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"Hey Ally. Where's Rose?" Rosalie, my sister, had gone on a date four hours ago. They had gone to the movies, so she should've been home by now. Plus, it was raining so…

"I don't know Bell-" Alice was cut off by the door swinging open, to reveal a very wet looking Rose. Her usually soft, golden hair clung to her like a wet dog. She smelled like one too. Her shirt clung to her, revealing her black lacy bra.

"No one say a word to me until I'm out of that damn shower." Rose turned and stormed up the apartment's stairs to her room. As soon as she was gone, Alice and I busted out laughing.

After about two minutes of laughing, I saw a bright red jeep pull up to the front of the apartment complex. A gigantic, gorgeous man stepped out of the driver's side. He was the biggest man that I had ever seen; and he had brown curly hair. He looked intimidating. That is, until he smiled at something at the back of the car. He immediately looked kind of cute and cuddly. I couldn't see what he was smiling at, I only saw the rough outline of another man.

"Alice?" She was in the kitchen making brownies. Again. This was her third batch. Today. I mean how many brownies can three girls eat?

"Yep?" She was jumping around, singing to In the Air by Flo Rida.

Oh, hot damn,

This is my jam,

Keep me partying

Until the A.M,

Ya'll don't understand,

Make me throw my hands in the ay-er

Ay, ay-er, ay-er, ay, ay-er.

"Did Jacob say that two new guys were moving in? Because I see two guys outside with a jeep." As soon as the word guys was out of my mouth she was standing next to me.

She squealed. "YES! But he said that there were three. Look how adorable that big one is! He's like a majorly big teddy bear!"

Of course, Alice went boy crazy for the next few minutes, until Rose walked out of her room.

"Don't even ask me what happened. I don't want to talk about it. Now what are you squealing about Alice?" This brought on a whole new round of squeals. Rose looked at me in confusion, I just pointed out the window.

The biggest grin that I had ever seen on my sister's face spread across it then. "Are those the noobs that Jake was talking about? Because that big guy is hott."

I laughed at Rose. "Yeah, we think that's who it is. And the big guy is all yours. Alice and I just think that he's cute in a cuddly way." She grinned at this and said,

"Well, we should take them there new welcome brownies soon. Hey Rose, go grab the phone, will you?" OH! So that's why Alice was making so many brownies! I got it now!

Alice handed me the phone. "Here Bells, call Jake. Ask him which room the noobs have, okay?" I nodded my head at her in recognition. I was still trying to catch a glimpse of the other mysterious person. All I saw was a flash of bronze. Hmph.

(A/N: Things in bold are Jake talking on the phone, and things in italics are Bella talking into the phone)

"Good afternoon, this is the College Apartment, my name is Jacob, the manager, how can I assist you?"

"Wow, Jake. You actually sound professional! I didn't think that it was possible for you!"

"Thanks a lot, Bells. Some best friend you are." I laughed at him.

"I know? Aren't I the best? Anyway, I was wondering what the room number of those new guys is. We have some 'welcome brownies' to give them."

"Oh. Well they're 607, right across the hall from you guys."

"Okay. Thanks, Jake! See you later!" I hung up before he could respond to me and spun around to face Alice.

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