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In My Place
Chapter 1
Careful For What You Wish For

It was another day in Konoha. Townsfolk milling around on the well-traveled streets. Vendors tending to the customers with fervent glee. Sakura beating up Naruto.

"I can't believe you did that to that poor cat!"

"Stupid fuzzball had it coming!" He earned another whack. "Cut it out, Sakura!"

"You stupid idiot!" She let loose another round of pounding.

"Dunce," Sasuke said, trying hard to pretend he didn't know the two idiots beside him. Meanwhile, a few feet behind them, their teacher Kakashi buried his nose deeper into his volume of Make-Out Paradise.

It was an old song at this point. Though Naruto hitting the daimyo's wife's cat with several cans of paint was a new twist to things. Except for a few times that he bothered to remember, Naruto hadn't pulled any pranks. Mostly because he was so busy trying to prove himself.

However, the Rescue the Missing Pet mission wore itself old after three captures. Plus, the cat never did seem to like Naruto for some reason. Kakashi mused that it might have been because of the Nine-Tail Fox. It never seemed to give other teams the same amount of grief. Either way, Naruto must have gotten tired of being scratched to shreds, and planned vengeance against the pest.

Washing the paint out - thankfully, Naruto had the common sense to use a water-based paint - took over an hour. Originally, Kakashi was going to make Naruto clean up the mess by himself. However, judging from the ill-supressed glee in the blond boy's manner, Kakashi suspected that the real revenge was in the washing, which is why he used a water-based paint. And cats clearly hate water.

The one-eyed ninja was mildly impressed with Naruto's foreplanning. Still, it wouldn't do to let the blond have his way, so he reluctantly made Sakura and Sasuke help, much to their chagrin. His excuse was, "You should have been more aware of your teammate's actions. We all succeed, or we all fail." That earned the fox container a few glares and yells.

By the end of it, they were all messy with splatters of diluted paint, looking very unpresentable at the moment. However, the daimyo's wife was so impressed with how clean the cat was, she made promise to have them give her precious cat another bath in the future. Only Naruto didn't groan.

Kakashi sighed inwardly. He really had to assign someone else to capturing the cat.


"Stupid Naruto!" Sakura growled under her breath. They nearly failed because of Naruto just couldn't deal with a stupid little cat. Even if she did sympathize with why the cat kept escaping, it was no excuse for her teammate to throw paint on it! And she and Sasuke had to clean the cat with the troublemaker. That wasn't fair!

She stalked her way home, with some villagers and even a few ninja giving the pink-haired girl a wide berth. Not that she noticed. She was more horrified with how her red dress looked flecked with blue and green paint. It had gotten into her hair, too…

She was really going to hurt Naruto when she next saw him. That idiot!

Entering her house, she made her pleasantries with her mother in the kitchen, and her father in the den, then went straight to the bath. She had to clean off all that paint.

Stupid Naruto!


Naruto moaned, lightly poking one of the lumps she whacked onto him. He winced, deciding to leave it alone for the time being. It'll be gone before the end of the night, he was certain.

After a quick stop at Ichiraku's for a few bowls of ramen, he went home. On the way there, he noted that the bruising and cuts had healed themselves up nicely. No surprise there. His mood darkened a little.

It wasn't as if the cat didn't deserve it. In fact, he deserved a lot more than just a bath; however, they would have undoubtedly failed the mission, plus the old man would be angry with him for making them lose the daimyo's wife's business. As if the blond really cared…

Sighing, he revised that. He did kind of care. Still, that cat had to be taught a lesson, though Sakura didn't have to hit him for it! That last blow hurt!

However, what really hurt was the fact that, had it been Sasuke, Sakura would have thought it a really cool thing to do. In fact, she might have even agreed to help out with the pranking.

It wasn't fair! Sasuke could wow Sakura just by taking a dump, while he didn't know how to get her to even smile at him. The blond angrily smashed his hand against the outside wall of his apartment. Ignoring the short burst of pain, he threw himself up the stairs and into his room, shucking off his orange jumpsuit and sandals. Flopping onto his bed, he stared out at the sky. Night had already descended, painting a few stars in the velvet sky.

A star suddenly shot across the sky.

He grumbled to himself. "I really wish that Sakura could just see how much I really like her."


Sakura was looking out her bedroom window when she saw the shooting star streak through the sky. Normally, she would have wished upon it to be with Sasuke. However, her heart was affixed on another matter.

"I really wish Naruto knew what an embarrassment he is to me!"

With that thought, she turned in for the night.


Morning came. Naruto turned over in bed, mumbling in his sleep. Something seemed to pick at his senses, and for a long moment, it was assumed that he was just in a dream. After a long moment more, he cracked an eye open, his nose sniffing the air.

Why did he smell breakfast being cooked?

And why was he looking at a pink top on his dresser?

He sat up, trying to rub the sleep out of his eyes, when he noticed something felt… off. He stood up, blinking, feeling his entire center of gravity shift in dizzying ways. He had to steady himself a little, thinking that he must have been hit harder than he believed, and for some reason, the fox hadn't done anything about that.

Stupid fox…

Forgetting about it – he'll set that stupid fuzzball straight one day – he walked past the dresser, fully intent on relieving himself.

Seconds later, he backstepped his way in front of the mirror. Looked at himself in the reflection. Only to discover that he was looking at Sakura staring back at him.


Sleep fell away, as he straightened up. Sakura did likewise, mirroring him perfectly. He lifted his hand, and she did the same thing. He frowned, and she copied him perfectly.

"Cut that out…" they both said at the same time. Only this time, he didn't hear himself speak. In fact, he scrunched up his face to realize that he hadn't heard his own voice since this morning.

"Must be some dream…" he said, fingers reaching up to pinch his cheek. It was weird watching Sakura do the same thing. He almost tried to poke himself in the eye, to see if she'd do the same, but the sinking feeling he was getting was not letting him follow through.

The pinch came.


The girlish scream. The Sakura in the mirror doing the same thing as he. His hand fell away, numbness taking over in great waves.

"I'm… I'm…"

"Sakura-honey, breakfast is almost ready," he heard a woman call out from another room.


Naruto fell over his – her own feet, crashing backward onto the floor. Instantly, he checked himself, hands grabbing at his waistband, only to discover no pants, just a gown. He threw them aside and nearly ripped off the panties to see the boys down there…

There were no boys greeting him.

Naruto fainted dead away.


Sakura sat up and stretched, hearing her alarm go off. With a quick swing of her legs, she started to guide herself off the bed when she noticed something was terribly wrong.

She felt terribly heavy. Not fat, because she dieted religiously, just… heavy. Her entire center of being was heavy. To be honest, she felt like her chakra reserves had increased a whole order of magnitude or seven. It was so great, she started to get sick on the idea of having so much chakra.

She stumbled off for the dresser, realizing she hadn't set out anything, due to the naked state of her dresser, then something caught her eyes. A few notes taped to the wall. Motivational notes.

She took a moment to look around, and she gasped. This wasn't her room! Where the heck was she at! She turned to face the mirror, and she nearly screamed.

"Naruto!" She flared with anger, seeing her practical joking teammate on the other side of the mirror. However, he seemed to be just as angry at her, and that kind of thing scared her, if only for a moment.

He seemd to relax, too, and she slugged him in the face. Only thing is, the image shattered against her fist, glass slicing into her skin deeply. She cried out in pain, leaping backward as she cradled her hand against her body.

However, something else caught her attention.

Her chest… where were her breasts? She knew she was a little on the flat side, but…

She did a body check, and discovered an extra set of appendages downstairs. She burned and felt her blood freeze. A little squeeze, and the feeling reciprocated itself in her mind.

She fell over unconscious, unable to process anything else.


AN: I will admit, ths is a little bit unusual for me to post something without even having a full synopsis made out, but at this moment, I'm just listening to the muse. I really hope this isn't going to end up dry up and dying off. I wrote much of this story a month before, but I just added in the wakeup calls to the story, and here it is. Whether or not this will stay with the original story draft, no telling. But it'll be fun, I think to just put this out. My other fics have been givingme trouble, so hey, here's something to play with.