A Stranger Visitor

Summery:- A strange visitor comes a knockin late at night to reveal a shocking secret.

DISCLAIMER:-I don't own any of the characters I am just borrowing them

It was around 11:49pm on a clear starry night, when thunder clouds rolled over the sky. Lighting started to hit the ground at

random intervals. One lighting was really bright flash crossed the sky and a young man around 26 appeared.

Walking up to a house that look completely normal...well as normal as a perfect manicure lawn and perfectly tended garden

could look.

Opening the front door he silently stepped into the hallway. Sensing a loud noise he followed it all the way to a door, glancing

around he searched for danger then opened the door. What he found was not what he was looking for but instead lay in

the bed, A fat whale of a man and a skinny horse like woman.

Closing the door silently he walked a few more steps to the next door. Opening it silently, wincing when the door made a squeky

noise. Sensing that the person in the room hadn't awoke, walked to the bed and moved the covers back a bit and noticed that it was

a clone of the male in the next room. Walking back out he went to the next door and stop dead when he noticed the locks on the doors.

Taking a shuddering breath he opened the locks and walked into the room. Smiling as he finally reached his the person he was looking for.

Placing a hand on the boys head he whispered softly,

"It is time for you to awaken My son Revelo"

Once his task was down he went back out side with the thunder crashing. Glancing back at the house before he disappeared he whispered

"I'll be back"

Finished I hope you like the beginning I don't know when I will be able to update but cross your fingers it will be soon.