he once again regained his composure. "Your presence is requested at the Uchiha manor tonight Haruno-san."

The first thought into her head was; since when was the golden jewel of the Uchiha clan sent as a messenger?

Her guard was slowly making its way up her body from that point on. She knew this man was a cold blooded killer who was able to mask his emotions perfectly. Trained from the day he was born to be a natural born killer. He held himself higher than to be conversing with his younger brother most of the time. Why would such a man waste his time with her?

"I have a dinner with Naruto , Sai and Sasuke-kun." Sakura informed him.

"I am very well aware of your dinner with your team." Itachi stated formally. Everything about him was so proper. Itachi was always so professional and proper, even if he was analyzing her every move.

A puzzled look crossed her face. "Are you saying that I am not invited for dinner?"

"I am sure my mother will have food provided for you if you wish. Although I'm sure you'll eat your fill with my brother and you other teammates."

"I am sure," Sakura agreed furrowing her brows. "Uchiha-san I am still rather confused on the nature of my visit. Other than Mikoto's distress at my absence for long periods of time; my presence is not normally required at the compound."

He had said nothing to give her any inclination to the reasons why she was being invited to the Uchiha compound. Being rather confused Sakura recalled the health problems that his father had been experiencing the previous time she had visited. "How is the health of your mother and father?"

Itachi, all of a sudden he took hold of Sakura's arm and pulled her into an abandoned room to his left. Itachi's strides were longer than hers and Sakura stumbled to keep up with his sudden movements. "Fugaku has been having problems which would be facilitated with your presence there tonight." Itachi told her as he released her arm.

No body and she meant nobody ever touched her like that if they did not want a death wish. Haruno Sakura was not a rag doll for any man to toss around. Once she got over her crushing phase on Sasuke she realized that she did not have to have a main man in her life. She was a strong independent woman.

Ino and Tenten both were having problems with their men. Well Ino more than Tenten, because Neji is a little quicker to understand when he had done something wrong. Tenten also was usually quick to throw one or a couple hundred of her weapons at him. Ino was much more secretive about her problems. But Sakura's life was just fine with her boys: her brother, her artist, and her best friend.

"I would advise you not to treat those from whom you are asking favors so harshly Uchiha-san." Sakura straightened herself out.

"Haruno-san I am sure that you are well aware that my brother and I are unable to talk about family matters around outsiders." Itachi stated. There was always so much detachment in his aura almost as if he was indifferent to whether or not he actually cared if he wanted to be there or not.

"Am I not an outsider?" Sakura crossed her arms. "My last name does not match yours last time I checked."

The corner of his mouth lifted and Sakura had to do a double take to figure out whether or not the cold hearted Uchiha Itachi was actually smirking at her. It was ever so small the firm skin of his face lifted and crinkled in one corner. "Haruno-san, you are close enough to the family to be informed when my father is having problems."

The sudden appearance of his amusement with her was bordering her comfort line. No matter how hard she attempting to figure out this man he still continued to stump her silly. Itachi was highly amused by the many emotions that dawned her face.

Sakura eyed him suspiciously. This man was up to something. He was twisting her words, she knew it. She just did not know how or why he would need to. She did not say anything for a rather long period of time. Some bad feeling was twisted and turning the pit of her stomach that if she did say yes. Yet she knew that she couldn't very easily say no to the man before her. Not unless she wanted to debate with him for a while

Then he moved; slowly but in two steps he was less than one foot from her. Even though he seemed to move in slow motion, in a flash he was before her, towering over her much like Sasuke did. Why did they both have to be so damn tall! And the moment her emerald green eyes connected with his deep black eyes. Her heart stopped on the spot when his voice swept over her ears.

His sweet, velvet like, tenor voice came out smoother than silk while he sent shivers down her spin. "Your answer Haruno-san."

"How persistent has Uchiha-sama been about you and Sasuke letting personal friends into the house?" Sakura quickly blurted out taking the sharingan user off guard for a fraction of a second. He was trying to intimidate her and she would not fall for it.

He recovered with the grace and skill only an Uchiha could have. Only because she knew Sasuke so well could she even have known what to look in this Uchiha's body language. "Not until most recent." Itachi answered quickly moving even closer to the medic.

Sakura had known him to be a handsome man. One of the top five shinobi in Konoha; and he was one of the top most eligible bachelors in the village. He was right up there with his brother and her ex-sensei. Yes, the great copy ninja wore a mask for more than one reason. She had become used to Sasuke's good breeding after spending so much time with him.


Itachi's beauty was much different than his younger brothers. His angular face was so close to her own face. So close that she could taste his sweet breath on her tongue. The lines of stress so obvious on his face, from the never ending line of mission he is sent on. The sharp lines of his jaw lead to the rounded point of his strong chin.

After her emerald eyes traced the curve of his face they shot straight to his mouth. They were so thin, and cold looking but having a warming lure to them all at the same time. How could two brother's have two completely different types of beauty? Sasuke's traits were primarily softened by his mother. Itachi on the other hand had a completely masculine face. Mostly because Itachi took after his father but he did not look really look like Fugaku either.

Itachi seemed different to her; he was different. He stood out against other men, not because of his skills, his background or his reputation. But of the way he carried himself. Always so proper, like he never had a free moment to just be himself. And obvious this situation was no different. But that did not explain why he had to come in such close contact with her.

Close contact it was. One more inch, it seemed, and their bodies would be touching.

"Your answer, Haruno-san." Itachi showed the smallest amount of impatience when he demanded the answer instead of once again asking for it. But he loomed over her bending his head down to his mouth was right next to her ear.

She felt his hot breath run down the side of her neck. "Will you be attending?"

Sakura's mind burst that moment. "I...I will accompany Sasuke-kun back to the compound after our dinner." Sakura couldn't believe she just stuttered. Her of all people, always so sure of herself stuttered like a fool in front of Itachi of all people.

"My family will be most pleased with your presence." Itachi smirked again. She saw it out of the corner of her eye. "Now, if you will excuse me Sakura-san, I have other matters to attend to."

She swore she felt the smallest touch of his lips her her ear. Sakura's body suddenly felt rather hot in the well ventalated room.

"Until tonight Uchiha-san." Sakura agreed. Only then did she catch something that she should have before she left.

Sakura-san, He, Itachi Uchiha, had called her by her first name for the first time in all their meetings. Out of all the crazy things that happened in her day, this by far had to be the craziest.

Sakura had nothing against the Uchiha heir personally. They simply traveled in different circles. There was a five year age difference between them. She came from a nobody family while he was the heir to one of the most powerful clans in Konoha. At age 13 he became an ANBU captain while she was still swooning after his younger brother. Only as she climbed the ranks did they finally interact with each other.

After being around these males for so long she saw how primal the Uchiha family actually was. Uchiha Fugaku was the main honcho and Mikoto his female. Itachi was like his beta male since he's next in line. Fugaku has his council made the decisions for the family so they could survive with the best positive reputation. Itachi had his own little circle of Uchiha operatives. His cousin Shisui was his second in command where Sasuke knew he should be. Yet just because he was the younger brother, that he wasn't his father's favorite, he was tossed aside like second hand toys.

In theory yes this is true. But Itachi had passed his father years ago and was only so well behaved for the sake of his family. Therefore, he is the Alfa male. It did take some careful observations to see that he had an even greater say in family affairs than he leads on. Shisui, his first cousin, is Itachi's beta while Sasuke keeps tabs on the workings and gossip of Konoha via Sakura, like his wing man or his go to man. Sasuke had nothing personal against his brother, but more towards the way he was constantly compared against his elder brother. He actually admired the strength Itachi had for putting up with the clan and everything they have him do.

If there was one thing that Itachi and Sasuke agreed on was their feelings towards their father. Every male born into the Uchiha family had to be trained as a shinobi. No other way, no second opinion. Itachi is the prime example of Fukagu's harsh laws. From the day he could walk Fugaku took the toys out of his hands and gave him dulled kunais. He grew up to be Konoha's best ANBU captain.

And the Alfa male of the Uchiha clan was standing right before her not but five minutes ago. The most powerful man in the most power clan, in the most powerful village was personally inviting her to his house that evening.

"I do presume you are planning to change before you arrive." Itachi stated as if he already knew the answer.

"There is nothing wrong with what I have on." Sakura defended herself.

Itachi raised an eyebrow. Sakura looked over her medic uniform, covered in coffee, blood, and smelled as if she rolled out of a man's bed not but fifteen minutes ago. The coffee was most regrettable his own fault for coming into the lounge after her instead of having someone come for her.

Sakura stood still for the longest time starring back at Itachi. She would not bend like other women did for this man. "Your cooperation in tonight's events would be in the best interest of the family." Itachi stated simply. The less she knew at this moment the better tonight would be.

"If it's really that much of a problem, tell Mikoto-san to ready my usual kimono that she keeps for me. I'll change quickly when I get there." Sakura addressed Itachi in the firmest voice possible.

The uncomfortable smirk reappeared on his face and he couldn't help it. She was far too amusing. "She will be most pleased then. I will inform her personally." Sakura did not understand how that would make a difference. Yet there were a lot of things people did for the names of their clan that she did not understand. He turned to leave for the second time.

"I do have one more question Uchiha-san." Sakura stopped him from leaving one more time.

For the second time Itachi was stopped from leaving to look the young medic in the eye. "You seem to ask them often Sakura-san." Did he just make a joke? About her? Since when do Uchihas make jokes?

Sakura looked him in the eye showing no fear. "Why is my presence required?"

He paused for a moment. Wondering whether or not he should tell her.

"Our father has been suggesting for the younger generations to bring more personal friends around the compound as you have noted before Sakura-san." Itachi was rather interested in her reaction to his answer. She could tell but the slight drop in his voice that all of his attention was solely on her.

Sakura's eyes met with Itachi's . Personal friends outside the Uchiha clan. Sakura was no idiot; and Itachi knew this. Uchihas were not required to have many personal friends outside the clan. And if a personal friend was required then they were invited personally by the Uchiha who wished for their company. Usually Sasuke would be the one escorting her to the compound not Itachi.

So since the fact remained that it was indeed Itachi who had come to give the invatation personally to her, did that mean it would be Itachi's arm she would be entered on and not Sasuke's. If so, that meant she would be Itachi's personal guest. Which would be rather misleading since the heir usually only escort females of interest and surely she would not be worth his while. She barely knew the guy. This was their longest conversation ever.

Uchiha Shisui, would surely be attending. He had shown some interest in her not to long ago but that was when he gone through another off period with Inuzuka Hana. So she would not be attending on his behalf. Maybe she was just going to make Sasuke look like he's trying to forward the family. Possibly even Itachi himself.

Itachi watched her face analyze his statement. After he left her ponder another minute before he bowed his head to her a final time. "If you excuse me Sakura-san, my presence is required elsewhere." And he was gone in a puff of smoke.

"Sakura-Channn!!" A very familiar voice echoed throughout the hospital. Looking at one of the clocks on the wall Sakura slapped herself in the forehead. She was late for her dinner. No wonder Naruto was so loud. The louder he was the longer he has gone without his ramen.

"Sakura-Channn!!" His voice rang again as an orange and black suit ran down the wrong hallway.

"Wrong always Naruto." Sakura laughed lightly at her blonde haired teammate screeched to a halt before speeding even fast to her position. Sakura braced herself for her surrogate brother to embrace her so tightly that she could barely breath.

"Sakura-chan where were you!?" Naruto demanded to know once she was placed back onto her feet. "What the hell did you do to yourself? And why do you smell like the body wash Purvey Sage got for me and I left at your house when I stay over?"

"I had to do an emergency operation. Five minutes before the end of my shift." Sakura explained as she and her fox brother began to finally leave the hospital once and for all. "I'll explain more once I check out with Shizune." Sakura stopped outside a door on the first floor that was Shizune's.

Sakura made sure to knock and then wait. She heard a lot of shuffling around in the room and a sliding noise before she got the okay from Shizune. Slowly Sakura entered the room to see a flustered Shizune standing before her own desk. At least it wasn't déjà vu all over again Sakura sighed.

"Shizune I'm not going to tell that you have Gemna in here if you sign me out." Sakura gave a smirk of her own.

Shizune dropped her jaw, "How?"

"Kunoichi," Sakura saluted to her elder sister with a smile before leaving the building with Naruto.

"Naruto why did you leave those two alone?" Sakura asked as they approached Ichiraku together.

"Sakura-chan, you know they're not that bad anymore." Naruto said as they approached the ramen stand to see the two other members of Team Kakashi.

Sakura and Naruto joined their two other teammates for their dinner. Sakura saw that she already had a bowl of ramen sitting before her. This made her wonder how long they were really waiting for her to get off work.

Naturally they were the closest and most compatible four man team in Konoha. They ate dinner together in some way or another almost every day. Either by eating out or at Sakura's house. On rare occasions Kakashi would treat them or every once in a blue moon they would be the honored guests in the Uchiha household.

Sakura sat in the middle next to Naruto on her right and Sasuke to her left. Sai and Sasuke, who worked well together butted heads more times than not. Only really tag teaming to make fun of Naruto or Sakura. Although both knew not to push too far with the later or they would have one hell of a headache.

Upon sitting down she took notice that Sasuke had actually consumed most of his own ramen. Another sight rather rare to see. This she knew above any else was an indicator that something was bugging her teammate. "Good afternoon Sasuke." Sakura said sweetly.

"What took you so long?" he grumbled.

"Team Kurenai got ambushed on their way back from the Wave Country. Kiba saved Hinata from getting flattened by a boulder." Sakura shrugged in off like a four and a half hour operation was nothing. From that point however she dove right into her own bowl of ramen. It was slightly cooled off but it was one only food she had gotten the chance to eat all day and so consumed it happily.

"Errr Sakura-chan, that still does not explain why you look like a mess." Naruto pointed out.

Sakura took another slurp and smiled at her brother as she began to summarize the unwelcome events of her day. Leaving out the details of the position that she had found the two living Sanin and Gemna hiding in Shizune's closet, as well as the rather boring no-big-deal sections of her operation.

"Wow Sakura-chan today isn't your day." Naruto declared as he finished his fourth bowl of miso ramen.

"At least her outfit matches her face." Sai gave a fake warming smile to Sakura who only glared. "But I do believe Sasuke has you beat."

Sakura quickly turned around to Sasuke remembering that she had spoken with his brother earlier. "Have you been fighting with him again?"

"I'm getting heat because he's not doing what the clan is telling him to do." Sasuke mumbled. "Mother said you're coming over afterwards."

"I guess so." Sakura sighed.

"When did this happen?"

"Your brother sought me out at the hospital right before Kiba's operation. He said my presence was requested this evening." Sakura explained in a low voice.

"Did you say yes?"

Sakura nodded an affirmative. "Damn," Sasuke cursed under his breath.


"Tonight's an Uchiha family meeting." Sasuke said like that was supposed to mean something to her. Sasuke rolled his eyes at his female teammate. "A formal Uchiha gathering. Itachi is..."

"Teme stop hogging Sakura-chan." Naruto glared at the man he considered his brother. Naruto was Sasuke's closets male friend. But there were some things that neither boy could tell the other right off the bat. On those occasions Naruto would normally turn to Sai because he would tell Sakura anything regardless. But it was Sasuke would always turn to Sakura. After Sakura got over her small attraction to her raven haired Uchiha teammate, she began to understand Sasuke much better than he thought anyone else could have. Naruto was like the brother he never had; but Sakura, she was his closest friend.

"I'm allowed to talk to her Dobe," Sasuke said.

"Well I've got bigger problems. Sakura-chan you have to help me with Hinata-chan. You promised!" Naruto whined rather loudly. He had been secretly going out of his way to meet up with the young Hyuuga who was currently attached at the hip to her own teammate. "Kiba's always around her and there's no way I can get some alone time."

"I read in a book once that girls tend to stray away from guys who hang around pretty girls. This code, thing, that females have written into their genetics prevent them from… 'Going after another female's catch'. Maybe Hinata-san thinks that you and ugly are together. That's why she and Inuzuka are always together. And why ugly can't get a date."

"I can't get a date because some people scare off all the good ones." Sakrua shot Sai a rather dirty look. He was always reading some outdated book about social interactions. More increasingly about females. Somehow he got hooked on investigating the female sex after he read everything there was to know about general interactions.

Naruto waved it off like a fly. "No guy is ever going to be good enough for you Sakura-chan." He proclaimed loudly. While the two other males nodded their heads. "Kakashi-sensei even feels the same way along with Yamato sempai!"

"Getting back on track. Naruto, why don't you just go and talk with Kiba?" Sakura suggested.

"I'm not really sure my advice would be the best anyway Naruto, I haven't ever really been in a relationship in a very long time." Sakura confessed softly. Which was true, other then Lee's occasional proclamations of love.

"Speaking of, is that the reason why the guy shinobi in the green spandex was running around the village repeatedly." Sai asked.

"Which one? Sasuke mumbled as he finished off his ramen.

All four shinobi burst into a small fit of laughter. Who said Uchihas couldn't make jokes? Heck Itachi had made a joke to her earlier that day. Why couldn't Sasuke be as comical. That thought put a small smile on Sakura's face. Sasuke, not being serious all the time; that would be a sight to see.

"Hinata probably needs a stronger male to take care of her anyway," Sasuke said to the side, but Sakura caught it.

And she locked her own disapproving glare right into the even blacker pits of Sasuke's obsidian eyes. Sakura's number one pet peeve: Never demean any woman in front of her.

Sasuke had made a comment about Sakura's role on the team and how she could easily be replaced. Said medic kunoichi immediately took offence and not only chased her teammate around the village with full intent on killing him. But by the end of the fight Sakura got him landed in the hospital and refused to have anyone heal him. There for it took him over three times as long to get over injuries that would have been healed in minutes if Sakura would have done it herself.

Even after that she refused to aid the Uchiha in any way shape or form. Not one day when she suddenly was all bright and cheerful towards the solemn male. Naruto had a suspicion that they had finished their argument and did each other right there. He knew Sasuke had only insulted her as a joke, but thought better than to open his mouth. He remembered Kakashi-sensei saying one time that the sexual tension between the two had to be settled in one way or another. They were never officially declared as a couple. And never would be. They just weren't attracted to each other in that way. Not after that night anyway.

"This still doesn't solve my problem Sakura-chan." Naruto grumbled.

"Naruto," Sakura slid her now cold bowl of ramen away from her body. "Are you really serious about Hinata?" Said Hyuuga was in fact still so desperately in love with the hyperactive blonde but had recently been hanging out with Kiba by direction of Ino to make Naruto jealous. Sakura couldn't tell him that now could she, so she just had to play in her part of Operation Dancing Fox

"Sakura," Naruto's voice dropped two or three tones while he looked at his sister with a serious face. "Hinata stands out like no other woman in the village. She's so sweet and kind and she cooks the best ramen bentos! No offense Sakura-chan. She's the first person I think about when I wake up and the last one before I fall asleep." His sapphire blue eyes were gone from this world. Into his imagination where they roamed over Hinata's face, they were gone to a place where he and she could be together.

"I'm not the one you should be telling that too then," Sakura took her brother's hand in her own to look him in the eye.

"Err, Sakura-chan, who should I tell that too then?" Naruto asked scratching the back of his head foolishly. Sakura slapped herself in the forehead while Sasuke muttered another 'dobe' under his breath.

"Go say it to Hinata, Dobe." Sasuke said. His voice was thickly laded with annoyance. Naruto had his Hallelujah moment before he kissed his sister on the top of the head and speed off to find who they were guessing was Hinata.

"Who's stuck with the bill?" Sasuke asked, "I'm not paying his.

"Sai it's your turn to pay." Sakura mentioned to her newest teammate. "Sasuke and I have to get going."

"You two better not be going to bed together again." Sai smiled at the two while he laid down the money to cover the bill.

"So what if we are?" Sasuke asked placing his hand on the small of Sakura's back. The action was not at all an advancement on his part. They had tried that road once, and it did not work for them. It was too weird seeing each other so much on and off the battle field.

To this statement Sai did not know what to say. And so Sasuke pushed Sakura in the direction of the Uchiha compound to begin their journey back home.

"The formal Uchiha family meeting is the big meeting held every six months or so where all the big clan business is conducted. There is not really a reason for you to be there."

"Then why would your brother come and tell me otherwise."

Sasuke paused. "Maybe Shisui requested your presence there." Sakura shook that thought. There was too big of a age difference between herself and Sasuke's eldest cousin. Five years she could handle but seven, was a different story. It was just too much of a difference for her. He had always showed a special interest towards her when she was in the hospital, and was the only Uchiha besides Sasuke and Mikoto to address her in the streets.

"Then why wouldn't he come and ask me to go?"

"..." She hit the rough spot. Whatever he was hiding, she needed to know.

"Sasuke," Sakura warned him. "I can easily make you look like a fool if I don't know why I am supposed to be there."

He gave her his famous death glare. One so cold that she actually was slightly intimidated by him; she had to stay strong. She could not back down.

Sasuke on the other hand thought the whole ordeal was absolutely ridiculous. "Father has been pressing Itachi and Shisui-san to marry or at least start showing some preference towards some girl so the council can approve their choice."

Shisui was too rough for her and Sakura began to panic. He was always off and on with Kiba's older sister Hana as well. She seemed more his type than Sakura. "I'm going to be paraded around like a little doll or something."


"I mean, I love your mother and all but her sister, she's just too over the top for me. I'm only 19 years old Sasuke; I'm too young to even think about marriage!


Sakura did not stop, "What the hell was going through my head when I said yes? For god damn sakes there is always a reason I'm just invited over for dinner."

Sasuke preceded to place his hand over Sakura's mouth to stop her from talking. As much as he did care about her, she was annoying when she talked nonstop. "Sakura, I've informed my mother about your discomfort towards Shisui-san. She probably requested for you to keep father from climbing down my back."

"Why Itachi?"

Sasuke smirked, which made Sakura smile. Itachi, big bad boy, still respected his mother. She soon suppressed her laughter when she realized that a girl could tell how a man would treat his love by the way he treats his mother. The thought made her smile once again. The powerful Uchiha heir just might have a soft spot after all.

"So what do I have to do?"

"Nothing out of the normal."

"Smile and make small talk," Sakura had the process memorized.

"Very small talk, if you talk any at all. Most of the elder's and other clan officials won't be interested in you." Sasuke reassured her. Which was not a bad thing in either of their books. "I hope you plan on changing."

Sakura starred at him before playfully smacking him on the arm. "Your mother will have no problem dressing me up."

"Hn, what else is new?" It was a rhetorical question. One to which they both laughed.

Sakura was representing not only Sasuke, but the hospital, her sensei, and even Tsunade while she was there. Any little screw up could be taken as an insult to the elders; and reflect badly on those closest to her. Although with the women of his family it was a completely different story. Sakura being fed all the fresh and hot gossip from Ino readily was sucked dry but the stay at home mothers of the Uchiha clan.

It did not take long for the pair to reach the Uchiha Compound although Sasuke led her over the roof tops to the back entrance of the main house so that passing people would not see her current attire. In a way Sakura felt like she was on a mission all her own, seeking around a small village littered with some of the most powerful shinobi. Objective to infiltrate compound with no detection.

Together the pink haired medic and raven haired shinobi flew over roof tops making no noise what-so-over. They worked flawlessly together. It did take them almost five years to get to that point but they were there. Together they dropped down in the back court yard where Mikoto kept her vegetable garden. No grass was ruffled, not as sound was made; Sakura smirked along with her raven haired teammate. Mission...

"Sasuke!" Mikoto's sweet yet right now, stressed voice rang out from the kitchen. No mission could escape a mother's intuition. "How dare you show up here this late. You know how important tonight is to your father!"

A weathered, dark haired, black eyed woman ran out of the kitchen wearing a rather formal kimono looking rather worried or angry at the two new arrivals. Mikoto, Sakura had always thought, was one of the few women who would always be beautiful no matter how old she was.

Once her rant over her youngest son was through her attention was turned to the young woman she considered to be her daughter. "Sakura-chan," Mikoto extended an warm embrace to the young medic. A display of affection that Sakura desperately needed right then. "How have you been? I hardly ever get to see you any more since Sasuke neglects to bring you and Naruto-kun around anymore."

"I've been better." Sakura said with a true smile on her face for once that day. Mikoto always seemed to be able to wash away her problems. "It's been a very long day."

"And if you three don't hurry it's not going to be over any time soon." The same velvet tenor voice called from inside the kitchen door. Sakura peered around Mikoto to see her eldest son lingering in the door way.

"Itachi, take Sasuke upstairs and help him get ready." Mikoto ordered.

"I can get ready by myself mother." Sasuke growled as he made his way towards the house. Itachi gave him a small smirk as he passed. "Stay close to her if I can't be."

Itachi smiled and poked his little brother in the middle of his forehead. "I'll be watching her the entire night. Father wants you to be mother's escort."

Sasuke turned up his nose at having to stay by his mother's side all night. That was until he caught the true meaning behind his brother's intentions.

"Sakura." Sasuke called rather harshly.

He would not have his brother use Sakura just so their father would get off their back

"Go and get ready already Sasuke." Sakura chided as Mikoto pulled her into the house and around the corner to the guest room on the first floor.

Even though she was still a kunoichi, she was a girl. And as much as Mikoto tugged at her hair, pulled other garments off and onto her body, and painted her face funny colors; Sakura secretly didn't mind being dolled up every now and again.

Sasuke turned around to glare at his older brother. "She's my teammate Itachi." The younger male growled through his teeth. "You cannot have her."

"That does not make her your property little brother." Itachi stated simply.

"And you're going to say she's yours just to get dad off your fucken back!" Sasuke snapped eyes bleeding red.

"Is that not why you wanted to keep her close to yourself the entire evening?" Itachi asked as the two made their way inside and up to ready themselves. "So mother would stop bringing you into those conversations. What is the difference?"

Sasuke stopped and decided to let Sakura teach him the exact same lesson Sakura had taught him many years ago. Sakura does not do anything she doesn't want to do.

"Despite of what you might think Itachi, Sakura offered to play the part for me." Sasuke smirked imaging the fight that would lie ahead for his Anki. "You are forcing her behind her back. You never told her that you had invited her to be parade around like some accessory. No, you brought her here with in intention of presenting her to the council. You think you're going to marry her just to settle this arguement you are having with the clan."

Itachi had to admire the way his younger brother was so boldly conversing with him.

"I'll tell you the difference between us Itachi." Sasuke said in a low voice. "Tonight, you're going to be receiving your first black eye. I can assure you of that."

"I am very well aware of her talents." Itachi added before going into his own room. "And she is no accessory little brother."

"How long?" Sasuke demanded.

Itachi, long black hair flowing behind him turned face to face with his younger brother. "Since the day she passed her chunin exam."

Sasuke remembered the day clearly because Kakashi had to hold both him and Naruto back from running into the middle of the stadium to help their teammate out. Sakura had been struck in a vital point and at that moment casted a genjustu to buy her enough time to heal the wound while she wore out her opponent. He never knew what hit him when she promptly punched him, head first, through the side of the arena. He was knocked out on the spot.

"I've been watching her improve from that day forward." Itachi said, "She's grown a lot Sasuke. Much more than you or Naruto realize. The Hokage's prize aprentence as well. Having just recently surpassed her."

Sasuke shook his head, not believe a word of crap his brother was feeding him. "Your just using her. She's just a nobody with good connections to you."

Itachi only shot a silent but deadly look at his younger brother. Telling him to keep his mouth quite before he says one word too many. "Your lucky Sasuke. You don't have to do the things I do."

"Like what?" Sasuke challenged.

"Having to marry a girl against her will and your own for the sake of your family."

"Which brings me back to the question why her?" Sasuke tried to gage his older brother. He would not let Sakura be hurt by him.

"She's the only woman I'd trust." With that Itachi disappeared.

Translation: She's the only woman would could see me as something other than an Uchiha.

To this, Sasuke did not know what to say. Itachi had never shown any interest towards any of the woman in Konoha before. Other than the sinking feeling, both he and Itachi got when a fan girl just so happen to loudly shout their names in public.

None of them would actually love him for who he was. No one else had actually understand the crazy way his mind works. The torture that he went through to get where he is today.

Itachi's life was far from perfect. Sasuke knew that better than anyone. All the manors, the expectations, the schmoozing, the pressure. Not just anybody could do it. Sasuke knew he couldn't.

And Sasuke was beginning to fear that his elder brother might just actually care about Sakura, as more than just a friend. If their relationship could be labeled as friends. In a weird twisted way, that could only be Itachi's train of thought. The mere fact alone that he paid attention to his pink haired teammate was enough to prove his interests.

Sakura new the twisted workings of the Uchiha family, and had his mother and other women wrapped around her little finger. She was a more than credible kunoichi who came from a civilian family so no other blood lines would mix with the Uchiha's. She was smart enough to trust Itachi when he was on his ground but also knew when to stand up to him.

Most importantly of all, and in his opinion most annoying of all; Sakura had a little knack for being able to break down people's guards. And she accepted them with their flaws and all. Just look at her team: Sakura, Sasuke, Naruto and Sai. All lead by a perverted Kakashi.

That's when it clicked. Itachi had been planning this. He had been watching Sakura with interest but never thougtht about her as his partner until that dinner. When his mother praised her so highly.

For the first time in his life, Sasuke cursed Sakura for being able to charm his mother.

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This Family Gathering is so He can announce that he is formally courting Sakura with the intention of marrying her if he thinks they would be happy together. Sakura does not know this and only think she's there to make the boys look good. Sasuke figured out his brothers intentions but knows that Itachi does not really care about Sakura's feelings. Sasuke thinks Itachi only cares more about her resume than Sakura herself.

I'm not exactly sure how Itachi and Sasuke would behave and treat one another if there was no Uchiha massacre. All I really know is they look out for one another. But when it comes to Sasuke's team I'm not sure which one he would choose over next to his family. I know he takes a lot of pride in being an Uchiha, but I really think both guys don't agree on the current leadership of the clan and his ways of running it.

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