I couldn't fucking believe it. This was my personal D-day… the day I have been fucking waiting for. I was going to finally get what I wanted – Bella, the Bella whom I would give my whole fucking life to just gave me permission to fuck her; and oh how I was more than happy to oblige.

--She just asked you to take her home Eddie. Maybe she's tired? I mean don't get your hopes up here buddy.

She basically purred, "Fuck me!" into my ear; I don't want to hear it. .It.

--Whatever, I'm still not convinced. I am not getting my hopes here - literally.

I felt my shoulder being shaken, I looked up and a small voice squeaked, "Edward?" I smiled crookedly and my arms automatically wrapped themselves around her tighter.

Fuck me she feels good.

"Yes Bella?"

"Can we go now please?"

Yes, now. Right here.

--Oh please, Eddie think with your cock for once?

Hush you.

I nodded and mumbled some incoherent bullshit and lead us towards the door. I could see Alice out of the corner of my eye, a smug smile spread across her lips.


--Sigh. She's a genius.

She's only a genius if this gets me laid tonight.

--Edward Anthony Cullen! Oh, haven't I taught you anything?

I snorted and almost forgot that my dick was teaching me lessons.

Yes I know, be nice to this one… I want her to stick around.

--Yes, so if she doesn't want to…*gulps* fuck, then you respect that.

I sighed – he was right. Bella wasn't one of my usual girls… she was different, she was mine.

--Hard to accept it, isn't it?


I walked out with Bella latched to my arm to my shiny Volvo. Like a pussy – I mean a gentleman, I opened the passenger door for Bella as the douchebag valet boy who can't keep his eyes away from Bella's chest pulled up to the curb. He of course put his hand out for a tip, but I who couldn't put my overprotective dick away just flipped him off instead as I slid into my seat of the car.

"Couldn't you've just given him a ten or something?" Bella asked, sighing. I chuckled.

"And pay him for looking at your tits? I don't think so Bella." She pursed her lips, her skin taking on a slight pink tone.

"Besides… I want to be the only one ogling them… touching them…" I said, my fingers curiously caressing her open cleavage; I felt her breath hitch and a hiss come from her mouth. I just smiled smugly as I put the car in Drive and sped out of the parking lot.

The bitch like it.

--I did too.


--Well, it's kind of hard when you touch her breasts like that, Eddie.

Whatever, pussy.

I was bought out of my argument with my dick when I felt heavenly pressure put upon my upper thigh.

Bella's hand.

"Um, Edward?" Bella asked, her body leaning over the two seats, her voice purring into my ear. I closed my eyes in satisfaction.

--Driving! Car! Edward, you're driving!!

Fuck, fuck, fuck!

I said inwardly as the car slightly swerved to the left. The winch just laughed softly and proceeded to move her hand up even further, grasping my cock.

--Is she? Do..? Urgh, she's killing me here.

Killing you?

--Yes… and God does it feel nice.

"Do you mind that when we get back to your place if I can stay over? I'm feeling… tired."

I snorted inwardly.

Tired, right.

--Tired?! Give me a break woman – you have me breaking out in a sweat over here.

I tried to answer her but my voice just cackled, "Uh…um, yeah… ss… suure… anything Bella."

God fucking damn it! I sound like a idiot. Get your shit together Cullen. Pussy. Bella's pussy.

I shivered at the very thought. Her pussy… wet, warm and oh so welcoming… fuck, if I didn't stop right now, I'd fucking come right here, in my fucking car. The feel of Bella's soft warm hand against my hard as fuck cock covered by the fabric of pants was becoming way too much for me to handle.

However, I suddenly felt a whoosh of cold air; I looked to my right to see that Bella had suddenly retreated her seductress position and was now settled back into her seat as if nothing happened.

W… what the fuck just happened?

--You and I good sir, just got cock teased.

That bitch! How… how dare she!

I was pissed, how dare she start something and not finish it… oh how she was going to get it when I finally got my hands on her… I'll show her whose the real cock tease. And with determination, I pulled up into my driveway, threw open my door, jogged to Bella's side, yanked open her side, grabbed her wrist roughly and threw her up against my car.

"Omph!" She looked at me, her eyes wide with shock and… lust, was it?


I pressed myself into her, making sure she knew what she did to me. I sighed – this felt too fucking good.

Fuck me I was going to lose it.

--First Eddie, you make her pay for what she did earlier to me. Teach her a lesson… don'..

"You Bella, need to finish what you started." The shock disappeared from her face and a smug look appeared.

"Oh? I don't need to finish anything, Edward." She stated as she tried to wiggle her way from my pressing body. I smiled crookedly; fine, two can play this game.

With my body pinning her ever so gently to the cold surface of my car, I let my hand run down the front of her dress until I reached the creaminess of her thigh's skin. My hand greedily grabbed it and firmly hooked it around my slim waist – the tease moaned in response.

My slim and revengeful fingers then trailed up her silky, slim thigh… they were in high anticipation to where they would land; they continued to trail further and further, hoping to hit something lacy or silky… but wait – all I could feel was her skin, her soft enticing skin.

No panties? The cunt.

--Congrats, Sherlock. That is hot though.

Ignoring my ever present cock, I turned my focus back on the task at hand – making my Bella beg for me and my cock – I want to hear her till she can't form cohesive sentences. I leaned my head forward, the skin on her shoulder was begging to be sucked. My lips parted over her skin, my hot breath creating little goose bumps on her sensitive skin. I smirked inwardly – this was just to get a hell of a lot hotter.

I heard her suck in a breath as my fingers caressed the spot they have been traveling towards. I on the other hand nearly buckled at my knees for she was wet – I'm not talking about your average "I'm horny and let's fuck wet" I'm talking dripping "I've been ready for days" wet.

--Focus Eddie. We are in mission mode.

Easy for you to say, God, I just want to fuck her already.


I groaned out loud for this was becoming too much even for my prick ass. The woman I loved – I needed was here with me, willing, ready and oh so welcoming. Still, she needed to be taught not to fuck with Edward fucking Cullen.

So with much needed concentration my experience fingers ran over her, enticing soft moans from her soft lips. I leaned into her ear, licking her luminous skin and whispered softly into her ear.

"How's that my Bella?" She responded with heavy heaves and a quick nod of her head. She threw back her head, biting her lip and I took that as, 'Fuck, more Edward.' Responding to her moans, I moved my fingers against her more quickly, her body thanking me almost immediately.

"Oh Edward… I… I'm going…tt-o…"


I instantly pulled my rampant fingers from her and let her watch me as my tongue greedily taste her. She looked at me with her wide brown eyes, her hands taking their place upon my broad shoulders.

"What? Come my dear Bella? Oh… there will be plenty of time for that, I promise." I said in my most fuckable voice possible as I stepped back, releasing every part of her body from mine. I grabbed my keys from my pocket and hoped up to my doorstep, and fumbled with my keys. Finally unlocking the door I pushed it opened and looked back to see a still stunned Bella. She was looking at me with pure fury in her eyes, she was not happy with me.



That was… was amazing for the lack of a better word. That egotistical bastard… completely did that on purpose and I for one was not going to let him get away with it. I saw him step inside of his house leaving the door cracked slightly ajar. I took heavy lustful steps towards the door, pushed it opened and stared into the dark. He hadn't turned on any lights the space just glowed with blackness.

"Looking for me?" A voice sweetly chimed out. I huffed.

"I'm going to fucking kill you Cullen!"

"Tsk, tsk my Bella… I told you that you've had some unfinished business and since you refused to take care of it I had to teach you that it's not nice to… not finish your obligations." I snorted taking a full step into the darkness, closing the door behind me.

"I don't owe you anything!" I yelled slightly panicked – I was never a fan of the dark. I found a wall, pressing my palms up against it, feeling my way around his loft. All of a sudden I felt an unknown presence behind me, his forbidden breath on my ear.

"Say it Bella." I jumped a little, his velvet voice purring into my shoulder, his lips gracing it with a soft kiss.

"Say what? That you're an arrogant ass? But you know that don't you Edward?" I said softly, he just laughed his fingertips grazing the skin on my shoulder.

"Tell me that you want me my Bella, say it." I shook my head furiously. I'm not going to let him win – he will say it first.

"You first."


More silence.

"Ah, of course you want me to say it first…" He purred. I felt my wrist being grasp and my body being turned around and my back pushed into the wall.

"Fine, you win. I want you Bella, fuck, I love you… God I want and love you so much it fucking kills me to say it." I could feel his hands greedily gripping the sides of my dress, his cock was straining from his dress pants and preceded to take a seat on my inner thigh. I moaned out of pleasure, this was too much – I wanted him and I wanted him now.

"Now Edward… please, don't make me beg…" I panted through the surrounding darkness. That's all it took for his welcoming lips crashed upon mine, his tongue more than eager to meet mine. His hands expertly found the hem of my dress, grabbing it carelessly and lifting it over my hips – I'll have to remember to thank Alice for making me remove my panties in the bathroom at the ball. I indistinctively wrapped my legs upon his waist, my wetness digging into his covered cock.

"Fuck Bella, impatient are we?" I smirked and threw my head back against the wall, my hands gripping his shoulders.

"Just lose the fucking pants Edward." He groaned at this, pinning my body with all of his weight against the wall and his fumbling hands went to remove the cloth that held as a barrier to my lustful destiny.

I heard his belt, his pants and another piece of cloth hit the floor. I licked my lips in anticipation as I could feel his naked cock brush up against my own naked thigh. I pinched his shoulders, urging him on. He obliged as he grabbed the left side of my hip greedily and forced his way into me. He groaned loudly, his fingertips digging into my hip.

"Oh fuck Bella, I've never dreamed that you feel so… so fucking good." He seem to take a moment and bought his other hand to my face in a gentle manner.

"Bella, I know you can't see me, but look at me." I opened my pleasure filled eyes, trying to move my hips, however his hand was grasping it so firmly that I couldn't move.

"Edward…" I basically begged, squinting my eyes into the darkness.

"You are mine, you hear me? I don't even want you to look at other men… your mine Bella and I'm about to prove it to you."

I got my one wish as both a Edward's long hands gripped my hips and he forcefully started to move his hips into mine.

"Argh!" I cried out in nothing but pure pleasure. His cock bought me unknown pleasure and his lips tormented the tops on my breasts. My hands, having a mind of their own wanted nothing more than to run my slim fingers through his God forsaken bronze hair. They pulled his hair of the own accord, eliciting a growl from within Edward.

"Do that again Bella." He commanded. I did as asked, his head rolling back into my hands, his hips still claiming my hips.

"Fuck… you are so… breath taking… I can't… hold on much longer…" He panted, his moans softened by his lips pressed against my neck. Honest to the truth I couldn't much either. The feel of his cock, the softness of his hair, the passionate kisses of his lips – I unraveled.

"Oh Edward… I can't… I'm going to…"

"Say it my Bella, fucking say it…" He said, thrusting faster and harder, enough to make us both lose ourselves in each other.

"Come… Edward, I'm going to come!" I uttered as my release took over me. My legs wrapped around his waist tighter, my nails dug into the flesh of his soft skin. With one last fine thrust, Edward's passion claimed his body as well and his body slumped against the wall, his sweat and body heated meshed with mine.

This is what heaven feels like.


This is what heaven must feel like.

After all the fucking I've done in the entire life, I've never felt so much pleasure as I have with Bella… the sex was just… fucking indescribable.

--Tell me about it, I need a cigarette, got a light?

Enjoy yourself I take it?

--Ooh yes Eddie boy, about fucking time I got some.

You sound like me.

--Ironic isn't it?

I just snorted, my cock was the greedy bastard and I was the one who was basking in love's light.

Oh, light.

Bella and I were still in the darkness, our passions too greedy to let go so that I could flick on a light switch. I found Bella's lips with mine and softly kissed them, releasing her legs from my waist.

"Don't go anywhere." She nodded, her body staying locked against the wall. I fumbled my half-naked ass along the darkness of my loft until I found a switch a flipped it on.

Fuck, I shouldn't of done that.

My eyes squinted into the light, trying to adjust. However, when I found the object of my affection, my vision came in clearly.

There she was sprawled out against my pale white walls, her black dress disarrayed, her skin tinted a soft pink and her lips parted and swollen. Fuck – I was getting hard again.

Fortunately, Bella cleared her throat.

"Edward?" The angel spoke. I quickly made my way towards her, instantly regretting even leaving her side. When I reached her I quickly embraced her within my arms. She sighed contently into my shirt and said the most romantic words I could ever manage to hear from her.

"I'm yours Edward, I've always have been."

I'm going to die a fucking pussy who's in love and I couldn't be happier.

--Me neither Eddie, me neither.