This is a crossover, and yes an oneshot. If anyone likes this, I could write more on it, maybe do a background or write more chapters after this.

This takes place about a month after A Witches Tale.

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"I need help!" A very familiar voice had Phoebe jerking awake in the middle of the night. A voice that she hadn't heard in over a month. She met her sisters in the hall. When they got down stairs, she watched her ex-husband as he rushed over to her.

"Phoebe, thank god. Is Leo here?"

"Leo? Cole, what are you...?" She trailed off when she noticed the blood stains on his shirt. His hands were covered in it. "What happened to you?" Despite everything she had said to him before, concern welled up in her.

"It's not mine." He said. "I need you to call Leo for me, please."

"Who did you hurt this time?" Paige asked. Cole glared at her, and opened his mouth to say something.

"Cole!" A strangled male voice called from the living room. Cole raced into the other room, Phoebe and her sisters following. There were two men there. One with dark hair who was leaning over the other, who was a bloody mess. Cole knelt on the other side of the man on the floor.

"He's dying." The dark haired young man said. He glanced at Phoebe. "If they're not going to help...I have to get him to a hospital." Cole turned back to Phoebe.

"Do you hate me so much that you'd let an innocent man die?" The pleading look in Cole's eyes made the decision for her.

"Leo!" She called.

"Wait." Paige said. "How do we know they're innocent? If they're working with Cole...this could be a trick." Phoebe shook her head. The younger man, he looked so desperate.

"No, I don't think it is. Leo!" A few seconds later, Leo did orb in.

"What's going on?" He looked over at Cole. "What's he doing here?" Phoebe shook her head.

"Not now." She said, meeting Cole's eyes. "You need to heal him." Leo frowned. "He's dying." She said, pushing Leo ahead. Cole moved away and Leo took his place, putting his hands over the gaping chest wounds. The familiar glow appeared and after a minute, the wounds closed, and the man jerked awake, sitting up.

"Dean. Thank god." The younger man said. Dean grimaced, looking down at his chest, and letting the other man and Cole help him to his feet.

"What the hell happened?"

"One very pissed off spirit. Cole brought us here. You almost died." Dean turned to look at the other people in the room and then turned his gaze on Cole, raising an eyebrow.

"These are the infamous Halliwell sisters?" He asked. Cole shrugged. "Huh." Dean's gaze landed on Phoebe turned cold for a moment.

"Thanks for the help." Cole said, glancing briefly at them. "We should really be going." He said to the two men.

"Cole's right. We need to get to Bobby's. Check if he's okay." The youngest of the three said.

"Wait a minute." Phoebe stepped forward. "What the hell is going on here?"

"It doesn't matter." Cole said, shrugging again. "We woke you guys up, right? You shouldn't really worry about it."

"Do you think the spirits got to Bobby?" The dark haired one asked suddenly, looking concerned.

"He's fine, Sam." Dean said. "He's probably already figured out a way to kill the damn things."

"Well, we should get over there anyway." Sam said, looking Cole, who nodded. With one last wave to Phoebe, he gripped both of the men's shoulders and shimmered all three of them out of the manor. Phoebe stood there for a minute before turning to her sisters.

"What the hell just happened?"

"Who cares?" Paige said. "He's gone, isn't he?" Phoebe frowned, unable to help the slight twinge of jealousy that apparently Cole had found a life away from her.