Amnesia or Excuse Me, But Are You My Husband?

Disclaimer: I own nothing, just the storyline. And the idea is Lucy's.

Author's Note: Hi Girls! It seems a new story is beginning now… I hope you will like it. Thanks to Rach for beta this… extremely fast. Thank you dear. And I wanna dedicate this story to Ursa and Duda. You know why. But now, let's see the first chapter…

Chapter 1

"Joe! Come quickly!" Charlotte cried as she rushed to the security room in a panic.

"Oh my God, what happened?" he asked and jumped up immediately. "Please don't say it's Clarisse."

"But it is! She fell down the stairs and bumped her head to the bottom step. Her head is bleeding…" Charlotte was hysterical now.

"Don't panic! Ok? Don't panic! Where is she?" Joseph asked even as he was running towards the stairs. He was extremely nervous too.

"I'll show you."

When they reached the place where Clarisse was lying on the floor, Mia was already there trying to lift her body up a bit.

"Clarisse? Clarisse?" Joseph tried to get her to respond as he kneeled beside her but she remained unconscious. "Call the hospital Princess! Now!" Joseph shouted as he picked Clarisse up.

"But we should call a doctor first," Mia tried.

"No, we have no time for that, just call the hospital and tell them we are coming."

"Ok, Ok… Oh my God…" she cried and ran out to make the call.

Meanwhile Joseph gently picked Clarisse up and headed straight to his car. Charlotte was sitting in the backseat with the queen while Joseph drove.

Fortunately the hospital was not far from the palace and when they arrived almost all the doctors were standing outside in full standby. Everything happened so fast… In one moment she was still in the car, and in the next Joseph was in a private waiting room with Charlotte pacing back and forth and waiting for news.

"It's all my fault," he sighed with frustration and looked out of the window.

"No, Joseph. It wasn't," said Charlotte and encouragingly squeezed his shoulder. "You cannot be everywhere."

"Not everywhere, just where she is. I am supposed to be right beside her. That's my job after all. And …and I didn't even have a chance to tell her… Why haven't I ever told her?" His voice faded now.

"She knows it, I'm sure. And she feels the same." Charlotte added the last bit softly.

"How do you know? Even I don't know for sure. Is she is just kind or… Oh, I don't know. But it's all not important now. I just want her to be all right. That's all that matters now." He sighed and sat down, his head in his hands.


A few minutes later in Clarisse's room…

"She is beginning to wake up, so you can speak with her soon," the doctor said, who was standing at the door with the Princess and Shades.

"So nothing serious?" asked Mia, relieved.

"Just a small concussion. And the wound on her head was just a scratch."

"Thank you God," Mia sighed and stepped closer to her bed. "Look she opened her eyes. Finally… Shades, tell Charlotte the news."

"Of course Princess." He nodded and turned around with his cell phone.

"Grandma… Are you alright?" Mia asked and gently grabbed Clarisse's hand, as her grandmother slowly turned towards her.

"Oh Mia dear… yes. Yes, I'm fine, just feel a little dizzy. But… what happened?"

"You fell down the stairs and bumped your head, but Joe took you to the hospital in record time, so you will recover soon."

"Oh yes…Joseph," she said with a dreamy look on her face. "I can always count on him."

"Oh, and Grandma, this is Doctor Monroe. He examined you."

"Oh, well, thank you, Doctor." She smiled gracefully in the doctor's direction. "And nice to meet you."

"It's an honor to meet you, Your Majesty. I will look after you, so you can call me anytime."

"Thank you." She smiled and turned towards the door, because another few people had arrived. "Oh, Charlotte, I'm so glad I can see you."

"Me too. I hope you're all right Your Majesty."

"Yes Charlotte, don't worry, I'm fine. But… where is he?"

"Who?" Asked Mia.

"I think she means Joe," Charlotte whispered in Mia's ear with a big grin on her face.

"Ah…" She winked. "She means her bodyguard." Mia smiled and turned towards the doctor."

"No… No," protested Clarisse. "Where is my husband?"

There was deathly silence for a moment, then finally Mia started speaking. "Well Grandma, I think you can remember too…. He is dea.."

"Oh, Joseph - finally!" Clarisse cried and held out her hand as she saw him at the door. "I missed you so much."

Joseph was immediately by her side, holding her hand, but he was also a bit surprised with the warm welcome.

"Grandma… Are you trying to say that Joseph is…?"

"My husband of course, you silly little girl."

To be continued…