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Alice P.O.V.

The strangely addicting sound of adhesive sticking to the wall filled my thoughts as I continued with my fun...

(Flash Back) "Jazzy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This way! I want to see the new office supplies!" I yelled, pulling my husband, whose arms were overflowing with bags of clothing and various objects I really didn't

need, toward the newest store in our town... Who knows what compelled me to go

in... All I knew was that as soon as I saw that lovely, pink, glitter display... I just HAD to have those! (end flash back)

The stupid mutt's screaming sounded through my ears, bringing me out of my lovely trance.

"HELP ME!!!!!!!!! SOMEONE! GET THESE DARNED THINGS OFF OF ME!!!!!!!!!" I walked over and shoved another sticky note in his mouth.

"Jacob, Jacob, Jacob." I muttered shaking my head back and forth... "When will you learn to never resist Alice's plans and learn to LOVE glittery pink unicorn-fairy-mermaid-hybrid sticky notes... I

mean come on! you loveRenesmee, why not these? they're hybrids too!"

By now, he had dislodged that sticky note and, choking on glitter, trying to wriggle towards the door, still wrapped in his iron chains.

I merely walked over and grabbed his ear restraining him.

"Where do you think you're going mister! If it wasn't for you, I could be upstairs with Sam, Seth, and Quil painting my nails. But NO! I have to babysit the puppy who refuses to let me have my fun!"

"ALICE! You think this is fun?!?!? You've covered the entire Cullen household in ridiculous post-its, not mentioning what you did to your poor family... If it wasn't for these chains I think I would

re-admit you..." He shook his head, fanning dark,un-colored hair in my face. That's

when inspiration struck!


Sam P.O.V.

"NOOOOOOOO SAVE ME!!!!" I could hear Jacob's pathetic annoying screams coming from Ali's bathroom as she did something to his hair... All she had said was that it involved sticky notes and

some super glue...

"GEZ Jacob! Can't you just SHUT UP for ONE minute?! Seriously, we're trying to listen to Cascada in here!" Seth yelled, looking up from his Cosmo Girl magazine.

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