So this is the first entry in what will become a weekly tradition between Debussy-this and Bethaboo (the Twinkies).

Every Monday, one of us will post a smutty one shot that should hover around 500 words. I say hover because I have already broken this barrier. What? I can't help myself. I said I would cut and the Twinster begged me not to.

As of now, my one-shot characters will be The Professor (Jasper) and Alice from TURNING DUST INTO GOLD. The Twinster will be giving us a little Dr. Edward Masen (aka Dr. Love) and Bella action from her story, PAGING DR. LOVE (read it NOW if you have not already cause you are missing out).

First week is my turn, so it's a little Professor Jasper and Alice action for your enjoyment :)


"Alice," the Professor whispered, and my fingers dug into the wood desk at the blatant sexuality in his voice. I wanted him to take me now—no more teasing; no more waiting.

I felt one big hand curl my ass, his calluses just rough enough to send shivers down my spine.

"Please," I begged. "I've been such a bad girl."

"You want it?" he asked, voice deceptively calm. His hand brushed the curve of my butt again, and I couldn't help the goose bumps that raised all over my skin.

"Yes," I hissed in pleasure as one finger dipped dangerously close to my clit.

"If you say so."

Before I could even take a deep breath in preparation for what was about to come, it happened.

I heard the air whooshing, and then I felt his hand smack one butt cheek hard—but never too hard. Just hard enough for me to feel the heat for a few seconds after. The Professor was so good to me, when all I deserved was to be punished.

The Professor let out a groan. "You are so damn. . .sexy," he murmured into my ear, letting his tongue dip into a crevice and lick up. "I'm going to spank you, then I'm going to fuck you until you can't stand up."

I could only gasp in response as he proceeded to do what he'd promised. There were three more light smacks, followed by some rustling.

"Professor?" I asked hesitating, my voice trembling.

"I'm right here, Alice," he said, and I swore I heard a zipper. Could we have already made it past the infinite teasing and into what I wanted so much: his hard cock so deep inside of me that my knees turned to jello?

I knew I was right when I felt his hands on either side of my smarting ass, and then I heard a distinct rip. The top of my head nearly exploded as I realized he was ripping my lace panties off me.

"Alice," he continued, "I want you to stay completely still. Do not move at all."

I tried my best to obey as I felt him widen my stance slightly and then the head of his engorged cock slide just a fraction of an inch inside of me.

"God, Alice, you're so damn wet."

"It's all for you," I sobbed as I felt my control begin to slip. I wanted all of him, immediately. No waiting. No delays. NOW.

I gasped as I felt him slam the rest of the way into me. He didn't even give me a chance to catch my breath as he pulled out and slammed into me again. I moved backward just a little, to meet his thrust, before I remembered that I wasn't supposed to be moving.

"Alice," he gasped in warning, "I can't stop now so you better stay where you fucking are."

"Okay," I moaned, feeling the beginnings of an orgasm begin to gather at his harsh breathing and even harder thrusts. My knees were aching from the force it took to withstand his power and not move in response.

"Jasper," I cried out as the orgasm hit me hard, white lights flashing in front of my closed eyelids.

As my pussy milked his cock, he let out a terrible bellow, and I could feel the base of him tense up and then explode.

"God, Alice," he moaned, and I could only slump down on the desk in front of me in satisfaction.

It was so good being a delinquent.