Is Ziva okay? Is it just a bug or something more?


Just as she got up from vomiting, she collapsed into Tony's arms.

Tony carried Ziva downstairs into autopsy, as the rest of the team followed, "Ducky!" Tony, yelled as he entered through the sliding doors into autopsy carrying an unconscious Ziva.

"Oh dear, what happened?" Ducky asked, as he put a pillow on the table and Tony laid Ziva down.

"She was vomiting, and the she collapsed," Tony, said in a worried voice.

"I will take some blood, and have Abigail, run some tests. In the mean time, I should have some smelling salts somewhere." Ducky said as he began withdrawing blood from Ziva and handing it over to Abby as she rushed to her lab with the samples.

Ducky gently rubbed some smelling salts under Ziva's nose and she began to wake up. She tried to sit up, but was held down by Tony. She sat up again, slowly and said "I'm fine."

Ziva tried to get up and leave autopsy but just as she did she collapsed again but not fainting. Tony reached out his arm, and steadied her. "I think you should go home dear," Ducky said looking at Tony.

Tony looked over to Gibbs, who gave a nod and said "Stay with her DiNozzo," as he turned around to leave autopsy. "McGee find out if Abby knows who those two in interrogation are and charge them."

"Yes boss," McGee said, as he left heading down towards Abby's lab.

Tony, drove Ziva back to his place, and placed her on his bed. He lifted the sheets and covered her making sure she was asleep before retreating to the living room. He made his way over to his extensive DVD collection, and picked out Die Another Day, and placed it into his DVD player.

McGee walked into Abby's lab, and stated "Hey, Gibbs wants to know if you found out who the suspects are yet."

"McGee, how is Ziva?" Abby asked, looking a bit nervous. "Well, the I ran the blood from Ziva's shoe when she kicked that guy's face in and it came back to a Corporal Michael Higgins, he was busted for possession of grass when he was 17. The other person is who he says he is, Private Matthew Limon."

"Well, Tony took Ziva home, and she should be resting." McGee said, answering Abby's previous question. He left the lab, and went to book the two marines, who had tried to hold up the D.C. Bridal.

Tony, who was halfway through his movie and his pizza, suddenly heard a lurching sound in his bathroom. He ran over to see Ziva leaning over the toilet bowl, vomiting once again. It pained him to see that Ziva, was sick and he couldn't do anything about it. He rubbed her back, and held her hair back, while she continued to vomit. When Ziva was done, he helped her back to the bed, tucked her in, and climbed in next to her. He just laid there, holding onto her.

Several hours later, after Abby had finished running the tests on Ziva's blood she was confused with the results as they showed that Ziva had food poisoning and was pregnant – both which could cause the nausea. Abby still confused decided to call Ducky for a second opinion "Ducky, can you come up and double check my results for Ziva? It says she has both food poisoning and she is pregnant."

"I will be right up." Ducky said over the video phone.

Five minutes later, Ducky entered Abby's lab and he was handed the results from Ziva's blood test. "Abigail, your findings are correct. Our dear Ziva is indeed suffering from food poisoning and is pregnant," Ducky stated after examining the results.

Abby picked up the phone and dialled Ziva's mobile. Tony not wanting to wake Ziva picked up and answered, "DiNozzo."

"Tony, oh my god, I've got good news. Well good and bad, depending on how you look at it. See Ziva has food poisoning, which is causing the vomiting and she is also pregnant. Tony, you're going to be a daddy. Oh my god!" Abby squealed into the phone, so fast, that Tony was still in shock when he heard "pregnant."

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