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I was sitting in Esme's garden, just thinking. This was one of the glorious times that I was thankful Edward couldn't hear my thoughts. I sighed and rolled on my back. The clouds were starting to get darker and darker. It was going to rain tomorrow, I groaned. Next thing I know, Jasper was sitting next to me.

"Why so glum Bell?" he whispered. His words seemed to shake me, I couldn't understand it, and so I let it go.

"Bell?" I asked. No one had called me Bell before, it seemed so cute coming from his lips. He just smiled, and kept his face questioning. He wasn't going to let it go. I rolled over until I was sitting cross legged on the green smooth grass. Surprisingly it wasn't damp today – that was a plus.

"It's going to rain today; you know I hate the rain." I said, annoyed. As I knew he would, he chuckled. The human always amuses the vampires.

"Yes Bells, I know, I know all too well" His voice changed to the end, as he gazed at me suddenly. There was something in his eyes, but it brushed away as if he wiped it clean from his thoughts. I felt a sudden lurch of contentment, but I couldn't explain it. Gosh I was just all over the ship these days, which must be it.
He got up, more like glided into standing, and offered his hand to be so that he could lift me to my feet. I rose and almost fell into him, stupid clumsy self, I cursed internally. Jasper went to stone, I paled. I must have gone too far, tempted him with my blood.

"I'm sor.." He cut me off with growling at the window. There were two faces staring at each other, and in turn, touched lips…. I gasped, and whimpered.

"Edward… Alice..." Setting off with a run into the forest, with Jasper close behind. He looked calm, so calm. But as if it was painful, like ice on your skin, pun not intended. It reminded me of the calm before the storm. I turned to him, and touched his face gently - Silently asking for him to look into my eyes. He turned slowly, it had all happened so fast. There had to be an explanation, there just had to be. But I knew Jasper could feel emotions, he just shook his head as he felt me. He must have felt their love. Slow tears tripped down my face and I turned away from Jasper quickly, as if to hide it. Trust me to try and hide my tears from an empathetic vampire. He caught my hand and held it as if I was a perfect feather that he wanted to keep forever. Wait, What?! I must be going crazy. I wasn't crying anymore, I was looking into Jaspers eyes and he in turn was looking straight into mine. It felt so intense and I couldn't look away. His eyes were searching my soul, humming a sweet tune and luring me in. I knew why I didn't break down after I saw Edward and Alice, I know why now. I smiled to Jasper, hoping that he couldn't feel my emotions and understand them as truth. He scooped my legs up under me, and ran with me in his arms Bridal style. He kept running and running until he slowed, not quite to human pace, but slow enough. I heard water rushing, birds flying around the sky. The sun was still blocked by clouds, but it felt as if I could still feel its warmth. He turned and met my eyes, I felt so dizzy. I could tell we must be in Alaska or something else cold. I could feel him come closer to me, closer and closer as if time was slowing to an almost halt. Our lips touched, and I knew at that moment – That Edward was nothing compared to this.

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