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Chapter three: Conclusions and The Beginning.


"Harry!" Ron sat up gasping. He looked around frantically, this wasn't the street. Where was everyone? He closed his eyes; he was in St. Mungos again…but what about…

"Ron!" Suddenly there were arms wrapped around him tightly and he groaned realizing how sore his body was, his face pressed against his dad's chest. "You're alright!"

"Dad, what about Harry? Draco? Neville?" Ron pulled his father off of him and felt the man shaking. His dad didn't look good. "Dad what's wrong?"

"We…thought…" Arthur wrapped his son up in another hug. "It's been days!"

Ron's eyes widened. "What? Wait dad; tell me what's going on!" He pulled his dad off of him again. "I'm okay dad, I'm right here."

"You're mum's going to kill you." Arthur smiled sniffing back tears that were in his eyes. He took a deep breath realizing that Ron needed information. "In that explosion on your flat, there was poison in the jar, a very undetectable poison. You and Hermione got it full force but mainly you…she's alright!" Ron had opened his mouth to ask.

"You were a pretty bad mess with the blood loss." Mr. Weasley grabbed his son's hand. "We were so worried."

"What about Harry?" Ron looked at his dad frantically. "There was a guy behind him."

"Both men are being questioned." His tone left no doubt in Ron's mind what kind of questioning it was. "But it's been a few days and we still don't know where Neville or…Mr. Malfoy is." His father had given him a strange look at that and Ron wondered if Percy had mentioned something.

But Neville and Malfoy were still missing. Something in his chest was reacting and he could feel himself shaking. What if something happened to them? What if…

"Does Snape know about Neville?" Ron looked up to his dad and then bit his lip, did his dad know about Neville and Snape? Not many people did.

"He's the one that made an antidote for the poison." Arthur nodded, "He's…its hard…" Ron nodded with his father in understanding. The situation was difficult.

"OH RONNIE!" Ron jumped up and then his mum had herself flung over him and she was crying pulling him tightly against her. "Don't ever scare me like that again! What would I have done? Oh Ron!"

Ron hissed in pain but smiled at his mother and wrapped his arms around her. "I'm okay mum."

"Only barely!" The woman cried against him. "Oh Ron…"

Ron rubbed soothing circles on her back and smiled at his dad.

"I need to go to the office." Ron looked at his parents but his mum shook her head furiously.

"Absolutely not. You're not strong enough right now, you need rest." She turned away from Ron as sighed.

"Mum, I can't sit here. What if something happens to one of them?" His hands tightened on the sheets. "I wouldn't be able to live with myself."

"What about you? What about us?" Molly sniffled and Arthur wrapped an arm around his wife.


Ron closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He looked up again and his mum was looking at him worriedly. He grinned and got out of the bed slowly. "Don't worry mum. I'll take care of myself better this time."

"You better." She sniffled.

"Wouldn't have brought some of my old robes with you?" Ron asked flushing; he was in a hospital gown again. His mum laughed slightly but handed him a bag and he quickly changed. He was glad that his parents weren't paying attention because some of the hickeys that Draco had given him still hadn't faded yet.

He hugged them both and then ran out of the room not wanting to be stopped by a nurse. He was found a fireplace with a jar of floo powder next to it and quickly jumped in calling for the ministry. It would be best if started there first.


"Mr. Weasley, it's about time." Ron smiled at Doge who glared at him. "You stayed in that hospital a bit longer than necessary, don't you think?"

"Sorry I liked the attention." He looked around the office to find it mostly empty. "News?"

"Harry's in with the guys right now if you want to have a look at them. You might find something interesting." The man growled biting down on his pipe and he started walking to the back of the offices.

"What do we know about them?"

"Witch hunters, what they call themselves." The older man snorted. "They actually hired some wizards to help them out and in return they wouldn't hurt them."

"Do we know who?" Ron's eye widened.

"There's a list but…" Doge sighed. "We don't know what has happened to Mr. Malfoy or Mr. Longbottom. It's likely that they would try and get us to trade for them but there hasn't been any sign. I wonder if they were even trying for them…it could have been someone else."

Ron closed his eyes trying to let his thought process keep up. It didn't make a lot of sense but it made a ton of sense at the same time. "Malfoy? Why?"

"Don't even think it was him they were after." The man shrugged, "Who knows? We all know how warped their ideas of us are…"

A door slams open in front of them and there's a lot of shouting that Ron can't decipher but he does recognize one of the voices. Harry walks into the hallway obviously pissed but then Ron notices that his mate's fists are bloody.

"Did you find out anything?" Doge asks as if the bloody fists weren't something worth time.

"After the minister but we figured that, they just didn't know how." Harry wiped his fists on his robes and Ron sighed thankfully that none of the blood belonged to the black-haired man. His sigh must have startled Harry because suddenly he was staring at Ron wide eyed. "Ron! You're okay!"

"Been better." Ron admitted honestly. "But I'm not going to sit around, why did they want to blow me up?"

"Must have thought there was only one red-haired Weasley that knew the minister?" Harry shrugged, "These people are idiots…that just makes this worse though."

"So these people are just like normal muggles though?" Ron bit his lip, an idea hit him but he didn't know…Doge raised an eyebrow looking at the ginger.

"As far as we know." Harry was giving Ron a quizzical look.

"Can I go or did you kill them?" Ron smirked at the black haired man who looked slightly taken back before smiling.

"Go ahead." Harry did a small bow. "By the way, you're doing it again."

"I know." Ron snorted entering the room and closing the door behind him.

"What?" Doge looked at Harry glaring slightly.

"Doge we got a veela on our side…maybe the feathers'll freak them out."


"Hey guys." Ron purred as he stepped into the large white room, well it was white, there was blood splattered in some places but he ignored it. There were two men tied to chairs in the middle one was smaller than the other but both of them had brown hair. Both of the men looked worse for wear and Ron hoped this would make it easier.

"W're n't go'n say n'thin." Ron winced as the words coming out of the shorter man's mouth sounded slightly painful. He took a deep breath trying to concentrate.

"You don't need to say anything if you don't want to." Ron sneered walking over to the smaller man. "That just means he needs to talk. Don't you?" Ron glared at the bigger man who was watching him wide eyed. He kicked the chair the smaller man was on over earning a hiss of pain that he found his bones tingling to.

"You have something of mine." He growled this time grabbing the larger man's hair and pulling it back. "I want it back."

"W-we didn't take anything!" The man stared up wide-eyed and Ron pulled on his hair again angrier but couldn't help but smirk at the same time. At least it would be easier to understand this one.


Harry and Doge stood out in the hallway listening to what was happening in the interrogation room.

"Is there someone watching what's going on in there?" Harry looked at the older man and did his best to ignore a loud cracking noise.

"We have video surveillance filming but it was turned off yesterday when Severus was here." Doge nodded and then looked at his pipe that was running out. "Forgot to turn it back on I guess." He smirked.

"I don't even want to know." Harry shook his head but jumped back wide eyed as a loud scream came from the room. "Bloody hell!"

"It's for the best." Doge nodded and the door swung open and Ron looked at the two of them.

"I know where they are." They both watched the red head run down the hallway and watched a few ginger colored feathers fall from his back. Harry looked back into the room to see the smaller man on the ground nursing a broken arm and the older man was staring at the ceiling mumbling to himself.

"Remind me to give Weasley a holiday after this." Doge looked at the black haired teen that closed the door to the room and they both looked at the back of Ron as he turned down another hallway. The older man brought his pipe back to his lips, "and a raise."

"Yes Sir!" Harry laughed before following his best mate down the hall.


"They're set up in this old catholic cathedral." Dawlish stood in front of the room as the Auror's got debriefed on the new information. "We don't think that they'll have anti-apparation spells charms up but since they've been helped by other wizards we don't know what to expect. We will all apparate in this perimeter." He pointed at a circle around the church.

"Briggons, you will be heading squad A on the east side. Jefferies you will be heading squad B on the South, and Hughes, you get Squad C on the North. Potter, Weasley." The man looked over at the two men standing at the door. "Both of you and Nott will be at the west, the building connects with a hospital and we think its closer to where they might be holding Longbottom and Mr. Malfoy. You think you can three handle it?"

"Send Mr. Weasley alone and give Potter and Nott the day off." Doge joked, "You saw those men Dawlish."

Ron flustered as several of the people looked at him. Theodore Nott gave Ron a bored look. "Never changes…"

"Time is of importance people! Constant Vigilance!" Doge yelled and everyone stood to go to the apparation room. "Keep your eyes open and pay attention! No losses on this mission!"

"YES SIR!" They all shouted and left the room. Ron checked to make sure he would have everything he might need, even the antidote for the potion. Snape had provided them all with enough, just in case.

Ron found his heart was hammering hard in his chest; he was honestly surprised that they were letting him go but thankful none the less. He would have gone with or without permission. He needed to make sure…

He shook his head. And looked at Harry's, his and Nott's outfits; making sure that they were able to hide everything. They were dressed like the doctors from the hospital connected to the church. It would have to make due.

"Ready?" Harry looked at the two men he was working with and they both nodded. "Let's go."

They stepped onto into the room and were instantly spinning. Ron balanced himself as they landed in a small alleyway and he looked over to see some more Auror's going to their positions. He took a deep breath.

"C'mon guys." Harry went around the corner and he followed quickly looking around. There were only a few muggles on the street; that would make things easier. They walked into the hospital which surprisingly had little security but they were allowed right past. They walked down the long hallway to the stairwell at the end, the buildings connected at the basement.

"This is too easy." Nott growled as they went inside the stairwell and started heading down. Ron nodded, it was…unless they really didn't think or know about this entrance.

"Dead end." Harry hissed as they reached the bottom only to be blocked by a brick wall. Ron glared at it and raised his wand. The other Auror's should have already been inside now and they weren't bloody stopping for a brick wall.

He blew a hole into it and they waited for the brick to stop falling before crawling through into the darkness that was the cathedral's basement. Ron squint his eyes in the darkness willing his eyes to adjust he felt Nott beside him and they moved and Harry was behind them.

The scent of blood filled his nostrils and he had to cover himself so he didn't gag on it. He shook his head at the two men that looked over at him worriedly. He kept going and suddenly there were in a big slightly lit room.

"Stupefy!" Nott and Harry pointed their wands at the guards that had stood up shocked. Ron had to keep a hand tight on his nose as his eyes started to water. They waited but no one else came.

"It smells like blood and it's getting worse." Ron groaned wishing he could catch Neville's or Draco's scent. They looked around the room. It was empty.

"Idiots up here!" They all jumped and pointed their wands above them where Draco and Neville were both in a cage hanging from the ceiling. Neville's body was motionless and Ron could tell the teen was injured.

Harry instantly waved his wand and the chains keeping the cage up lowered it to the ground. Draco looked like he had been beaten and had a few cuts that were probably infected. Ron winced as he noticed the blonde's wand hand was broken in a few places.

But he couldn't ignore how happy…how relieved he was to see the blonde alive. He swung the door open and pulled Draco out of it before wrapping his arms around the blonde and taking in his scent. He felt his body start to shake as Draco trembled against him. What had they done to the blonde?

He growled angrily.

"Okay, I'm not going to say what's wrong with that." Ron turned to Harry and Nott who were both looking at him and Malfoy surprised. Harry turned to their fallen friend in the cage, "We need to get him out of here."

"He's been out for a while." Draco winced trying to keep his broken hand from touching anything. "I don't know what they did to him. His wand hand is broken but that hasn't stopped him, did you guys know he could use wandless magic?" The blonde looked at Ron and Harry who both looked at Neville's body in surprise.

"Yeah, he used it on our last mission." Nott shrugged, "Try and wake up him up."

"Try to give him some of the antidote." Ron went to his belt and pulled out small vile for Draco who took it. "You're probably poisoned."

Harry set Neville up gently and put the potion in the other man's mouth but the second it made contact with his lips Neville's eyes widened and he threw Harry to the ground with his good arm and got on top of the black haired man; hand on his throat and growling.

"It's us Neville!" Nott hissed and they heard noises coming from upstairs. "We need to get out of here since we got the two of you."

Neville's eyes widened and suddenly Harry and Nott were both trying to keep him standing while pulling him out of the cage. "Sorry guys…"

"What for?" Harry tried to laugh, "You're a lot lighter than the last time I had to carry you."

"At least I can control my legs this time." Neville hissed as he tried to get to his feet but Harry and Nott both kept their arms around him. They all jumped as some doors swung open across the room and there was a group of muggle's yelling, trying to escape.

Harry, Ron and Nott each had their wands raised to them instantly. "DON'T MOVE!"

The muggles froze but one a few of them had these strange metal things in their hands. Ron watched in interest as they lifted them up, he wondered if they were some strange muggle wand, but then Draco was pulling at his arm.

"They kill muggles with those things!" The blonde hissed loud enough for everyone to hear. Nott, Harry and Ron instantly moved their wands.

A few loud bangs went off ringing in the room and as the muggle's all fell backwards Ron wondered if some people had apparated into the room. He looked around expecting more wizards but instead more doors swung open and the other Aurors came in, and some appeared at the stairwell stunning the muggles that were still conscious.

"Let's get these guys back to…" He turned to look at the team but they were all staring at him wide eyed. He opened his mouth to ask what was wrong but there was a stinging sensation on his stomach and he looked down to see blood staining his hospital uniform. "Ow."

"Ron!" Draco tried to catch the red head as he fell backwards but failed and Ron hit the floor hissing in pain. Harry was over him in a second, eyes worried and he turned to see Nott holding Neville up as Neville yelled at the Aurors.

The smell of blood invaded his sense again and he wished he smelled the blonde again. He looked up at the blonde who was saying something to him but he couldn't hear it, he was glad the blonde was okay. He wanted to tell him that but he felt himself growing numb.

Maybe he did care for the blonde a little more than he thought.

Maybe a lot different than hate.

He couldn't hear anything. He gasped for air and laid the back of his head against the ground. He looked over at Harry, "…don't tell…mum…" He laughed as everything faded around him.


Ron opened his eyes to the white ceiling.

At least he was still alive. He wondered about everyone else and moved to sit up.

"Bout time." His head snapped to look at the side and Draco was sitting in the chair beside his bed. The blonde had bandages on his face and arms and his arm was in a cast. Ron smiled at him.

"Worried about me?" He sat up fully as the blonde snorted but he saw a slight pink tinge on Draco's cheeks.

"I want my own room if I have to watch this." Ron turned to see Neville smirking at him in his own hospital bed. His leg was in a cast and he had several bandages but Ron let out a sigh of relief seeing the sandy-haired teen.

"What happened?" Ron looked at Neville but it was Draco who answered him.

"You got bloody shot! Or do you remember that part! Idiot!" The blonde growled standing up. "The muggles have been obliviated and have no idea about anything; they got off easy I say!"

"Draco's been here every day." Neville grinned as the blonde flushed and sat down again. "And you're parents know about you two now…"

"What?" Ron shrieked slightly his face growing red.

"Well actually I'm pretty sure the whole ministry gets it after your interrogations…" Neville smirked, "And the muggles admitted to seeing you two together."

"Do they know that we're…?" Ron looked over at Draco who was now watching him with a curious expression. "You know…bonded?"

"Do you want them to know?" The blonde asked and Ron flushed looking away but he heard Draco get up and there was a hand on his chin pulling him to look into grey eyes. "Well?"

"I think it would make it easier for…us…" Ron flushed but then Draco smirked.

"Good, because I already told them…everything…" Ron found himself wondering how much of that was true but he didn't really care.

"As special as this moment might be…" They all turned to see Snape standing at the door way with a bored expression, Harry and Hermione were standing behind him. "You have an audience."

"Hey guys." Ron blushed as Draco let go of his chin but the blonde sat down on his bed beside him instead.

"Still too weird." Harry shook his head as he walked in. "Oh Ron, you have two weeks off after you're discharged."

"Nice." The ginger sighed leaning into the pillows. "I think I might spend it in a padded room where nothing can go wrong…" He looked over at Hermione, "Minister doing okay? Percy?"

She nodded flushing slightly but didn't say anything else. Ron figured that it was probably a secret that they didn't want anyone figuring out just yet. They heard Neville giggling and he turned to see the sandy haired teen blushing but talking quietly with Snape who was holding his hand.

"That's still weird too." Harry mumbled and Snape and Neville turned to look at them. Neville smirked and with a wave of his good hand the curtains around his bed closed. "Git, I can't believe he didn't tell us he could use wandless magic."

"You better have a silencing charm in there!" Draco shouted at the curtain. "I don't want to hear any of that!"

There was a chuckle but then everything went silent and Ron flushed, realizing he didn't want to know either.

"I can't believe that was his last mission." Harry shook his head and Ron gaped.

"What? Why?" He looked at the certain again.

"He's going to teach Herbology at Hogwarts!" Hermione smiled brightly. "Professor Sprout's retiring and he took the position the second it was offered."

"Poor kids," Draco sniffed, "What if they walk in on them doing…" He made a rude hand gesture and everyone flushed slightly.

"Can't be worse than walking in on you two." Hermione smirked.

"Speaking of which, go away so I can do nasty veela things to him." Draco moved and straddled Ron's waist. The ginger flustered but leaned his head against the blonde's chest and took in his scent.

"Ugh…wait for us to leave!" Harry made choking noises and Ron blushed brighter and they heard the door close. Draco grabbed Ron's wand that was on a table beside his bed and with his good hand gave it a swish. The door to the room locked and the curtains around his bed closed.

"Figured Snape wouldn't care to witness this either." Draco smirked putting the wand down before leaning forward and catching Ron's lips hungrily. Ron moaned into them before pulling back. "Silencing charm?"

"If I didn't think he'd want to see it, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't want to hear it either." Draco snorted before kissing the ginger again nibbling at his lips before he explored the hot wet mouth. They both moaned and leaned into each other but then the blonde backed away hissing and holding his arm.

"Maybe we should wait…" Ron groaned as the blonde interrupted him by rubbing their hips together.

"No way…I want to be inside of you…" The blonde growled leaning forward and nipping at the red-head's jaw line. "I want to feel you…I want…"

The blonde hissed again as he hit his arm against Ron's chest. Ron bit his lip trying to think. "Let's move around a bit, lie down."

Draco raised an intrigued eyebrow as the ginger moved and Ron flustered realizing his backside was revealed in the hospital gown. The blonde lay against the pillows and Ron straddled him, he smirked at the blonde. "Better?"

"Let's see." And they were kissing again and Ron put his hand on the wall behind the blonde so that he wouldn't hit the broken arm but they were panting and the blonde was now biting his neck again, he groaned and used his free hand to rub against the blonde's forming erection.

"Take that gown off, I want to mark you." Draco growled hungrily and Ron eagerly pulled the gown off of him and then the blonde was leaning forward, biting his collarbone and there was a hand exploring his body. He hissed as teeth broke skin on his chest but couldn't help but enjoy it as the blonde sucked on the wound.

He moved his hands to Draco's clothes and ripped at the robes and grabbed the blonde's pants and started pulling them off. The blonde lifted his hips eagerly as their breathing became erratic and Ron moved so he could pull the pants down to the blonde's knees.

The musky smell hit him and he could feel his whole body shake and his mouth went dry in anticipation. He looked up at the blonde, "Lube?"

"Right pocket." Draco moaned watching the red head move around him naked, his half erect cock bobbing, he licked his lips as Ron pulled a small bottle out of his robes and blushed, he looked at Draco and over to his broken arm. He would have to prepare himself…he flustered.

Draco licked his lips again as Ron poured some of the bottle on his fingers and then leaned forward with an embarrassed flush as he reached around himself and groaned as he slid his fingers into him, preparing himself. He looked at the grey eyes watching him.

He put his face against the blonde's chest instead not wanting to look at the eyes as he stretched himself awkwardly, his legs started shaking and his stomach had a strange burning sensation but it was probably because he had been shot. He licked the pale skin in front of him getting a taste and earning a gasp in return.

He pulled his fingers out and grabbed the bottle moving backwards and poured the rest of it on the blonde earning a choked moan, he smirked up at the blonde who was staring at him flushed and his hair looked ruffled. Ron's heart hesitated he felt himself losing control. He caused the blonde to look like that…and that was sexy.

He moved forward and positioned himself over the blonde and groaned as the tip entered him. There was a pale arm on one of his hips and Draco was watching him intently. Ron licked his lips lowering himself slowly until the blonde was filling him completely. He looked up as Draco growled. "That's the bloody sexiest thing I've ever seen."

Ron laughed and moved earning a moan. Then they were moving and grunting as Ron set the pace before leaning forward and claiming the blonde's lips. "Tell me you like this…" He purred and the blonde flushed again before growling. He thrust up roughly into the ginger earning a gasp.

"I fucking love this." Draco smirked using his good hand to hook around Ron's neck and crashing their mouths together. "I love being inside you and I…"

Ron gasped staring into the grey eyes as he felt himself getting closer to the edge. He moaned.

"I don't hate you." The blonde said it softly but the words were vibrating in him and he felt himself start to shake and he grabbed his erection staring at the silver eyes that were piercing him as he sat down fully on the hard cock again and the blonde was tensing under him, cursing as he came inside of Ron.

The red head pulled at his own cock a few more times panting and his whole body tensed and he leaked cum and he collapsed against the blonde. Listening to the rapid heart beet of the blonde he took a deep breath and sighed. "You talk too much during these things…"

In response the blonde thrust his flaccid cock that was still in the ginger and earned a moan. Ron pulled himself off tiredly and grabbed the wand at his bedside and with a flick their mess was gone. He looked over at the blonde that was trying to pull himself together with one hand, he smirked and crawled back into bed and pulling the sheets over them before the blonde could protest.

Ron looked up at the blonde who was watching him. "I don't hate you that much either."


2 years ago


Neville sighed standing outside of the potions classroom as some third years exited, it was a Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff class.

He smiled at a few of the younger sisters or brothers of some of his friends but he waited until the class room was empty before entering and closing the door behind him. He was here for answers and he didn't want interrupted.

He looked up and blushed as the potions master stared at him from across the room. He bit his lip before making his way over to the older man's desk.

"And here I was hoping with you being exempted from my NEWTs course, Mr. Longbottom that you would know better and stay away from my dungeons." The cool silky voice made his skin tingle and he did his best to keep the growl in his throat.

He wanted this man.

Neville knew that he had some veela blood in him, he's known since his Gran thought he was at an appropriate age to tell him. So unlike most of the pureblood student's who don't learn about their mixed heritage until it manifests in them…Neville had a better understanding of what he was and how he could use it.

But it was getting harder for him not to seduce the potions master in front of him every time he saw the man.

"You know why I'm here." He snorted causing the black-haired man to raise an eyebrow.

Neville knew that he liked blokes…it wasn't very hard to figure out. He learned about sex and being veela but he knew that he preferred blokes…he had never been with one before but he never had girls catching his eye.

Always this one man.

Neville couldn't tell you when he started to like Snape, only that he did and it was getting harder for him to hide it. So last year before summer he confronted the man knowing that he would not have gotten a high enough OWL to continue potions…he would no longer be Snape's student.

The man had never given him an answer.

"You know what I want." Neville tried again as they stared at each other. His hazel eyes keeping contact with the coal black ones across from him.

"I'm guessing this is about that idea that you have a crush on me?" Snape sighed putting the papers back on his desk. "Mr. Longbottom I suggest you send your fancies elsewhere."

Neville clenched his fist but walked over so that he was standing right in front of the man. "You're not just a fancy…"

"Part of a joke then?" Snape raised an eyebrow seemingly amused at that idea, Neville growled. "Mr. Longbottom you are a stu-"

"I'm not one of your students." Neville stepped closer to the taller man so that they were barely touching but Snape stepped back.

"You're a student at this school and still a minor at that." Snape snapped at the teen and Neville could feel the man getting angry. "Have you thought that it could be your veela blood running through your veins? A passing fancy?"

"You still haven't said no." Neville grinned stepping toward Snape again but this time grabbing his robes taking in the scent of the man in front of him, his control was slipping. He took a deep breath and the older man must have realized that it wouldn't be a good idea to move because he didn't.

"No then." The silky reply and Neville looked up at the man who was staring down at him. The man was only a little taller than he was but Neville still had to stand on his toes before he placed a gentle kiss on the older man's lips.

"You don't mean it, I can tell." Neville spoke gently and quietly. "The funny part about you saying no is that I noticed you looking before I did." Neville moved one of his hands down the older man's body to his crotch. He stopped when he realized the older man didn't move, he looked up worried and saw that Snape had his eyes closed. "Shit…sorry…"

Neville released the older man and backed away taking deep breaths. He hadn't meant to…use it…he growled at his lack of control and looked over at Snape who took a deep breath and then opened his eyes to look at Neville. His expression might have been blank but Neville could see a hint of curiousness in his eyes.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to…you know…" Neville looked down on the floor clenching and unclenching his fists.

"You just missed an opportune moment to use your blood to…get me…" The voice was cold and calculating but the sandy-haired teen looked up. Snape was regarding him as if trying to figure out a hard problem. "You didn't use it?"

"No offense," Neville glared slightly at the older man, "But no matter how willing I can make you…it's still…"

"How very Gryffindor." Snape sneered but Neville growled angrily and walked towards the man again.

"Fine? You want me to do that? See how you feel afterwards?" Neville hissed grabbing the now startled man's robes and pulled him down into a bruising kiss. The teen growled and bit at the lips until they opened and then he eagerly explored the older man's mouth.

Snape tasted like herbal tea and Neville sucked on his tongue enjoying the taste before pulling away. He pushed the older man back from him before he could lose his own control, he was already shaking. He glared at the black haired man that was staring at him startled, and Neville liked the flush on the pale cheeks.

He felt a little dizzy and stabled himself on the desk, he wondered idly if maybe this was what using the veela powers would do but he shook his head and glared back at the man angrily. How could he think…how could…

"I'll come back later." Neville shook his head again before looking over at the professor who was giving him a startled look. He glared and walked quickly out of the room silently happy that the man didn't say anything else.


"Neville are you alright?" Neville looked up at Hermione who was looking at him worried. He sniffed at his bloody nose.

"You've been getting in more fights than me or Harry mate." He looked over at Ron who gave him a sheepish look when Hermione glared at the ginger. Neville laughed lightly at this.

It wasn't his fault veela were territorial.

He wiped at his nose again and just shrugged at Hermione who was waiting for an answer. They would probably understand if he told them…but having veela blood in your system was not something wizards would want to brag about. At least that's what his Gran said.

"You took out Blaise Zambini two weeks ago, that was bloody brilliant." Harry was laughing with Ron as they recounted the encounter.

Well it had been at the entrance of the Great Hall.

Zambini had started it too…stupid git.

Neville growled at the memory, that boy was an idiot if he thought he had more veela in his system than Neville did. It had been a quick fight and luckily it seemed the black boy knew the veela codes.

His Gran had taught him all of them but there were three important ones.

To surrender.

To declare territory.

And to bond.

"Oh man and what did you do to that Ravenclaw seventh year last week?" Ron looked over at the sandy-haired teen eagerly. Neville shrugged and Hermione huffed.

"You realize that fighting isn't the answer right? Neville I'm surprised at you." Neville tried to look regretful.

The Ravenclaw had been his fault…he should have known better than to hang around their corridor but once it was started… He wondered if he would be able to control it better…obviously that seventh year had no control over it.

Of course they could be a late bloomer.

Neville sighed and looked over at Ron. The Weasley's were pure blood yet none of them seemed to have any veela in them. The sandy haired teen wondered idly if it was just dormant…or maybe it really went away after a little while.

"Malfoy's been acting weirder these days too." Neville bit his lip. It was obvious Malfoy would have some in him but…he didn't have any classes with the blonde anymore and he was grateful. Fighting in halls was bad enough but he didn't think he could take it if he fought in classrooms too.

Then he really would have to explain everything.

He looked over at the large window signaling the sunset.

Snape had been avoiding him too and it was driving him crazy.

Neville frowned and got up glad that his nose finally stopped bleeding. "I think I'm just going to go for a walk." He looked innocently at Hermione who glared at him. "I promise I don't start those fights Hermione."

"Just be careful." The girl huffed and Neville left to go to the dungeons. The dungeons were tricky…it was the Slytherin area and most Slytherins were pure blood. Thus, they more than likely would have veela in them. He sniffed around cautiously before he opened the door of the potions classroom.

His eyes widened at the site in front of him. He could feel his body start to shake and a growl forming in his throat before he even had time to process it.

Snape was kissing Draco Malfoy. The blonde was startled as he was held into place by his tie that was in the professor's grip. He could smell the blonde from here and his fingers started itching…the itch he got when something of his was being messed with. He glared at the blonde as Draco kept his eyes on Snape wide-eyed and their lips still touching.

Snape's eyes were glazed over and suddenly Neville found himself pulling the blonde away from the older man. He could hear a loud growling noise as he threw the startled blonde to the ground.

"Longbottom wha-" Neville sat on top of the struggling blonde and punched him on the nose and then they were fighting. It was a strange feeling, like battling with your aura trying to prove you can take the person you're fighting with. To prove that you're more powerful…waiting for them to submit under you.

To surrender.

"Say it." Neville licked his lips glaring down into the startled grey eyes bellow him.

"Wha-what?" Draco croaked whimpering under the pressure above him, it was too much. He could feel his nose bleeding but he couldn't move as long as those hazel eyes were watching him.

"Trado succedo vindico…say it. Give up." Neville growled his hands on the blonde's throat now as the smaller boy trembled under him.

"T-trado succedo vindico! I give up! Whatever you want!"

Neville gasped trying to calm himself; he took a deep breath closing his eyes. He opened them and looked down at the startled blonde who was breathing heavily. He quickly jumped off of the blonde…he had done it again…he cursed inwardly. "Sorry."

"What the hell are you?" Draco hadn't moved from his spot on the floor as if Neville might attack him again.

"He is part veela Mr. Malfoy…as apparently are you…" Both teens turned startled to see Snape looking pale with a hand over his mouth. "It would be best if you both left tonight…I will talk to the both of you tomorrow…"

Draco seemed to not need telling twice as he got up and shot both of them looks before leaving the classroom. Neville didn't move but instead did his best to control his breathing. The sound of that voice…he looked over at Snape who seemed to be watching him.

He could still smell Draco in the room and he was already in front of the older man before he realized he had started walking.

"Mr. Longbottom I suggest yo-"

Neville grabbed Snape's robes and leaned forward kissing the older man against the lips before leaning back again. "How did you kiss him?" He licked his lips as the black-haired man just looked down at him boredly.

"I assure you I didn't ha-"

"I get that." Neville growled slightly silencing Snape. "But how did you kiss him? I can't stand it…his smell near you…on you…it's driving me mad…"

He pulled the man forward this time and decided not to think about how easily the older man followed him until they were kissing again and Neville sucked on his lower lip before pulling back. He stared at the coal black eyes before flushing hotly.

"You act as if I'm part of your property Mr. Longbottom." Snape said coolly and Neville let go of the black robes and started heading out of the room.

"I wish you were…"


Neville had been surprised when Malfoy had come to him two weeks after the incident asking for help…in a Malfoy manner but help nonetheless. Apparently the blonde had been having difficulties with other Slytherins and neither of his parents was willing to admit that he had veela in him.

He started spending times in the library with the blonde so that he could explain things and they could read up on others, but only when he could leave the other Gryffindors without seeming suspicious. It would be hard to explain why he was spending time with the blonde instead of his mates.

"You don't feel the need to attack me anymore because of what I said before?" Malfoy bit his lip as he took notes and Neville was slightly surprised as how serious the blonde was. Neville flushed.

"Well I have a better control of myself so normally I wouldn't have felt the need to attack you." He bit his lip realizing he might have said too much as the blonde gave him a bored glance.

"Your veela heritage is from a male so you're more territorial…" The blonde was still giving Neville a bored glance as he spoke. "But I wasn't in your territory in fact I wa-"

Neville winced slightly at the pause.

"Snape?" This time Draco looked disbelieving but Neville just nodded.

"It's nothing…I like him…a lot." The sandy haired teen sighed, "I don't understand it either but I really do like him."

"Whatever…it's gross but I don't care. That was an accident by the way…I don't fancy him…I guess I just had my veela charms on…" The blonde made a waving motion with his hand and Neville smirked slightly.

"You're doing a lot better; it's harder to tell now." The sandy-haired teen admitted.

After that it seemed a lot easier to get along with the blonde even though they did treat each other the same in the hallways. The blonde had told him that he told Snape everything he was learning about the veela's as well…because he figured that if Neville was really going to try for it the man ought to know what he was going to get into.

Neville didn't know how he felt about Snape knowing…but he decided it couldn't hurt in the end. The potions master wasn't avoiding him any more either, though Neville did notice he didn't stay in the class room as much so it was harder to find the man and get him alone.

"I still fancy you Professor." Neville blushed as he walked by the older man who was looking out a window in the hallway. There wasn't anyone else around so the sandy-haired teen figured it was okay.

"No, Mr. Longbottom." Was all the man would reply and they both went their different directions.


It was right before the Halloween feast and Neville sniffled as he stood by the greenhouses. It wasn't getting anywhere with the older man but he didn't know what to do.

If anything he felt like his feelings were getting more and more serious. He wiped his face wondering if it would just be easier to like someone else…but he didn't. He didn't know why he couldn't his mind off of the professor that had been making it more than clear he wanted Neville to move on, he hadn't read about veela's being obsessed with someone unless it was their bonded mate.

And they weren't bonded.

He shook his head, it was something he wouldn't understand but he didn't mind liking Snape as much as he did.

He just wished the older man would return…even a part of it.

He looked up at the entrance of Hogwarts, everyone was probably heading down to the Great Hall for the feast now, and he dusted off his robes making sure he wasn't too dirty for dinner. He liked coming to the greenhouses to think.

"Oi!" Neville stopped as he entered the castle and looked up to see some Slytherin seventh years. He looked past them to see that Harry, Ron and Hermione had stopped too as several students passed them to enter the Great Hall.

"You mean me?" Neville looked at the larger students a little confused when a strange sensation hit him. He widened his eyes, they were part veela! He looked up at them as they walked over to him, this had been why he tried to avoid the Slytherins…but why were they searching him out?

"You've been down to our dungeons a lot lately." The middle one started talking. "Don't play dumb we can smell you down there…I was wondering why a Gryffindor that doesn't take potions would be down there so much?"

Shit, they were territorial…one of them grabbed his robes and he shoved their hands away and tried to back up a bit but the door had closed behind him. He looked up taking a deep breath, he had to stay calm…he didn't want to start a big scene in front of the Great Hall.

"Don't want your friends to see you sprout feathers?" One of them spat out laughing slightly.

"I'd rather not embarrass some barely veela Slytherin seventh years in front of the whole school." Neville growled angrily before immediately regretting it. He struggled as they pulled him away from the Great Hall and he heard someone shouting but didn't have time to think of who it might be before a fist hit him in the jaw.

He groaned as he was slammed against the wall and he glared up at the Slytherin that was now pinning him against the wall. He growled at the older teen who was smiling wildly.

"We just want you to say it; we know you know the words." The pressure was like a slap in the face and Neville grunted as he was punched in the stomach. Tears forming in his eyes as his arms were twisted painfully above him. "Or…what did you say? You were going to embarrass us? I'd like to see you try…"

"You think he has a girlfriend? Maybe we should go see it she's cute or something-"

Neville heard the snap loudly in his head as the large growling noise came back. He hated being veela. He hated these guys. He hated Snape for making his love for the man so fucking difficult.

It was different this time, not like when he had tackled Draco. This was different; it felt wrong but right at the same time. He could easily take all of them…and he did.

It was a fury of fists from all of them and he could hear screaming, shouting cursing but he couldn't tell who it came from, not even if it was from himself. He wanted them to learn one thing, that he was better than them.

All he could see was black.

"Please!" Neville opened his eyes down at one of the teens; he was sitting on top of them and had the teen's arm in a weird angle above his head with the other hand on his throat. His eyes widened and suddenly he was pulled off of the older teen. He growled and spun around grabbing his capture's hands and pinning him to the wall.

He gasped as he looked up at coal black eyes and he tried to pull away but now the man was holding him in place.

"I suggest the three of you go see Madame Pomfry right now and I will come up with the best form of punishment later." Snape stared emotionlessly at the three seventh years you were standing up but none of them were looking the Professor in the eyes. Snape looked down at Neville and the teen quickly looked away. "Come with me, Mr. Longbottom."

Neville whimpered as the man pulled him further down the hallway, he had lost control again. Snape was going to be mad at him and then what would happen? He could get expelled…but then he would never see the older man again. The older man pulled him into an empty classroom before closing the door.

"You probably shouldn't do that." Neville spoke softly closing his eyes. "I don't trust myself."

"I'll take my chances." Was the cool reply and Neville could feel himself start to shake. He looked up at the older man who was watching him. He walked over to the older man ignoring the tears in his eyes.

"Why? I could the same to you, like I did to them." He clenched his fists.

"You won't." Neville shook his head and looked down not wanting to look at the older man, "Are you injured?"

"Do you care?" Neville looked up at the man, "Why aren't you yelling at me? Expelling me? Then I wouldn't be bothering you anymore!"

"Mr. Malfoy told me that those three started it because you visit me…" Was the cool reply and the teen whimpered as a cold hand touched his cheek. "I think I've punished you enough."

"Stop it." Neville shook his head not looking at the man but the hand stilled him. "You've made your point clear so stop confusing me."

"You're stopping then?" Neville looked up wide-eyed at the tone of Snape's voice but the man just stared back at him emotionless. Neville let out a bitter laugh.

"I can't."

"Good." And then the older man leaned forward placing his lips gently against the teen's. Neville gasped but Snape just used it to deepen the kiss.

"Stop it, you can't take this back." Neville whimpered against the soft lips and heard a deep chuckle come from the older man.

"You should take responsibility Mr. Longbottom." Was the whispered reply before lips were against his again but Neville pulled back shaking his head.

"You don't want this." Neville whimpered feeling tears form in his eyes.

"The funny thing about you saying that Mr. Longbottom." Snape smirked down at the teen. "Is that you wanted this first."

"Why are you doing this?" Neville choked.

"Maybe Mr. Longbottom I realized that you were right about something while Mr. Malfoy shared what he learned in your meetings." Snape took a step back from him.

Neville looked up at the man wanting an answer, it was becoming too much. "What?"

"That I've been watching you for a long time." The man licked his lips looking at the teen, "That tonight is my fault."

"I'm still confused." Neville laughed bitterly.

"As always." Snape ran a hand through his long black hair before looking down at the teen. "How about I use one of your codes?"

Neville's eyes widened and he shook his head desperately. Snape wasn't any part veela so the codes wouldn't have the same affect but that didn't mean he wouldn't be effected by it. He leaned forward trying to cover the older man's mouth with his hands but they were stopped by two pale hands.

"Vindico tui possesio." The man whispered and Neville shook his head trying to pull his hands away from the older man but he was held in place.

"You don't mean that…" He whimpered.


"Stop it…" Neville felt his body shaking as the older man held him closely. There were soft lips kissing at his tears, "You don't know what you're saying…"

"Tui possesio." A soft whisper in his ear.

"No…" The teen whimpered as lips gently pressed against his. "You're not."

He pulled on the black robes and they were kissing. A hot wet tongue that still tasted strangely of herbal tea even though Neville was sure he had seen the man drinking pumpkin juice earlier that day. There were teeth gently pulling on his bottom lip and the sandy-haired teen moaned.

And they were tugging at each other's robes, Neville growled deepening the kiss as he fiddled with the buttons across the older man's chest but his body was shaking too much. But then his robes were open and there were hands on his bare chest and he gasped at the cold contact.

He looked up desperately at the coal black eyes and placed his hands on the side of Snape's face. The older man stopped as Neville stared into his eyes. The teen bit his lip searching into the black eyes; he wanted to make sure Snape was doing this of his own will.

Two hands grabbed his hips and he gasped as he was soon pressed against a desk and Snape kissed him roughly.

"Are you sure yet?" The older man growled slightly and Neville wrapped his legs around the older man's waist resting his back against the desk. He pulled on the black robes until they were kissing again and he moaned as they rubbed against each other.

"I don't think I ever will be." Neville answered honestly and breathlessly as the older man pulled away. He licked his swollen lips. "But I'm okay with that."

"You make me feel like an old pervert." Snape glared down at the teen, "We need to get this past the Headmaster if you really want this and none of the other students can find out…not even your Gryffindor allies."

"All the veela students will know." Neville flushed as Snape grabbed one of his hands and started kissing his palm and then his wrist and kept going down. "You're surprisingly gentle."

"Don't tell anyone." Snape smirked. "You obviously can deal with the other students if need be."

"Agreed." Neville laughed before pulling the man down for a rough kiss. He groaned pulling the older man closer and wrapping his legs around the man tighter. He could feel his control slipping at the scent of sweat and a mix of earth. He loved that smell and he bit at the older man's lips rocking his hips against the other body earning a moan.

He went back shakily to the buttons on the black robes wanting to see the pale flesh under them but he was stopped but two pale hands that pulled his hands over his head. He glared up at the older man but gasped as one of the pale hands was exploring his body once more.

"I want to see you…" Neville panted rocking his hips again and Snape moaned again before smirking at the teen. He pulled back slightly and Neville licked his lips as the pale long fingers started unfastening the black robes.

He saw a pale collar bone and leaned forward to nip at it and the older man hissed slightly as he broke the skin. Neville smirked as he sucked on the wound and Snape pulled his robes and Neville put his tan arms on the pale skin exploring it.

Then there were hands pulling at his robes and he lifted his hips as pants were pulled off and helped the older man undress him. He flushed as the man pushed his back onto the desk and the pale hands were exploring his body now. Neville bit his lip and moaned as a finger tweaked one of his nipples.

Snape was over him and they were kissing again. Neville arched into the warmth above him and bit on the older man's lips. He pulled back, "Hurry up." He groaned and thrust against the older man wanting friction.

"Have you ever…"

"No." Neville pulled the man down for a rough kiss before letting his hands trail over Snape's body and the older man's forming bulge. He smirked against the lips and started rubbing against the older man who thrust against his hand. "But you can teach me Professor."

Snape pulled back at that and glared at the smirking teen under him. "Is this some strange fantasy of yours Longbottom?"

"Oh don't pretend it doesn't get you off." Neville smirked, "Severus…"

The older man nipped at the teen's jaw roughly earning a groan before pulling his wand out. Neville watched as the man mumbled a spell and some weird gel came out. He watched the man lathered his fingers in it before looking back at the teen. Neville bit his lip.

"You've done this before?" Snape gave the teen an annoyed smirk before moving his fingers down at the teen's entrance and pushing one in. Neville squirmed slightly at the intrusion. He looked back at the coal eyes that were watching him.

He bit his lip trying to get used to the sensation before he felt another finger go in, he tensed a bit but then there were soft lips kissing his face.

"Relax…" Neville looked up at the man taking a deep breath, the fingers started moving in him, stretching him and he moaned slightly. He kissed the older man above him before a third finger was inserted and he groaned.

But then there was a pale hand on his erection and he bit his lip trying not to thrust into the hand that was pumping him lightly. Suddenly he arched his back and he could feel his body shake as one of the fingers inside of him brushed against something. He looked up at Snape wide eyed. "Do that again…"

He moaned as the fingers brushed against the spot again and he blinked at the lights in his eyes. But then the fingers pulled out and he made a disapproving noise and looked back at the older man. He licked his lips as he saw the man start to rub the gel onto his own erection.

Neville spread his legs apart further watching the older man eagerly. Snape looked at him hesitantly before he positioned himself at the sandy-haired teen's entrance. Neville groaned impatiently wrapping his legs around the man's waist and trying to push him forward but Snape grabbed his hips to keep him stable.

Neville threw his head back as the man started entering him slowly, he tightened his legs around the older man but then the man was kissing him again. Gently. It was too gentle and Neville growled wrapping his arms around the older man's neck trying to deepen the kiss, he moaned as the man stopped and pulled out slowly.

He bit at Snape's lips and chin before the black haired man slammed the rest of the way into him. He moaned holding onto the older man's shoulders as he started to set a pace. Neville gasped feeling the older man inside of him, filling him. His whole body was shaking and he had to hold onto the older man.

The pale hand was on his cock again Neville through his head back gasping at the sensations. There were teeth biting at his neck and then at his collarbone and he moaned as the hand brought him closer to the edge. He rolled his hips earning a grunt from the older man but suddenly that spot was hit again and Neville was sure he shouted something as he grabbed onto the older man for support.

The spot was hit again and Neville felt himself shaking and then his whole body tensed in pleasure as he came into the pale hand that was pumping him. There were lips over his and Snape slammed into him a few more times before the older man tensed over him.

He could feel himself being filled and he rolled his hips causing another moan. He pulled the man to him crushing them together in bruising kiss and he hissed slightly as Snape pulled out of him. That was going to hurt a lot later. He panted as he stared up at the older man, and they stared into each other's eyes. He laughed as a pale hand massaged his cheek gently.

"Are you okay?" It was strange hearing such a tender tone from the man above him and Neville nodded.

"I could get used to that." Neville laughed wrapping his arms around the older man so they were both awkwardly lying on the desk. "Another go?"

"I'm too old for this…"


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