In the end, I couldn't make up my mind. I couldn't settle.

Tsunade was annoyed with me, but understanding all the same. She didn't deserve a no-good student like me, but she put up with me so well. Probably because I worked so hard for her while I was there.

Ino pretended to be jealous. She said she would go out then and marry a Kage of her own, or a president. Or both. She said she couldn't stand being outdone by a baldy. And then she kissed me on my giant forehead and wished me good luck.

He makes fun of me. He always does, and I suppose he always will. He plays the harassed wife when I'm with him, making jabs about my mistress, wondering when I'll come home for good, wondering what will become of the children with such a wayward mother.

What children you ask? No children, in fact. Until I can make up my mind, I'm not going to be having children and carting them from one city to the next, just because their mother loves one man, and loves another city.

In the end, I am a child of the Rains, but I am also a lover of the Sands. So tell me, what am I supposed to do with that?

The End