Naruto is not mine.

Third time this week.

The third time this week that they fought over something stupid.

The third time this week she forgot why they started bickering in the first place.

Third time this week that he slammed the front door shut after telling her how annoying she was…how she was impossible.

Third time she told him how much she hated him, and for him to never come back.

She never meant it. He never meant it. The words spoken during their fights never came out right…they never thought about them. They spoke them as if they were coming from the heart. But both knew that such hating and hurtful words were never meant.

After he would slam the door shut she would go to their room (my room now, she would remind herself) and look around it.

She had learnt not to cry. Not to stuff her face with chocolate ice cream. To not call Ino, or any of her friends. She had learnt to trust him. She knew he would never leave her. Ever.


"Damn it, Sakura!" He yelled at her, while the petite girl backed away hitting the wall. "This is the third time this week you stand me up. I'm sick and tired of this!"

"I'm-I'm sorry." She whispered through her uncontrollable tears.

"You say that every time." He said more calmly this time.

"He was going to die, Sasuke! I had to save him!" Sakura told the man towering over him with defiant eyes.

"You know what? I got to go." Sasuke said after a minute and stormed out of the little apartment the young couple shared, while the small woman slithered down the wall and hugged her knees towards her chest, crying.

He came an hour later. She was still in the same position he had left her in.

He sat down next to her and hugged her. She was uncertain, but after a couple of seconds she disentangled her arms and hugged him back, muttering 'sorry' over and over again.

He shushed her and muttered nonsense until she stopped crying.

"I'm sorry." He whispered. He was never the type that apologized.

"It was my fault." a muffled reply (due to her face buried in his chest) came from her.

They stayed in silence for a few more minutes, savoring the feeling of having each other in each other's arms.

Suddenly, Sakura unscrambled herself from Sasuke and looked him straight in the eye with a pleading expression. "I don't want you to leave me again." She had said in a small voice.

"I'll never leave you again. Ever." He said in a defiant voice and kissed her forehead.


But this time, she didn't go to their bedroom. She just stayed looking at were his back had been a couple of minutes ago. She felt numb. Like every single time he left. The same feeling of dread. That may be he would come to the realization that she wasn't worth the trouble, and he would leave her for some other less troublesome (and annoying) woman.

She didn't know how much time she had stayed looking at the door when it suddenly opened, revealing Sasuke.

He noticed her and looked at her, probably considering whether she wanted him there or not.

None dared to break the silence as they looked wordlessly at each others eyes. Green clashing with deep dark pools of black.

"I'm sorry." She whispered in a raspy tone.

"Me too." He answered her and walked over to her to give her a hug…for the third time this week.

I was bored, and this little baby was typed in about 30 minutes (including editing and such). Hope you like. First one fan-fic ever!