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"My Four Kings"

Today's Episode: Important Introductory Stuff

Good day folks, I wanted to take this opportunity to give newcomers to "My Four Kings" the heads-up on what to expect, because a lot of times either new readers don't quite get there, or they get blindsided by the sudden shift in direction and style the story takes after the first few chapters. What starts as straight-up humor and parody bordering on Crack!fic becomes something else entirely…

This story was conceived as being solely about the Shitennou, reborn in the present day, attempting to cope with daily urban life. They live in a house that's too small to contain them, they're on each other's nerves, and it's basically like watching four college roommates hash it out. They tend to be crude, vulgar, and their adventures are of a distinctly non-world-saving variety. I fully intended to keep churning out chapters featuring these four misfits and their ridiculous adventures, but somehow things got away from me and an actual story began to develop instead of a random assortment of nonsense.

I still enjoy going back and reading the earlier chapters, but to anyone who hasn't been following the story the beginning may seem a bit contrived and directionless. I offer you my hopes that you will stick around, have a laugh with the guys and get to know them in this more modern setting and then, like those who have been following the story since day one, get taken along for the ride as things suddenly shift tone roundabout chapter seven.

Yes, there is a proliferation of sophomoric male humor, excessive cursing, inventive usage of the word "dick" and a plethora of jokes dealing with people's mothers, but beyond all of that lies a story about four men to whom fate dealt a difficult hand. This is the story of the once-noble Shitennou, their struggles to redeem themselves in the eyes of their Master, and the relationships they forged with four senshi who may one day bring their story full-circle.

Pull up a stool and join us at the Four Kings Bar & Grill!

Thanksgiving, 2010