If there are two things I love, it's writing drabble fics, and pairing Sakura and Gaara. I figure this fic is long overdue, so we're back here again, for one more turn.

The title of this story is from a song by Hawksley Workman, because I was too lazy to come up with my own.

"Have you heard, there's trouble in Suna."

"I heard. The assassination attempt on the Kazekage himself."

"I heard nothing is being done – the assassin was never caught."

"Is there war on the horizon then, do you think?"

"Oh most certainly, but with who?"

Sakura closed her ears to the gossip in the marketplace. She had come for groceries; she wasn't interested in petty rumours. If there was any truth to them she would hear of it from a legitimate news source, not some old bitties with nothing better to do but sit around and wag their tongues.

She doubted there could be truth in the words though. As if anyone could attempt to murder Gaara and get away with it. It was silliness; as with all gossip and rumour.

Once she bought her leeks she was done grocery shopping and went on her way home. She still had work to do before the next morning. Sakura sighed; why was it that she always had work to do on her day off?