Author's Note: This is short, multi-chapter fic. Cursing, sex & angst is what this story revolves around. You've been warned.


"This is Jessica... you've missed me, leave a message."

I closed the silver cell with a frustrated 'click'. I cursed inwardly as my fingers instinctively closed around the useless phone. The woman was testing me and my sexual patience. It's been two fuckin' weeks since she even let me near the wonderful calling that rested between her wonderfully tanned legs and I think my dick was starting to become slightly offended.

I leaned back into my plush leather chair both I and my cock annoyed as fuck. How dare she deny me what was rightfully mine? She got what she wanted, a wedding proposal that came with money and I got what I wanted - to fuck the most sought after woman in law daily... It was a fair trade off, right? Wrong.

Around two weeks ago, the dumb blonde finally figured out that the only interest she held to me was when she was naked, lying on her back, moaning my name. I smiled, recalling that night - her long legs wrapped around my waist, her mouth moaning between her own sexual pleasure and the insignificant insults she threw at me.

"Ah...your such a fucking (moan) prick, I can't believe (grunt and moan) I let you fuck me. (more moaning insured) Yes, fuck me harder Edward." My dick jumped happily at the beloved memory - it was one of his favorites.

Best. Sex. Ever! He practically screamed.

Unfortunately, that was the last time I've seen her the past two weeks. The bitch shut off her phone and refused to be located for my sexual pleasure. So here I was sitting at work, sulking in the big boss chair, my cock highly annoyed at me. I've come to ignore it and it's ever present state, but lately it's been more attentive than usual. And today was no different - it's been staring rightfully at the ass of my new secretary all morning.

Well, it didn't help that my door was made of glass, giving me a perfect view of her round, plump ass as she bent over the desk, rummaging through some paperwork.

Fucking Alice. I let my tiny pixie sister hire her, much to my dismay. The little witch had a plan up her sleeve - she knew exactly what she was doing when she hired the new girl.

"Hire someone already Alice?" I asked questioningly, as she nodded and danced around to my desk, sitting on the edge.

"Oh yes, she's just lovely too. Her name is Bella." I grunted.

"You know I don't give a shit what her name is, as long as she's something to look at." Alice rolled her eyes.

"Oh dear brother, your such a little prick. Be nice to her, I actually like her." She emphasized on the like part, acknowledging to me how much she disliked Jessica. I just snorted, like I gave a shit.

"Whatever Alice, now...go away." She sauntered out of my office, leaving me to my mounds of shitty paperwork.

I must have zoned out for a moment as I heard someone continuously clear their throat.

"Uh, Mr. Cullen? Edward?" I looked up towards the unwelcome distraction and my dick took a moment to drink in the sight before him.

Donning a red silk blouse, with two first buttons undone - of fucking course - showing just the tiniest hint of skin of her breast, Bella was in my office. I ignored her calls, as my eyes were too busy memorizing the movement her breasts made with each breath and how her tight brown tweed skirt showed off her glorious bottom half - a tiny waist to go along with her slim yet curvy hips and her tight toned legs that would look absofuckinglutely hot wrapped around my waist. The sexual angel spoke again.

"Um, shall I come back later or...?" She asked questioningly.

Fuck, I had been staring.

Find your voice you dick fuck. I cleared my throat.

"Uh, no. What is it?" Short and sweet Cullen, don't let her distract you.

"Carlisle needs this report done by tomorrow, think you can handle it?" She asked softly, her voice taking a lower, sexual tone.

I can handle fucking you my sweet, my cock coaxed.

Fuck you! I retorted I was not going resorting to fucking my secretary.

Your gorgeous secretary with gorgeous tits, that is.

Annoyed at my never giving up dick, I hastily grabbed the pile of papers out of Bella's hands. She stood there for a few moments speechless and slightly stunned at my manner.

"I...uh, guess that'll be all then." She stammered, a blush rising to her glorious cheeks. I grunted - I was too busy watching to respond as her and her achingly gorgeous ass made their way out of my office.

You're a fucking moron, you know that?


I'm such an idiot - how did I ever let Alice talk me into this - into seducing her brother?

Her gorgeous, utterly perfect brother.

I exhaled taking my seat at my desk. I can't believe that I, Bella Swan was talked into this. This wasn't me - I'm supposed to be the focused, logical one at least that's what I always told myself.

Look Bella, I like you, I want to hire you, but let's cut to the chase - my brother is a complete dick. I hate him most of the time and I really hate his bitch of a fiancé. I want to teach him a lesson but I need someone strong to help me, and I think you're the person for it.

I sat there bewildered. I just came here for a job, a job to pay my ever growing bills, not to apart of someone's sick plan.

"Look Alice thanks for the offer, but I'm really just looking for a job to pay my..." She hushed me.

"This is a job Bella; this isn't an easy thing to accomplish. Edward's smart and he doesn't fall for things easily. I think you'd be able to break him." I looked at her hesitantly. She sighed, exasperated.

"Seduce my brother and not only will I hire you, I'll make sure you taken care of, money wise and career wise. The offer is on the table - take it or leave it."

I must be nuts. I'm actually still sitting here, considering her offer; a chance to seduce the most sod after man in law and be rewarded for it? I shook my head. No Bella, this isn't you. Logical, smart, focused that was you... not flirty, sexual, or experienced.

And that's why I told her yes.

So here I am, in this god awful tight outfit and shoes that Alice had picked out on our frequent "sex Bella up" shopping trips - Alice wasn't kidding about this seduction thing.

She wasn't kidding either when she had told me what a jerk her brother was. The first time I met him he wasn't exactly friendly by any means. Actually, he only greeted my breasts never taking a moment to acknowledge my face.


But, I've been here almost a week and I was nowhere near seducing that jackass. Alice said that it would take time - weeks - to set the plan in motion. But things seemed to move into motion this week - as Edward and his beloved fiancé were in a tiff, and little Edward wasn't taking it so well, according to Alice.

So due to this new development, Alice had stuffed me in the over tight, uncomfortable outfit that in her words, "makes your boobs look luscious" and my butt, "round and plump". A pair of 3 inch black peep toe heels and I was ready for 'Seducing Edward: Day 1'.

I came in around nine - the usual, Alice made sure that I didn't really do anything out of the ordinary, just stick to my normal routine. Pushing open the glass door, I realized that Edward was already here, sitting back in his chair, his hands wrapped tightly around his tiny silver cell phone.

He didn't seem to notice that I had walked in; he looked as if his mind was elsewhere.

Good, it gives me some time to work up the courage to go in there. Let's see, I needed some excuse to go in there. Ah, perfect.

I pulled a report from a pile of papers that was piled up neatly on the corner of my desk.

Make sure you make it a priority to bend over when you reaching for something on your desk. His office door is made of glass for a reason, Bella.

I did as Alice told, making sure that I bent over as much a possible, without killing myself. I smiled standing straight up, it wasn't everyday that I could pull something like that off without falling on my ass. I stood for a few more moments, trying to calm down my racing heartbeat.

Okay Bella, enough stalling.

I turned to face my target's door, preparing myself.

Seducing Edward, take one.

I pulled open his glass door and cleared my throat. He didn't seem to take notice of me - actually he seemed to be non responsive. I cleared my throat again, same response.


"Uh, Mr. Cullen? Edward?" I said hesitantly. His eyes flickered towards me and landed on my chest.


A few moments passed, his eyes continuing to roam my body at his leisure. I stood up a little straighter, my body tensing.

"Um, shall I come back later or...?" His eyes for the first time since I've started here actually looked up into mine.

"Uh, no. What is it?" He answered shortly. I huffed - he basically just fucked me with his eyes and dismisses my presence with his cocky tone. Well, fuck him...its game on, Cullen.

I gingerly bent down a little lower, so that our faces were even making sure that he would receive a perfect view of my breasts.

"Carlisle needs this report done by tomorrow, think you can handle it?" My voice was low, seductive, and so not me. But, hell I was enjoying watching him twitch a little. But, I was surprised when an angry tone took over his gorgeous features as he snatched the paperwork out of my hands. I stood there for a moment perplexed - till I realized he was staring at me.

"I...uh, guess that'll be all then." I murmured, quickly walking out of his office.

Fuck me, he hates me - no wait - he despises me. I can't do this, I just can't, this isn't you Bella.

I picked up my cell phone and headed into the bathroom. I dialed a few numbers and waited for the other line to pick up.

"Alice? We need to talk, now."