So...I know that I have been away for a long time...but life has been crazy lately. This is the last chapter in this story. I tried to find a conclusion that you all may like. Thank you for all the amazing support and comments everyone left. Enjoy!


Silas and Sebastian were a little taken back by the nervous energy emitting from the adults when they entered. They looked over at their papa to see that he had put his mask of indifference up.

"We've made a decision."

Albus walked over to the two boys and placed a hand on both their shoulders. "What have you decided?"

Silas looked over to his brother once more for confirmation before turning to the room. "We decided to stay Silas and Sebastian forever more."

Severus relaxed at the announcement. No matter what he told his children, privately he was hoping they would stay Silas and Sebastian Snape. The potions master quickly made his way over to his sons and pulled them into a strong hug.

"However…." Everyone froze at the barely whispered word that came from Sebastian.

Severus looked down at his youngest and prompted with his own 'however.'

Sebastian looked a little uncomfortable with all the attention on him, but continued when Silas gave him a small smile and nod. "However, we want to still keep our birth parent's legacies. Therefore, we want to be formally adopted."

Silas continued afterwards. "Since we are still underage, we want a closed adoption. That way our records can only be seen by our birth parents and our papa and will be held in the hall of secrets. Legally, our names would be Silas Aleixandre Black-Prince-Snape-Dumbledore and Sebastian Sayuri Potter-Prince-Snape-Dumbledore. We would only use that on formal documents and drop them in informal settings."

The adults were silent as they contemplated the idea.

"What shall we tell the world about Draco and Harry?"

"The truth," Silas answered confidently. "Tell them that we were able to escape from Malfoy manor and went into hiding. They don't need to know that we are now Silas and Sebastian Snape."

"People will become suspicious. Draco and Harry disappear and Sebastian and Silas appear all around the same time."

"They may, but we are real. You do have two sons and we are now them. No one can fake wizarding birth certificates."

Severus seemed to think this over. He didn't want his sons to be hounded by press and fans. If the truth got into the hands of the public, that would happen. He knew that they would have to be very careful when they filed the forms at the ministry and when they announced that the boys were his and not Adrian and Sophia's.

The silence that settled over the room was interrupted when Remus spoke up. "What about Sebastian?"

"What about me?" Sebastian asked in a whisper.

"Well, if you stay Sebastian, will you have to repeat the last four years of schooling? I could imagine that you would be very bored if that was so."

"I think I could help with that."

Every eye turned to the headmaster.

"There actually two different options. The first would be to continue as we have. Sebastian would sit in the first year classes while being privately tutored the fourth year material. The second option would be to finish the de-aging process. All his memories from his first year to the end of his third year would be erased."

Everyone looked down at Sebastian after the options were presented. The small boy was trying to work out everything said. "But then I would remember nothing. What about Uncle Sirius and Uncle Remus? The Weasleys? My friends?"

"You would still remember your uncles from this summer, as well as, the Weasleys. You will be able to develop new friendships with your classmates."

"I won't truly remember them." Sebastian looked close to tears at that point.

Severus kneeled down in front of his child. "Child, you don't have to finish the process. We could keep the same arrangement as before."

The small boy just shook his head in frustration.

"Okay little Prince, I do know one other thing we could do. There is a variant to the de-aging process that we could follow. It would allow you to keep certain memories of your past while completely removing others. However, you will only be allowed to keep five memories while the rest are erased forever."

Sebastian's eye filled with awe at his papa. "Really?" he whispered.

"Yes, but it will take me about a week to brew the potion. I suggest you spend that time deciding on which memories you would like to keep."


The week went quickly for the family. Everyone was anxious to discover what memories Sebastian would keep; however, the small boy would not tell anyone. During the week, Albus and Severus filed the adoption papers with Madame Bones with particular care on privacy. Both boys were happy to finally be acknowledged as Severus' children while still being able to keep their legacies alive.

The potion was finished on Friday and the family was planning to give it to Sebastian that evening.

Severus walked into the sitting room with the vial in his hands followed by Albus. "Are you ready Sebastian?"

The small boy looked up from the book he was reading next to his brother on the couch. "Yes, but can we do one more thing first?"

"What would that be little one?" Albus asked.

"I think we should tell Mr. and Mrs. Weasley the truth first. I also want to tell Hermione."

"Why is that?"

"Well…they were the first people to care about me. I think it is only right that they know the truth."

There was silence while Albus and Severus thought over the request.

Sebastian must have sensed their reluctance because he continued to explain his reasoning and begging. "Please, I know that I am not close to them now and most likely will never be; but, I know they love me like a son and I can't let them think I am missing or dead. Plus, you could make them take a wizard's oath to make them keep it quiet."

The potions master and headmaster exchanged another glance at one another before answering the request. "Alright Sebastian, we will call them now and tell them the truth."

Albus looked over to Silas, who had been quiet up until now. "Was there anyone you would like to know the truth?"

"No. I was never close to my old friends," Silas replied before whispering, "although I think I like Hermione knowing."

Sebastian snickered at his older brother.

"Shut it you."

Albus went to the fireplace to summon the Weasley parents while Severus went to collect Hermione.


Thirty minutes later, everyone was gathered in the sitting room. The Weasley patriarchs and Hermione had already sworn a wizard's oath and were now waiting to find out why they were called.

Albus cleared his throat to gain everyone's attention. "I suppose the best place to start is at the beginning. As you know, at the end of last year, Harry was kidnapped while in Hogsmeade. The wizarding world believes that the boys were either killed or still on the run after Voldemort died. What you don't know is that Harry was actually rescued two weeks later by Draco Malfoy."

Severus decided to continue from there. "It was determined before Harry was rescued that I would become his guardian due to the discovery of his home life. When Draco helped Harry escaped, they were both brought here. Harry was in a terrible condition and it took Poppy a few hours to patch him up. When he awoke the first time, he would not speak and was terrified of everything and everyone."

Albus saw the pain in his child's eyes while he was retelling the story, so he jumped in. "Harry was slowly improving. He was allowing Severus and Draco to be near him and comfort him. One day; however, Lucius Malfoy came to the castle looking for both boys. We had to quickly hide them before he reached the castle. When the man finally left, we decided that the boys needed more protection."

"I told Albus the one secret I had keep from him all these years. I told him about my wife and children."

Severus had to pause due to the gasps of surprise the confession created.

"We decided that my children would come back and attend Hogwarts."

Severus looked fondly over at Silas and Sebastian. Both boys had remained silent during the story, but smiled back at their papa when he nodded.

Molly Weasley decided to speak up at this time. "What does his children have to do with Harry and Draco?"

"Molly, my children died ten years ago in an accident."

"But that would mean…." Hermione quickly stood up from her seat and walked up to the two boys. "Harry?" she whispered like she almost couldn't believe it.

Sebastian gave her a small sad smile and whispered his own greeting, "Hi Hermione."

"Then Silas, you must be…."

"Yeah. I'm sorry about how I've treated you in the past. Do you think we could start over?" Silas reached his hand out waiting for the girl to agree or not.

A small blush crossed her checks before she grabbed his hand and shook it. "Of course."

Silas let out a relieved sigh while Sebastian giggled at his brother's reaction.

Hermione was snapped back to reality when she heard Sebastian giggle. "Oh Merlin Harry….I mean Sebastian….I am so happy you are safe. Why didn't you tell me before?"

Severus saved Sebastian from answering. "We were trying to keep this as secret as possible. The boys were given blood adoption potions turning them into my sons biologically."

"Why tell us now?" Arthur asked.

"Sebastian took a partial de-aging potion when they were blood adopted. Tonight, he is taking the other half. This will erase all his old memories from eleven onwards. He wanted you to know before he could forget."

"Oh Harry," Molly cried before scooping him up into a hug and Sebastian tense a bit at the foreign hug. When the Weasley matriarch released him, Sebastian went to sit on his papa's lap and let out a large yawn.

"Well, I think we should call this meeting to an end. Sebastian still needs to take the potion and rest."

The three said their goodbyes. Molly and Arthur flooed home while Hermione turned to walk back to her dormitory.

"Hermione, wait!" Silas called before turning a pleading eye to his papa. Severus gave a small nod and Sebastian smiled in approval.


"Um…well…I was wondering…you would mind if I walked you back to Gryffindor Tower?"

Hermione blushed again but gave her consent. The two left shortly after with shy smiles on their faces.


Albus, Severus, and Sebastian waited until Silas returned before taking the potion. When the teen walked in he had a silly grin on his face.

"Have fun?" Sebastian snickered.

"I asked her if she would go with me into town on the next Hogsmeade weekend and she said yes."

"As much as I am happy that she said yes, I believe it is time for Sebastian to take the potion." Severus then uncorked the vial and handed it to Sebastian. "Drink it all little one."

Once Sebastian swallowed the potion, his eyes glazed over as his memories were erased. Ten minutes later, Sebastian began to stir.

"Little one, are you alright?"

"Yeah. I just feel weird. Lighter, maybe?"

"What do you remember?" Albus asked quietly.

"I remember everything from this summer. I also remember the five memories I have chosen to keep."

"Will you tell us what they are?"

Sebastian simply nodded. "I remember when Hagrid came on my eleventh birthday and told me that I was a wizard and about my birth parents. I remember my train-ride during our first year. That was when I first met Ron and Hermione. I remember my first quidditch game, including papa trying to safe me."

"You saw that?" Severus asked.

"Mmmhmm….I remember the night Sirius pulled Ron into the shrieking shack. That was when I found out about Peter Pettigrew and Remus. I also remember the shock when grandpapa told us to help Sirius escape that night. Lastly, I remembered Silas during our first Care of Magical Creatures class with Hagrid."

Silas groaned at the last memory. "You had to remember that one?"

"Of course, the look on your face was priceless."

"Well my Dragon and little one, I do believe it is time for bed. Go get ready and I will be in to say goodnight in ten minutes."

Both boys jumped off the couch and rushed to get changed. When Severus appeared in their room, both were in bed waiting. He walked over the Sebastian's bed first and started to tuck him in. "To new beginnings, my little one."

"To new beginnings. I love you papa," Sebastian whispered close to sleep. Severus smiled down at his youngest and gave him a soft kiss on his forehead. "I love you too, little prince."

Severus then walked around to his eldest's bed and started to tuck him in. "It's a new beginning for you also. Ms. Granger?"

"I like her a lot."

"I could tell. I'm happy that you found someone that you like… a lot. I love you, my Dragon."

"Love you too."

As Severus walked out of the room, he turned back towards his sons. "To a new beginning," he whispered to the world before continuing out with a smile.