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Glancing over my shoulder I brought the energy bar to my nose, I inhaled the scent of chewy chocolaty goodness and licked it. Even though I couldn't eat it, i would never grow tired of the glorious flavor of the newest energy bar the "GRIZZLY". Just as I stuck my tongue out to

taste it again, Edward and Bella walked in and stared at me in shock.

"Emmett, you aren't eating that are you..." Bella said as her face twisted into a mask of disgust.

"And I thought I was weird" Renesmee muttered coming through the door after them.

"I'm not eating it... I'm only tasting it." I replied

"Yeah, and You are definitely not thinking about how to cover up the fact you took a bite right before we came inside." Edward said.

"SO!!" I yelled and ran up the stairs to my room.

" It's o.k. Mr.Grizzly, I won't let them take you. I will defend you and your friends with my life. Besides they will never find my secret hiding place!!" My monologue was interrupted when the smell of burning chocolate registered with my super sensitive nose. I immediately sprinted

down the stairs towards the source of the smell. My nose lead me to the clearing outside the house, where a large pile of Grizzlies were burning.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" I collapsed into a fit of tearless sobs.

"Wow Emmett you really need to find a more original hiding place. I mean the kitchen cabinets. Especially considering Jacob actually eats stuff out of there and happened to alert me to the fact there was a large collection of energy bars with a label that said "Emmett's Do Not Eat!"

I mean you think he would over look that?!" Rosalie scolded me. I continued sobbing. My life was over those were a special edition flavor available only in Korea and I had bought the last four thousand in the world!!

"How will I go on!!" I screamed at the clouds.

"Don't worry he'll be over it in about four hours, just let him cry himself out." Alice said to the rest of the family that was still staring at me shocked. I just curled up on the ground whimpering "My...Chocolate... gone...forever..."