Title: "I Hate You"

Warnings: Yaoi, SLASH, um…guy love!

Pairings: Draco/Ron, hints of Snape/Neville

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Ron growled and glared over at his alarm clock that was shouting at him to wake up. He grabbed it and threw it across the room smashing it for the umpteenth time, he sighed and decided he would fix it when he got back to the flat later. He didn't have to look at the window to know that the sun wasn't coming up for a few hours but this was the life he wanted.

He went into the bathroom to brush his teeth, he looked awful. There were bags under his eyes, more freckles, and his hair had gotten long and shaggy but he didn't feel like cutting it. He sighed spitting out the minty bubbles, well at least he grew into his nose and ears.

He wondered idly about taking a shower but that was answered for him as Harry knocked at the doorway looking worse for wear as well. His hair was short and still stuck out in every direction and the scar was still visible even after everything had happened.

"The office called…" Harry yawned tired stretching and his shirt slid up showing his midriff Ron did his best not to growl at the site. It had been a while since he had gotten laid obviously since he only seemed to start having reactions to his best mate after it's been a while. "We need to get there ASAP."

Ron grunted and went to his room to find some proper and clean work clothes. Of course something would happen the second they got on duty. He wondered idly if they were just going to obliviating muggles all morning or maybe this time it would be a real mission.

Well they still hadn't graduated from Auror training yet. He walked into the living room and Harry threw him a muffin before walking out the door, five steps and aparating. Ron followed suit wondering if they would let him off if he got splinched, maybe they would start giving him shifts that started as decent hours then.

He was standing in the ministry entrance hallway in a second and sighed when he still had everything. He made his way to the elevators and jumped in right after Harry.

"You're really not looking well mate." Harry looked Ron over worriedly, "You okay?"

"Just tired." The ginger grinned at his friend before sighing, he had an idea of what could be wrong but he didn't want to admit to that. He sighed and wondered if Hermione would have time to talk today after his shift, but as she was now the junior undersecretary to the Minister she didn't have much free time. He grinned as he remembered her getting pulled into the position as soon as they graduated and how pissed his brother Percy had been.

He wondered if they had stopped hexing each other behind the Minister's back yet.

It had only been a year since they graduated, a year and a half since Voldemort had been destroyed. Six months since…he stopped where his mind was going not wanting it to continue with that thought. It just went with why he was feeling so under the weather lately and he didn't want to talk about that either.

Harry pulled him out of the elevator obviously noticing that he wasn't paying any attention and Ron shook his head trying to get to the task at hand. He smiled at the secretary in front of the office, a pretty curly-haired brunette girl. She smiled back impishly and he smirked, maybe he could solve his problem for a little longer.

"You're doing it again." He stopped as he entered the office and looked at Harry who was smirking at him. "That thing you do."

"Sorry mate." Ron smirked back and kept walking. It had also been two years since he had found out that he was part veela.

"Sorry Ronnie, we didn't think it would affect any of you." His dad was rubbing the back of his head as Ron stared at him dumbstruck.

"I should have paid more attention." His mum sighed but smiled at Ron.

"Wha…I mean…what?" Ron groaned looking at his parents as if he was waiting for the prank to continue. "How could I be part veela? I mean out of all your kids? Me?"

"We honestly didn't think it would affect any of you." Arthur stated again.

"Remember yesterday when you and Fred got into that fight?" Molly looked at her son a little nervously.

Ron remembered it, he couldn't remember what they had been fighting about but he did remember that Fred had done something that he didn't like. And then they were fighting and he had thrown his older across the yard.

There had been a few orangeish red colored feather's on the ground.

"I'm not going to be poofing out feathers am I?" He looked at them startled.

That had gone over so well. Ron snorted remembering how his parent hadn't really told him anything about being part veela and he ended up learning the hard way at school. It turned out that some purebloods were part veela too and as soon as he had grown into it. He could smell them everywhere and when he saw them he had to fight his urge to throw them around and make sure they left his territory.

He remembered telling Harry and Hermione about it.

"You're not going to be…you know…poofing feathers everywhere? Are you?" Harry stared at Ron as if waiting for the feathers to come out at any second.

Hermione went to the library to read books.

He ended up learning more from the most unexpected person. Neville Longbottom. It turned out that the teen had been aware of his own veela heritage for a while and thus had more time to deal with things. He remembered seeing the teen on the train ride back to Hogwarts only to suddenly have to urge to hurt him to make sure he understood that he this was his territory.

He had fought with his friend and Neville had done some sort of weird spell and suddenly he was on the teen, kissing him…Ron was glad that he was able to pull himself together before they continued. Veela's were territorial, sexual and vicious. Depending on the gender of the veela in your blood line it was easier to know which of those things would stick out more, Ron's had been a female and thus he was very sexual.

Neville's was a male but his relative was also a lot closer to him in his family line, he was a lot more territorial and powerful than Ron in that aspect. He briefly wondered if the sandy-haired man was doing alright, Neville was in Auror training as well but Doge had done the smart thing and made sure that most of the pure bloods with active veela in them wouldn't see each other that much.

Ron had to admit he didn't think his blood would bother him as much as it was.

"About time you got here." Ron looked up at Elphias Doge, the temporary Head of Auror office until Shacklebolt decided who should fill the position. Also long time friend of Albus Dumbledore but that didn't mean the man was anything like the late headmaster, at least not at work, after hours he was who everyone wanted to catch a drink with and listen to his stories.

"Sir." Harry nodded to the older man and Ron grabbed the file that Doge was handing them.

"Just some suspicious behavior in a muggle community near south London." He obviously thought that the job was a little low for Aurors but as Harry and Ron were just trainees it was experience. The red-head noticed the man give him an odd look.

"Are you alright Weasley?" This honestly caught Ron off guard because the older man didn't seem the type to ask. Then again he was also a friend of the family and had been to Bill and Fluer's wedding.

"Fine." He lied and the white-haired man glared at him slightly. He didn't want the older man to think that just because he was feeling a bit under the weather that he couldn't be able to work.

"Very well, get on then." The man waved them off dismissively and pulled a pipe out of his desk as he started going through paperwork.

"We better change, wouldn't want muggles in south London freaking out about people in strange cloaks wondering by their windows so early in the morning." Harry laughed as they went to the locker room. Their lockers had anything they would need for a mission. Overnight pack, change of robes, a few different sets of muggle clothes depending on where they were going, small first aid kits, among several other things.

"One galleon it's an enchanted tea pot again." Ron snorted smirking over at Harry who thought about it.

"You're on, I bet it's an underage wizard apparating somewhere accidentally." The black-haired man stretched.

"You can do the search for that one." Ron rolled his eyes, trying to figure out if someone apparated to an area took a series of spells if they didn't leave something behind…or were stuck there from leaving something behind where they came.

He shuddered remembering the last teen they had to put back together. Splinching was an ugly thing.

They made their way to the apparating point for Auror's and the Ron closed his eyes.

"I think I might owe you a galleon." Ron opened his eyes and waited for them to adjust in the darkness reminding him once again, that the sun wasn't out. He looked over at Harry who was waving his wand and looking around, probably trying to trace any apparition.

Ron took out his wand and started inspecting the area, it was a small suburb where all the houses were almost identical looking. He sniffed the air wondering if he could smell a trace of magic, thankfully in this state his senses were heightened but that didn't help him feel any better.

He turned left into some sleeping muggle's front yard and looked around, down and up the street. There really wasn't anything there. He turned and there was a cat staring up at him. He glared down at it and growled slightly causing it to hiss and run away. He smirked before noticing that the cat had been sitting on something.

He could remember Crookshanks sitting on things when Hermione was looking for them as if not wanting her to find them or to tease her master. He bent over and waved his wand over it.

It looked like a piece of blue glass but there was something on it…he sniffed the air but nothing was coming to his nose.

"Find something?" Harry was walking up beside him and he turned and shrugged.

"Maybe, I'm not smelling anything." Ron shrugged and pointed his wand at the piece of glass. "Should I test it out for things or should we just take it back and let the cursed objects people look at it."

"Wouldn't hurt to do some simple things to it." Harry squatted beside Ron and pointed his wand at it waving it a few times. Ron watched the glass twitch slightly and looked over at Harry to see if he was done. "I'll send it to them but I don't think there's anything…"

They both turned as someone opened up one of their windows. The lifted their wands but quickly put them behind their backs as a girl and boy were kissing and laughed before the boy started getting out of the window.

The smell of sex hit Ron like a slap against the face and he flushed and spun on the spot not wanting to be there a second more. He wouldn't want to lose himself in the presence of muggles.

He opened up his locker aggravated and then Harry was beside him flushed and glaring.

"You could have warned me or something, they heard you pop out and they thought I was some pervert watching them!" The black-haired man flushed even more and put his hands over his face. "It was awful!"

"Sorry mate." Ron sighed hitting his head against the locker a few times.

"Ron you do look sick maybe you should…"

They both turned as the door to the locker room opened and two people walked in. But there was something different another smell was shocking his senses, blonde hair, grey eyes flashed in his mind and he growled. Theodore Nott looked over at him surprised before Ron slammed him into the lockers and the other man hissed.

"Why do you sm-"

But he was suddenly pulled over and slammed onto the ground, the air was knocked out of him and he hissed before there was weight over him and they hit each other growling. He spun both himself and the other person over growling but it was only met with another one and there were hands holding his wrists and the person used their legs to throw him on his back again.

He gasped and froze when his eyes met hazel ones that were glaring down at him. There was an overbearing pressure weighing his body down that he knew he couldn't compete with. He took a deep breath trying to calm himself down and closed his eyes.


"You better?" Neville sighed releasing his grip on the red-heads arms and running a hand through his sandy colored curls. He looked down at Ron still sitting on his stomach, studying him. "You look like shit."

Ron could tell immediately that Neville knew and he looked away from the eyes and looked over at the startled Nott. "Sorry mate, not myself lately."

"I couldn't see a difference." The ex-Slytherin fixed his robes that had been ruffled slightly and glared down at the ginger. "Attacking for no reason, nothing has changed since school."

Neville glared over at the brunette and got off of the ginger on the floor before giving Ron his hand, he reluctantly took it and got pulled to his feet. "We need to talk later." And Ron knew that there was no room for arguing and sighed before nodding. "And Malfoy was here but I guess you knew that." It was whispered softly but the red-head heard it loud and clear, he looked over at Neville.


The sandy haired man just shrugged and looked over to Nott. "We need to get going."

"You're partners now?" Harry looked at Neville and Nott surprised. Neville shook his head.

"No, just today." He answered stiffly before turning and Nott nodded at the both of them before following the younger man to the apparation area.

Ron knew why Harry was so surprised about Neville being partnered with Nott. It wasn't a pretty story and the ginger had been surprised that Neville had a remained in Auror training after what had happened. But the sandy-haired man was going to let him have it later, he cringed at the thought.

"I think I might ask Doge if I can leave early." Ron finally admitted to Harry who smiled slightly.

"Alright mate, probably just paperwork for the rest of the day. I'll call you if we need you to come in." Ron waved his hand gratefully as Harry slipped into their shared cubical and he continued to the Head of Auror office.

"Go home." Ron had just opened the door and looked at the old man surprised before smirking.

"Do I look that bad?" The man just nodded and continued his paperwork and Ron shook his head amused. That had been easier than he thought it would be.

"You look like you could use some warming up." He stopped and looked over at curly haired brunette that manned the desk for the offices. He smirked.

"I could." She could be a little help for what he was feeling.

"I get off in a few minutes."


"Quick fixes won't work forever."

Ron looked up from the door way to see Neville sitting in his living room. He sighed and closed the door behind him. He had to admit that even curly brunette girl hadn't helped that much. He winced and felt slightly guilty for not knowing her name.

"How long has it been?" He sighed again and sat beside the sandy haired teen on the couch.

"I guess your mission went okay." He smiled and Neville looked at him slightly annoyed. "You've been spending too much time with Snape."


"Six months." He could feel himself wanting to draw the other man to him and hated himself for it. "I'm not doing it. I don't care, it's wrong. It was an accident anyway."

"One that you both should just learn to live with." Neville sighed and looked over at Ron worried, "Mate, this isn't healthy and you know that. He's probably feeling about the same right now…you should come to some sort of truce if you can't accept that the two of you are-"

"Like you have any right to tell me to accept things or just live with things that happen." Ron glared at Neville and regretted what he was going to say before he said it. "After what happened? You haven't moved on."

Neville stood up. "At least I've tried." He growled before putting a hand over his face frustrated. "Obviously you don't want my help but I'm going to be around…so…just…" He didn't finish and instead shook his head and waved his hand at Ron dismissively.

Ron bit his lip wanting to apologize but the teen had already floo'd and he cursed. He stood up and went to the bathroom to try and wash off curly brunette's scent and the taste of her out of his mouth, it was making him feel sick.


Harry had never called him to go to work for the rest of the day and he must have fallen asleep before dinner because he was suddenly awake and he hadn't heard his alarm that he fixed after his shower. He looked over at the clock and saw that he had a few more hours until he had to get up.

He sighed and rolled over closing his eyes and willing himself to sleep.

"You've got to be kidding me." Ron glared up at Malfoy smirking down at him. "You have some veela in you?"

He growled and knocked the teen to the ground before climbing on him and they fought, fists hitting whatever they could reach. He was suddenly on his back and the blonde was above him and there was an overpowering sensation he couldn't identify but he knew…he would lose.

He struggled angrily as the blonde chuckled slightly above him, "Realize it's useless to fight?" Ron froze as a hand stroked his cheek gingerly and he looked at Draco. "Say it."

The hand slid down his throat and stopped at his chest. He knew what the blonde wanted but he didn't want to give him the pleasure of submission. He growled but when his eyes met the grey one's his body was unable to move. His mind raced for the words that Neville had told him…to submit if he ever ran into anyone more powerful than him.

"I'll give you a hint, it starts with 't'." Ron closed his eyes angrily and squirmed under the blonde. It was getting too much, the pressure, the blonde over him like this…he could smell their sweat from fighting, the blonde's breath smelt like pumpkin juice from the dinner they had just eaten…there was something else there…he took in a deep breath and looked back at the blonde

"T-trado succed-do…" But then there were soft lips over his as he tried to think of the last word he moaned opening his mouth for the blonde above him and then there was a tongue exploring his mouth. And they were moving against each other again but this time it was a different kind of movement.

He growled as he could smell their growing erections the musky scent was sending him over the edge and he tried to keep his mind together.

"Vinco-vici…no…" He cursed as the blonde started sucking on his neck, "Vinculum." But with that last word something snapped, he could hear it…like a clock's gears starting into movement. He gasped as a strange sensation flooded over him and he looked at the blonde who was gasping in shock as well.

They stared at each other as the sensation tingled away and Ron hadn't even thought that something had gone wrong he just wanted more and Draco seemed to be reading his mind. They were kissing each other growling and clashing their teeth together bruising their lips. It didn't bother him that they were on the floor in the prefect's bathroom or that anyone could walk in on them he just wanted more.

They stripped their clothes off eagerly and then touching as much as they could. He loved that pale skin so much and he wanted to mark it, to feel it. They were kissing again and the blonde moved down to his neck making more marks, he whimpered wanting more but then there were fingers at his mouth and he eagerly sucked on them.

He knew what was coming next and he wanted it badly. He had no idea what was coming next and he loved every minute of it.

The fingers left his mouth and he gasped as Draco's mouth got to one of his nipples, teasing it with his teeth and tongue. Then he felt a hand at his entrance and grabbed the blonde's shoulders holding on as one finger entered. He whimpered at the awkward intrusion and then the blonde was kissing him again this time it was gentle and soft. The finger started moving and then another one entered and he squirmed but then another hand was on his hip holding him still.

"Relax." Draco growled hungrily putting another finger in and stretching the entrance. Ron took a deep breath trying to relax but then one of the fingers hit something inside of him and he gasped as his nerves started to tingle.

Whatever that was he wanted more.

But going against his thoughts the blonde pulled his fingers out and Ron groaned disapprovingly earning a small chuckle from the blonde. But then the blonde looked over to the bath tub and grabbed his wand that was not too far from them. A bottle of lotion came floating over to them and Ron watched it eagerly.

He watched the blonde squirt it and then spread it over his growing member. Draco threw the bottle across the room and moved back to the ginger. His legs were spread wider as he watched the blonde position himself, he looked at the erection and licked his lips but then the blonde was pressing into him and he tensed closing his eyes.

There were lips on his again and hands rubbing his hips soothingly and he looked up at the blonde who then kissed him roughly and bit one his bottom lip as he pushed himself in the rest of the way and Ron gasped wrapping his arms around the blonde's back and scratching his back as the other teen pulled out slightly and went into him again.

He moaned as the blonde's mouth found his other nipple and the pace quickened. He tightened his legs around the blonde as well when the spot was hit again and then again, he grabbed Draco's head and pulled him up to slam their lips together again.

Then he felt a hand on his hip move to his stomach and it started moving lower and he gasped as the hand took hold of his erection and started pumping it. He moaned into the lips against him digging his nails into the blonde's back as he felt himself getting closer to release. He arched up against the pale body above him and gasped.

There where white lights and he could feel the blonde finish inside of him before falling against him boneless. They panted enjoying the sensations around them and the blonde pulled out causing Ron to hiss.

Then there was laughing outside the room suddenly and the both jumped up as euphoria sank away and reality hit them like a ton of bricks.

"SHIT!" The blonde was grabbing his clothes off the floor in a rush and Ron flustered and hissed as he tried to move, what the hell did they just do?! But the hiss brought the blonde's attention to Ron and he flinched as Draco walked over to him and grabbed his arms roughly. "What did you say?"

"What? I did-" Ron growled angrily but the blonde slammed him against the floor again and he groaned.

"The words…what words did you use?" The blonde hiss over him and Ron hated what his voice was doing to his body…he tried to think about it. It was too cloudy.

"Trado succedo vindic-" His eyes widened, that wasn't what he said, "I said Trado succedo vinculum."

"No you said trado succedo vinco vici vin…" But the blonde bit his lip almost thinking if he didn't finish that whatever he was worried about would be okay. Ron flustered and glared.

"Well you had me stuttering with your mouth on my throat!" Ron hissed angrily but Draco hit him against the ground again and he coughed.

"You idiot that's the bonding spell!" The blonde threw the ginger's arms out of his hands and started putting his clothes on quickly. Ron blinked…that didn't sound like it was a good thing.

"What?" he croaked.

"Idiot! Fucking moron!" Draco growled angrily and Ron found himself getting pissed. But before he could shout at the blonde to explain things Draco had left the room, obviously not wanting to spend a second longer with the ginger.

Ron growled as he opened his eyes, he glared at his alarm clock that went off. Of course it would go off after the memory had finished. He threw it against the wall again and felt his body shaking. It was two years ago that he had bonded with Draco accidentally and then learned what it had meant.

They were bonded mates, which meant that only they could fulfill each other's needs…as it were. They could sleep with other people but it would never be the same. They hated each other the more they saw the other. He growled getting up to get dressed. They tried to avoid each other after they realized what they had gotten into but it seemed that their bodies would just take over if they found themselves alone and they would end it with cursing and sometimes hexes.

It was worse when they were able to avoid each other for long periods of time, Neville had told him that it wasn't healthy and it would take a toll on his body eventually but he wanted to take the chance. He hated how much his body wanted it. He had finally been able to avoid the blonde for six months and now his body was starting to hate him for not wanting it.

He slid on pants as he heard Harry get up and start walking around their flat. He sighed wishing that they had been able to find some way around it.

But it couldn't be broken.

Bonds were powerful things.


That day had gone from bad to worse pretty quickly. He sighed running his hands through his hair and looking at the pile of paperwork that just seemed to be growing on his desk.

He didn't see curly brunette girl and heard that she had decided to switch offices, he felt bad about leaving her right after maybe he owed her some sort of explanation. Well they hadn't really been talking, he snorted, the transfer probably had nothing to do with him.

Though now it was pretty long haired blonde girl that was bothering him. He hated the way her hair looked white when the light hit it or how her eyes seemed to turn grey while she was talking to him. He growled frustrated, his mind was wanting him to do something that he didn't want to do.

He could remember the last time they had met up, it had been on one of his weekends off and he had decided to go to some bars with Harry. Draco had apparently been thinking the same thing and no matter how much he drank he could still recall every detail of their night together. How both of them hated it and wanted to fight it but how their bodies wanted it…needed it.

"You don't look any better." He looked up and smirked at Dawlish who smiled at him.

"How'd your mission go?" Ron asked, Dawlish had been sent on a secret mission with some other Aurors and they had been gone for a few weeks. He wanted to know…but knew better than to ask. He wasn't a complete idiot.

"Complicated." The man's smiled faltered a bit. "Dodgy Doge not in yet?"

Ron looked over to the Head of Auror office and saw the door was closed, which was actually surprisingly a rare thing to happen. "I thought I saw him earlier he might be meeting with someone."

"I wonder…" The older man was watching the door now and Ron looked back at it as he heard it open. His eyes widened as Neville came out frowning, the younger man nodded at Dodge before walking straight across the office and leaving. Ron wondered what could be up because the older man was watching Neville's retreat worriedly.

"Hmmm…that's my cue." Ron turned back to his desk as Dawlish left and then Harry came into the cubical sitting at his desk.

"You see Neville leave this place?" Harry looked at Ron confused and he nodded.

"Just got out of a meeting with Doge." Ron peaked over his cubical again at the exit. "Alone."

"Hooo." Harry whistled and stirred the cup of coffee that was in his hand. "Wonder what it was about."

"Couldn't have been good." Ron sighed looking at his paper pile again. He had to get them done some time.

The rest of the day seemed to go by slowly as Ron had kept finishing his paper pile but more people would give him things when they saw he didn't have any more. He dipped his quill into the ink bottle as he glanced over the paper one more time. It all seemed alright. He looked back at Harry and noticed that he was gone; he looked around the office and didn't see him.

"Hey." Someone whispered in his ear and his body tingled as he got the scent of expensive perfume on his nose. He didn't jump away like his body wanted to and instead turned around to see curly brunette girl whose hair was straight today. He forced a smile at her. "You left really quickly yesterday."

Ron flinched slightly not wanting to make a scene, he tried to think of what to say.

"Well?" She looked at him impatiently pressing herself against him and he hoped he hadn't accidently turned on the veela charm thing again. He mumbled an apology and slid out of the cubical racing for the hallway as fast as he could without running. But she had grabbed his hand and he turned around and pushed her against the wall with his hands on either side of her.

She looked at him approvingly and he sighed.

"Listen I…don't want a relationship or anything." He wondered if that had been too harsh as she had immediately stopped smiling. "Sorry."

The girl didn't seem to believe this and she suddenly attached her mouth to his but before he had proper time to react he was pulled back from her and his back hit the other side of the hallway. He hissed but suddenly there were hands grabbing his wrists and holding him against the wall.

And all too recognizable scent hit his nose causing him to growl.

"What is this?" He opened his eyes to see sharp grey one's looking at Ron with a mix of amusement and…jealousy? The blonde looked at the brunette who was staring at him startled with a blush on her cheeks. "Sorry, this one likes blokes."

"But we-"

"Probably just confirming it." The blonde sneered as he interrupted her and she flushed angrily looking at Ron and then back at Draco. She cursed at the two of them before running down the hallway but Ron didn't care. He stared at the blonde that was watching her go, he could feel his body reacting in his presence. He hated it.

"I hate you."

Malfoy turned at this growling at Ron. "It's mutual."

There was a cough and they both turned to see Neville looking at them aggravated. Draco let go of Ron's hands though the ginger noticed that he lingered a bit longer than he should have and he hated how his body groaned in disappointment. He suddenly noticed how the blonde had bags under his eyes and looked a little paler than usual.

"Draco let's go." Neville walked past Ron obviously wanting to separate the two of them. The blonde eyed Ron warily before turning to follow Neville. Ron took a deep breath trying to calm himself down as all of his senses tingled from the scent…the touch…the voice…

He looked at the blonde's retreating back and then noticed he was limping and he found himself hating whoever caused the limp…and then growing angry at himself for feeling that way.

"Ron?" He looked up to see Harry running over to him. "I guess you saw him."

Harry didn't know about the bond because Ron had decided that he didn't want anyone to know. Neville had been able to notice with his own veela senses but Harry just thought Ron and Draco couldn't stand being in the same room with each other because of the veela blood or something. He never asked Ron about it and he was thankful for that bit of privacy.

"Yeah." Ron sighed and then ran a hand through his hair as he collected himself. "What's going on?"

"Right, we're going to a meeting." Harry nodded his head in the direction that Neville and Draco had gone earlier. Ron had a bad feeling.

He pretended not to see the white blonde feather on the ground where he was standing because feathers only came from anger…or…jealousy.


"You've got to be kidding me." Harry grinned whispering and running a hand through his hair messing it up further. "We finally got our big mission, even if that gits involved."

Ron nodded forcing a strained grin back as they listened to the mission report from Doge. Apparently they were trying to catch down some new dark wizard ring or something. He growled silently at himself but he couldn't help but get distracted as Draco sat in the front row. He wondered if he bothered the blonde as much as the blonde bothered him. He had sat as far in the back as Harry would let him.

Apparently Draco had been contacted by them and had been helping Dawlish, this had been a part of the secret mission from before. Now the blonde had agreed to help the Aurors and Ron wondered what the ministry was giving the blonde. No way would a Malfoy do anything for free.

Neville was suddenly talking and Ron's eyes widened. Neville was going to be partnering up with the blonde because the circle seemed to be mainly focusing on selling non-tradable plants or their seeds. Ron bit his lip as they told everyone their assignments, he and Harry were probably going to end up as messenger boys.

"You both will be protecting Mr. Malfoy through…"

Everything froze as Ron stared shocked at Dawlish who had been assigning everyone their posts. He looked down to see Draco looked surprised by this as well. He felt an odd sense of satisfaction that it had been decided without the blonde's approval yet at the same time he wished someone had maybe…

No this was their first real mission. He clinched his fists and looked away from the blonde over at Neville who met his gaze. He nodded slightly at the sandy-haired man who sighed.

"Man, how easy is this going to be?" Harry mumbled, "As long as they don't expect us to be his servants or anything."

"He probably does." Ron snorted back before finally paying attention to the rest of the mission. As long as he was never alone with the blonde, he could handle himself.

"He does look a little sick though." Ron looked over at Harry surprised and then looked down at Malfoy. "I wonder if there's something wrong with the circle…"

"He has a limp." Ron shared and Harry nodded his eyes closing in thought.

"We'll ask him about it when this meetings over." Ron reluctantly nodded taking a large breath of air but this caused Harry to look at him.

"You alright?"

"Yeah, you know." Ron tried to shrug it off but Harry just looked at him suspiciously before returning his gaze to Doge or Dawlish until it was over. He stood with Harry as the rest of the people started talking.

"Harry! Ron!" They both looked at Dawlish who was waving them over. Neville was mumbling something to Draco and the blonde's lips were in a thin line.

Ron liked how the blonde must have been upset but hated how he wanted to bite or suck on those lips.

"Okay so that there isn't any suspicion on the behavior of things going on in Mr. Malfoy's manor you guys are going to be disguised as a muggle remodeling/landscaping unit that he has hired." He put a hand on Neville's shoulder. "Neville here of course will be messing with the lawn and you two will be working in the house. There will be real landscapers and construction workers there as well so that work actually gets done." Dawlish smirked at that. Harry laughed and Ron noticed Neville and Draco give strained smiles… he wondered what was going on…

"You all will be living in the mansion as well and will have no contact with us except through Mr. Malfoy." The man was instantly in serious mode. "It would be too suspicious to have muggle carpenters talking to the floo or anything so from tomorrow morning please do not try to contact us unless it's an emergency."

Ron wished he hadn't looked over at the blonde at that moment. His blue eyes immediately fell on the long pale neck as Draco twisted his head around trying to pop it. He leaned his back exposing his neck and Ron felt himself hold his breath and he closed his eyes looking away. He looked back at Dawlish who was still explaining what they were going to be planting into the mansion to help them spy, he hadn't noticed anything.

His eyes glanced over and met grey smug ones.

He licked his lips.

This was going to be a hell of a lot harder than he thought it would be.


Ron stared out the window in the van as it drove down the narrow cobblestone road to the Malfoy's manor. He looked down at the blue jumper he was wearing and couldn't help but feel slightly like a janitor. He sighed and looked over to Harry who was squished between two of the other workers as they talked some about a muggle sports event called the 'Olympics'.

Harry smiled and shrugged at the red-head. Ron looked at the girl that was on the seat beside him, she was part of the painting crew. Poor Neville was alone in the van behind their's.

"So Ginger." Ron looked up at the person in the passenger seat who grinned at him. It seemed that no matter how many times he told the man that his name wasn't Ginger the man refused to give up. He sighed. "It was mighty nice of ya' to come in with our guys getting sick and all."

"No problem." He smiled and looked out the window again hoping to end the conversation there. He saw the mansion come into view and couldn't help but shiver. The last time he had been there was after the war, sure the Malfoy's had turned out to be not so bad but that didn't mean the mansion didn't have its past.

He wondered if that's why a certain blonde was fixing it.

He shook his head, if he was going to get through this…and prove that they could get around this bond then he needed to keep that certain blonde out of his head.

"So Ginger?" He groaned and turned to look at the girl sitting near him, she had short curly black hair. "Where are you from?"

"Ottery St. Catchpole." Ron decided it wouldn't do to ignore her, he was supposed to be fitting in. Plus he could use these people to make sure he was never alone with a blonde.

"That's pretty far, how'd you end up in London?" She smiled at him and he nodded.

"I moved there after school." He nodded over to Harry who seemed to be arguing with the two men about one of the sports and which country should have the medal. "We're flat-mates."

"And the other one?"

"Blackpool but we went to school together." Ron was glad that they lived in muggle inhabited places.

"Oh I love Blackpool!" She grinned but didn't continue as the van had come to a stop. They climbed out of the van and pulled the supplies out of the back. He stopped as Draco came out of the house in some really nice looking muggle clothes, he hoped the blonde had been clever enough to move any enchanted objects away from where they would be working.

"Wow he's gorgeous." Ron looked down at the girl he had been talking to and frowned at her. He didn't like the way she was looking at the blonde and he looked at him. Draco had stopped and was staring at them as they unloaded everything.

Ron noted that the blonde didn't once look at him.

"Ah! You must be Mr. Malfoy!" Ron watched one of the head muggle's walk up to the blonde and put a hand out to shake it. Harry nudged Ron on the side with a grin as Draco reluctantly shook the man's hand and they started talking.

"No wonder he wants us to stay here." He could hear one of the girls whispering behind him. "This place is huge!"

"Must be loaded." The girl he had been talking to giggled, "Wouldn't mind getting my hands on something like that."

Ron decided to ignore how much he would mind that.

"Probably some rich spoiled brat with too much money." Ron smirked as one of the larger blokes whispered over to Neville who seemed rather taken back for a second before grinning.

"Suppose so."

"Alright everyone, we'll put all of our things in the guest house and we'll get down to business!" The lead muggle started walking to the side of the mansion and Ron looked to see that the blonde was gone. He smirked, easier for him that way.

"There's another house?" He heard one of the guys behind him complain, yeah he could get used to this lot.


"Where do you think that git's been?" Ron looked over at Harry who huffed and collapsed on his assigned bed. He looked over at Neville who was staring out their window at the mansion before sighing and sitting on his bed.

"Probably shouldn't say anything." Ron whispered, "Never know who could be…" He didn't finish as footsteps went past their door. He sighed.

"Ron's right." Neville sighed and laid back, "Just do what we're told for now."

Ron smirked at that before crawling into the bed, today had been easy. They had gone from room to room talking about what needed to be done and after seeing the large hammer thing Ron had volunteered to help smash down walls.

He had to remember to take notes on their tools for his dad, he'd probably be pretty interested. He ran a hand through his hair. He hadn't really spoken to anyone in his family for a while, he made a mental note to try and stop by his dad's office when he got back.

It seemed that he had just his eyes to sleep that he was woken by their lights turning on, he grabbed the wand under his pillow before seeing that it was one of the guys they would be working with.

"C'mon Thunder! Ginger! Tree! Let's get going." And he left the door way laughing as Ron sighed.

"Did this job come with the new names?" He groaned into his pillow.

"Don't know but I kind of hope I'm thunder." They laughed as Neville snorted and they got out of bed and got their jumpsuits on.

They ate breakfast and Ron noticed immediately that all of the muggles seemed to be morning people. He glared at them as their loud voice carried around the kitchen, he looked over at Harry who was flirting with short curly haired girl.

At least they were blending in.

Ron eagerly took the hammer that they handed him and he had to admit he was surprised at first of the weight but swung it over his should before entering the house. He had to stop and brace himself for a moment as the smell he could recognize a mile away hit his nose, he growled frustrated balancing himself as he felt slightly weak.

This wasn't good.

There was an arm on his back and turned to see Neville glaring at him slightly.

"You know this mission might be easier for you if you just shag." The sandy-haired teen sighed as Ron glared back.

"It hasn't been tough, I'm just tired." Ron hissed back quietly. "We don't need to do anything."

"C'mon Ginger, let's get the top floor done." Ron looked up and bit back a groan when he noticed it was the guy who had started the nicknames.

"Yes sir." He sighed and followed the man upstairs.

Ron grunted as he swung the hammer with all of his might against one of the walls with the giant X on it. It went through and he pulled it out making part of the wall follow it. He huffed wiping his sweaty forehead with his arm. It was a lot more work than he thought it would be.

He stopped a second and unbuttoned the top part of the jumper and tying the sleeves around his waist so that the bottom wouldn't fall down. He was half tempted to take off the sweaty white tank top underneath it but left it on…he didn't know how the muggles would feel about it.

He lifted the hammer again and swung it into the wall but he left it in the wall this time and grabbed his side bracing himself. He gasped for air feeling a bit dizzy before turning around and glaring at Draco who was leaning against the door way smirking.

The air was poisoning him.

"Leave me alone." Ron growled bracing himself against the wall as the blonde walked over to him. "It'll be easier for both of us if we don't see each other."

"I like you're reactions." The blonde stated nonchalantly before smirking at him again. "You've lost weight. Am I doing that to you?"

Ron growled again glaring at the blonde who seemed please with that response. He could feel his knees start to shake. He looked at the door and wondered how far nickname guy was…he sighed frustrated…he should really start learning names.

"Don't worry about Brinton, he's downstairs helping Harry move furniture." And the blonde was in front of him so close…too close… Ron growled grabbing the blonde's shoulders and switching their positions so he could slam the younger man against the wall he was leaning against.

"I hate you." He squeezed the shoulders as hard as he could earning a hiss from the blonde boy before he was spun around and slammed against the wall. Draco smirked at his surprised face before punching him hard in the gut earning a groan.

"I hate you more than anything." The blonde hissed kicking at Ron's shins. "You did this to us…"

Before he could respond their mouths crashed together making their teeth hit and he hissed and the blonde bit down on his bottom lip before thrusting himself against the ginger earning a moan and Ron could feel his knees start to shake.

And then he was on his knees in front of the blonde glaring up at the grey eyes but then the blonde had unzipped himself and there was a bobbing erection in front of his face, the musk scent caused him to growl eagerly as he felt his body letting go of everything that he had been working hard to maintain.

There were hands harshly tugging his hair and he grabbed the hips in front of him hopping to bruise them as he squeezed tightly and earned a hiss of pain before he took the member into his mouth he scrapped his teeth against it earning a painful tug of his hair and he felt tears forming in his eyes as he was pulled back away from it.

"You want to play like that?" Draco hissed pulling Ron up to his feet with his red locks of hair before biting at his jaw line tracing it with his teeth and then biting down on the neck exposed in front of him. Ron threw his head back as the blonde ripped his shirt and dug his nails into the freckled skin.

Ron hissed and growled angrily at the blonde but before he could get his hands on him they were being pinned against the wall and grey eyes were bearing down on him. He gasped at the invisible pressure hitting him across the face and even though the blonde had let him go it seemed he couldn't pull his arms off of the wall.

He whimpered pathetically not being able to mark, hurt, touch the man in front of him who was now unbuttoning his jumper the rest of the way and then he was spun around and Draco pressed himself and the ginger's back roughly before biting the back of his neck and making sure to draw blood.

Ron cursed at his body's reactions to everything that was happening as he braced himself against the wall and he felt his legs parting themselves. He wondered if the blonde had been nice enough to bring lube with him…this time.

He gasped as a wet finger rubbed against his entrance before sliding in. He guessed that the blonde had indeed remembered or just learned some new tricks. He whimpered as another finger went into him…it had been six months since he had gotten this done to him.

He hated to admit that he didn't want anyone else but Draco doing this to him.

The blonde must have thought that the two fingers were enough as he felt them pull and nothing returned right away but then there was something bigger there sliding wetly up against him and he felt his knees finally give out again. His hands hit the floor harshly and they shook as he tried to pull himself up but then there was a hand stopping him and he turned to see Draco on his knees behind him positioning himself again.

The blonde had a weird clouded look on his face and he wondered if he looked the same. Hating this so much yet loving every moment of it. He put his fist to his mouth as the man slid into him and bit down on it to stifle a moan. The blonde paused for a second and Ron took a deep breath putting his bloody fist on the ground to stabilize himself as the blonde started rocking in and out of him.

He felt himself gasp and his arms were shaking again as the blonde pounded into him and hit the spot. But then the blonde pulled out and his back hit the floor roughly and the blonde was above him, blonde hair falling madly out of place and he was pushing into him again.

Ron didn't know when his pants had been taken off but he guessed there had been magic used as he wrapped his legs around the blonde. He growled when he noticed that Draco was still dressed but then a hand was holding both of his down above his head and there was a hand on his own erection. He arched against the pale man gasping feeling the release coming.

And they were kissing again biting at each other's lips growling in their mouths and the hand around his erection started going faster along with the pace of thrusts the blonde was doing. He gasped into the mouth over his as white lights started dancing in his eyes and then the kiss became gentle and there was a tongue licking at his lips as the blonde thrust one final time into him tensing.

Draco caught himself with his hands and stayed there above Ron for a second as they breathed for air. Ron watched the blonde and put a hand on the side of the blonde's face. Grey eyes met his and Draco pulled out caused Ron to wince and hiss slightly.

With a flip of his wand both of them were clean and Ron didn't comment on how Draco shouldn't use his wand in front of him since he was supposed to be pretending to be a muggle but bit his lip instead watching the blonde pull himself together as he waited for realization to hit him.

He had tried to hard…to make it so long with out…

He gulped in the air and put his cloths back on turning away from the blonde, he buttoned his jumper up putting the sleeves on again but suddenly he felt as though his head had been emptied. He watched the room spin around him before falling backwards.

"Hey wha-"

His head hit the floor and everything went black.